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rainbow flowerHi, I am Danielle also know as Dani 😉 43 years old. I live in the Netherlands with my husband and my teenage daughter . I started out reading m/m fanfiction and rolled into the Original m/m genre. I am owner of this blog and you can reach me on the different mail addresses of the blog . I love to read , have been reading my whole life, always a book with me where ever I went and since I started reading M/M I am totally hooked . I read different kind of books but I do have to say I prefer contemporary and I love cowboys/ farmers/ military and sportsman.  I also appreciate a good bdsm or a shifter story . I am addicted to my kindle and I take it with me everywhere I go . I always have to much to read and I adore a good series. I like my stories sexy and hot but I can appreciate a sweet, NA or bdsm story at times.



Chris has been reviewing for Love Bytes for two years. Though previously going by Carissa, Chris is happy to finally be an out and proud queer gay man. When he is not reading (and even sometimes when he is) he enjoys watching the San Jose Sharks kill the L.A. Kings, alphabetizing his spreadsheets, and convincing his two cats that taking over the world will have to wait till after he finishes the next chapter.


DonnaHey all! My name’s Donna and I’m addicted to books. My iPad is known as “My Precious”, hardly original yet perfectly apt, it gets to sleep beside me and I never leave home without it. I live in Western Australia, the ridiculously hot and sunny Western Australia, where I much prefer to spend my days hiding inside the comfort of my air-conditioned house with a book.

So, which books do I like to read? These days it’s pretty much solely m/m. Reviewing books for the blog is really making me test my preference boundaries, and I’ll give most things a try, but I have definite though random favorites.

Sometimes I really enjoy a nauseatingly sweet insta-love (hey, don’t judge me) and I’ll follow that up with the nastiest BDSM I can find. GFY is a big- Hell Yes! A new ménage book is always an instant read for me and can only go wrong if the author gets lady bits involved- ménage must always be m/m/m. I’m also quite fond of YA but, my God, teens are so angsty! I will read angst but my favorite authors tend to be the ones who spare me from torrents of tears.

I’m not fussed on paranormal and I avoid sci-fi, fantasy and historical. I refuse to read cheating or bittersweet if forewarned and my pet hate is when those two things aren’t mentioned with the blurb. I read romances because my brain likes to holiday in a happy place so for me, romances without HEAs are like Disneyland without its Princesses. The rides might be fun, but where’s the magic?


VickiHello! My name is Vicki, and I LOVE gay romance novels! I have been reading forever… kids books to Fantasy, to Sci-fi, to King Arthur, to historical, then on to romance. First historical romance, then I discovered vampires and paranormal romance! That worked for a couple of years, until I found a link on JR Wards fan page to something called m/m. That was July 2009. I downloaded the first Partnership in Blood book by Arial Tachna, and my life has never been the same. I had been intrigued by gay characters before, Diana Gabaldon’s Lord John, and Mercedes Lackey’s Vanyel, but wow… Two men in love together in a book was perfect! The chick in het romances has always bugged me, now I know I can get a great book WITHOUT a girl! I read anything in the gay fiction category now, contemporary, historical, fantasy, Sci-fi, suspense, and mystery. No horror though. Gotta have romance always, sex of some sort, preferable naughty! Drama and angst, fluffy and light, BDSM, I love it all.

I’ve loved this community I’ve fallen in to, I’ve made online friends around the world, and I’m heading to my fourth GRL in October 2015. I wanted a way to give something back to the authors I so love, and started reviewing books on Amazon and then Goodreads. In the beginning of 2014 I was invited to review books for Sid and Dani!

I live on Whidbey Island, in Washington state, just north of Seattle. I have been married a long time, have a daughter and grand daughter, and own a business!


Hello Everyone!!  I’m Roberta and I live in beautiful Seattle, WA.  I’m a transplant from the very sunny Arizona.  I’ve had this long-standing love affair with reading from a very early age.  It has always been one of my main staples in life.  I fell in love with Jules Cassidy from Suzanne Brockman’s Troubleshooters series and from then on, kept looking about until I could find more MM romance books.  I was then introduced to Ty and Zane and that’s ALL SHE WROTE!!

I’ve been reading mainly MM for about 2.5 years and still have my love affair with Shifters/Vamps/All paranormal.  I will also admit my guilty pleasure of Cowboys and BDSM and lots of dirty, dirty talking. I also love a good mystery.  However, my first love will always be romance.

