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  1. sula22
    sula22 at |

    Who could not resist a books that is 33 kinds of awesome, with a wonderful touch of fluffy with a side of smutty 🙂 Loved the review and now I want the book, well I would love all of this series 😀

  2. Juliana
    Juliana at |

    Oh my gosh, this is perfect for me, I studied Medieval history in college!

  3. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Looks like a story I would like to read.

  4. Loren
    Loren at |

    Teacher+Fireman= Great!!

  5. Angela
    Angela at |

    Did someone say fireman (swoon). You got me don’t need to read the rest LOL
    Thanks for the review.


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