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  1. jennysmum2000
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    Well said Sir.

  2. jclongauthor
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    There is a fundamental flaw in this logic. Why is it that queer people ALWAYS have to put their discomfort aside for others? Don’t we have a right to not feel objectified by a community that exploits us and writes “our” stories? I don’t question their right to attend. I question their position was a sponsor. People will see the GRL logo forever splashed right next to the Cocky Boys logo. Was it a draw? Sure, for people who wanted to fetishize porn stars. How is that a good thing? How is that helpful for our community? When does the time come when we stop putting aside our discomfort and stop abiding by the status quo to prevent conflict? We have every right to feel safe and welcomed and HUMAN at those cons. And to say you’ve never seen fetishization at a con? GRL’s go go dancers last year? Or the strippers a previous year? Or the shirtless model waiters? The list goes on. This is pandering to a specific subset of people and it’s disappointing.

  3. 16forward
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    Interesting post and J Clong’s response. Since I’ve never attended one of these conferences I was surprised that Cocky Boys were there and that go go dancers, strippers, and shirtless model waiters were there. I’m guessing that the organizers included them for specific reasons…maybe to increase attendance from a specific subset…as suggested. I thought these were for authors to promote their work…


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