I’m pretty new still to the review game, but I’m enjoying myself.  I get to try books by new to me authors and get some great experience.  I love a story that takes you on such a ride that it takes awhile for you to be able to concentrate on another book.


Dan ProfileHello. I’m Dan and I’m 55 and a gay man. Imagine that, there really are some gay men out here reading m/m fiction, LOL! I’ve been living in sunny Southwest Florida for about 12 years with my HusBear of 27 years. I retired a couple years ago for medical reasons and I’m enjoying having every day, all day, to read.   The HusBear and I are very active in the Gay Bear community and help run a local Bear group. I started reading the first time my Mom took me to the town library when I was about 6. I rapidly read my way through the kid’s floor and moved into the main floor where I found Sci-Fi and Fantasy which kept me occupied for decades. Over the years I drifted to books with m/m characters, like Vanyel Ashkevron.  I would have to say that “The Last Herald Mage” is one of my favorite all time books.  Fantasy and m/m mixed ?  Who knew!  To say I’m hooked at this point is an understatement. I still love sci-fi and fantasy and I’m really, really into ghost stories and some of the darker books that cross our review queue.  I prefer books with big hairy men, construction workers, military, firemen and police officers. I don’t do bubblegum fiction. If it is sickeningly sweet, insta-love, or has a bunch of twinkie boys, I won’t be reading and reviewing it.  I prefer some sex in the books, but it has to be realistic. If someone is going to write about gay sex, they should know the logistics…just saying! If I’m not reading, I’m out tooling around paradise in my Miata, boating on the Gulf of Mexico, hiking, kayaking or out camping near the Everglades, but my Kindle is never far away.



AmberHello all…my name is Amber and I am a die-hard m/m romance/erotica fan. I’ve read romance novels for about 20 years, the past 4 years has solely been m/m. I first got hooked on m/m when I was reading a series by JR Ward. She had a couple of male characters that flirted with a romance and just the thought intrigued me so much that I knew I had to check it out.

My very first m/m book was, “Keeping Promise Rock” by Amy Lane. Let’s just say I’ve never looked back since nor have I regretted leaving m/f romance by the wayside. I’ve only been reviewing books for about 2 months and I absolutely adore it. There’s something almost therapeutic about getting all your thoughts out about a recent read.

On a personal note, I am a full time Reading Teacher in Arizona. I am also a full time wife and mother. We have 5 cats, 2 dogs and tons of fur all over my furniture….



KimberleyMy name’s Kimberley and I’m located in Ft. Benning, GA, USA. I love books in the M/M romance and erotic genre. I am a single mother of two (one teenage daughter and a very obese orange tabby cat). I will freely admit to being a crazy cat lady. The crazy cat lady who loves books and tea. You can find me on my spare time (when I am not being a referee between my daughter and our cat) curled up on the couch, hot or cold (depending on the weather) cup of tea on the end table, Kindle in hand reading.



CindyHi, I’m Cindy. I’m a crazy Canadian mom in her mid 40’s who’s still waiting to feel like a grown-up. How did I end up doing book reviews? I was asked by a friend to give it a try and somehow wound up with a permanent gig. I love reading more than anything but my daughter, and getting asked to read books and then be opinionated? It’s the perfect set up for me! I’m also a writer and so I’m very careful and thorough in my reviews. I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a scathing review so I make sure that any criticism that I have is honest and hopefully constructive in nature. I won’t blow smoke up your butt if I don’t like it, but I will try damn hard to find something positive to say about everything I read. I don’t believe mean is funny so you will never see me looking to humiliate anyone with a review I write. I hope you find my reviews interesting and articulate as well as informative. It’s what we’re here for. I think most people who read reviews are counting on reviews to help them decide if a book is worth their time and hard-earned money so I take it very seriously, but I do try to have a little fun while I’m doing it! Now, if I could just get a paying job doing this….



ChristieHello there!  It is a pleasure to meet you, and review for Love Bytes.  I’m Christie, a socially awkward, real life cat lady, who is a bit of a bibliophile, and has way too many hobbies yet not nearly enough time for them.  Hope you enjoy my reviews!


TammyHello everyone! My name is Tammy, I’m a married mum with two teenage boys. I’m in my mid 40’s, I live in Queensland, Australia. I was born and raised in Beerwah, not far from where Steve (Crocodile Hunter) Irwin’s Australia Zoo is.

