Author Monthly Post – Anne Barwell – Navigating Forks in the Road

The writing road that is.

The last few months have been a constant round of edits and promo as I’ve had/have four books releasing over seven months. I haven’t done any actual writing for months and I’m getting twitchy. I don’t know how authors who have a continuous flow of new releases do it, and work a full time day job.

I’ve read that it’s important to keep the new releases coming, but I’m struggling to find the hours in the day to keep up with everything I’m doing now, let alone write on top of it. One to two books a year is a much more comfortable pace.
Junction Away Decision Direction Fork In The Road
As I’ve just sent back the last round of edits on Prelude to Love which is releasing January/February, and only have galleys to go, I figure I’ll spend the rest of this month trying to get ahead on the promo for my upcoming blog tour for One Word. That one is out 6th November.

The other reason I figured I’d aim for November is NaNoWriMo. Usually, for various reasons, stuff happens in November and it ends up being the month I write the least. I’m hoping this year is different. I have Scots lads in 1745, and a dragon, wanting attention. Not in the same book though.

And for something a bit different, I’ve been asked to pop into a community library for the afternoon of the 1st to help out with their NaNo. I’m looking forward to it! Not sure what exactly they want me to do, but we’re having a meeting to sort all that out. It’s one of the few times my writing and day jobs come together, and I’m really happy they’ve asked me to come along.

It’s been too long since I’ve written and although I’ve been twitchy from the lack of it, I’m also a bit nervous about getting back into it. But, I need to write or I won’t have anything to submit next year, plus these characters have been hanging around far too long. All going well, I’m aiming to finish both books before the end of next year, hopefully sooner.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’d love to get some tips from authors out there who do manage to write amongst all the other stuff that goes with a new release.

And from readers… As part of everything I’m working on this month I’m starting a newsletter next month. What kind of content do you look forward to in author newsletters?

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    I love when authors share their favorite authors/books/places for inspiration.


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