I read my first m/m book about three years ago when I was looking for something different to read and I’ve never looked back. I must admit I do prefer my story’s to have HEA’s but as long as I love the story that’s all that matters. I have a very bad book addiction, at the moment I have approximately 5000 books on my iPad! I had to by a bigger iPad to hold my collection 😉

I was asked by a good friend if I would like to write reviews so I thought I would give it a go! I don’t believe in giving negative reviews because I think at least the author had the guts to write a book and put a part of themselves on the line for everyone to see and read. I’ve got to tell you something, I couldn’t do that!!




Hi…I’m Kat and really new to this reviewer gig! I am 60 years old…I know…really freaking old…but am young in spirit and heart so when you meet me most don’t believe I am “that” old! I live in Oregon half time and Hawaii half time. I am a Wife of 37 years, Mother of three (35/32/25) and a Proud Grandmother of 5! I am a very avid reader and am so honored and humbled to have been asked to join this amazing group of reviewers! I stumbled upon M/M as part of a book series I was reading and have been hooked every since. I tend to be a sexy contemporary romance reader but am trying to stretch my reading parameters. You will never see me without either my iPhone or iPad with me and I will most probably be stuck with my nose in it reading my newest discovery. I love a great series the most! I love getting to know the characters and look forward to my next “visit” with them. I do really love novellas in a series because the are like an old-time Christmas letter “catching you up” on what is happening in my favorite’s lives. Best moment was recently when I was talking to a young man in Palm Springs waiting for my family to return. He asked me what I do and I explained that I had recently become a reviewer for Love Bytes and he went all fan-boy on me and brought over his husband to meet me because he had just read my review for Crossroads and loved it!!! He kept saying he couldn’t believe he was meeting me in person! I felt like a celebrity!!! It was so awesome that I had made a difference!



DeeHi, my name is Dee and I live in the land of the long white cloud, otherwise known as New Zealand. When I’m not working or crafting my latest x-stitch project, I’m reading. Actually often I’m found reading or listening to a book while doing those activities as well. Being in my mid 40’s I’m well versed at multi-tasking.

Ironically I hated reading as a kid. Then when I had my own child who turned into a bookworm, I discovered a love for reading with our many trips to the library. I read on average a book per week… that was until my darling husband bought me a kindle! Now having such a versatile item that I can take everywhere with me I read 4-5 books per week.

Erotica is my preferred genre, and I’ll read any pairing or tripling or quadrupling… you get the picture. However, I am always on the hunt for good lesbian erotica and femdom. It saddens me on some levels that the genre and lady bits get such a bad rap, BUT I can totally understand why. I myself have a very difficult time finding compelling plot with strong women.

So I’m the newbie holding my hand out to review FF erotica. I’m hopeful I’ll have some great new books and authors to add to my reading belt and to tempt others into trying.




AlexanderI have a long commute to work which fuels my love of audiobooks.  I am also a lover of wiener dogs, and have a puppy and a senior dog which makes most days interesting.  I won’t say that I can’t be bribed, because I sure do like my Skittles candy…just sayin’.




SarinaHello Everyone! My name is Sarina and I’m addicted to m/m romance. I’m 32 years old and have been happily married for almost 13 years. I live in St. Louis, MO with my husband and son and our three cats who are all more trouble than the aforementioned child. I originally discovered the world of m/m through fanfiction, something I still indulge in frequently, and I’ll read pretty much anything. My favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy though I’ll happily read everything else so long as it won’t cause me to go through a box of tissues. I read at least a book a day and keep my kindle with me at all times, much to my husband’s consternation. If I could find a way to keep reading, even while asleep, I would do it!

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  1. Deb
    Deb at |

    Hi ladies and gentlemen! I’m excited to have discovered your site. Kat, I’m 60 as well, so you’re not “really freaking old”. Lol. A FB friend and I started a review blog last Oct, so we’re fairly new as well. ( While I haven’t been reading as much M/M as I used to, it’s one of my absolute favorite genres. I did, however, just read new to me author Sean Michael’s Mannies Incorporated yesterday. Despite some editing issues, I loved it.
    Looking forward to your recommendations and reviews!

  2. ButtonsMom2003
    ButtonsMom2003 at |

    I know Deb (she commented on 4/22/16) and I’m also 60! She told me about your blog so I had to check it out. I love M/M stories and while I read other romances, too, M/M’s are my go to reads most of the time.


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