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  1. heath0043
    heath0043 at |

    I do enjoy series, but sometimes I just don’t have the money to keep buying the next book in the series when there are other books I’d like to read too.

  2. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I love seriea such as;

    Lucy Lennox’s – Made Marian’s
    Heidi Cullinan – Love Lessons
    Kindle Alexander – Nice Guys
    Nicki Bennett – Exploring Limits
    Avon Gale – Scoring Chance
    Lynn Kelling – Twin Ties
    Ann Lister – Guarding the Gods and Rock Gods
    Garrett Leigh – Roads
    Alexa Land – Firsts and Forever
    Sean Michael – Chess
    Nick Nolan – Tales from Ballena Beach
    Jordan Castillo Price – Psycops
    Jaime Reese – The Men of Halfway House
    Abigail Roux – Cut & Run
    Felice Stevens – The Breakfast Club and Through Hell & Back
    Aimee Nicole Walker – Curl Up & Dye
    AE Wasp – Veteran’s Affairs
    NR Walker – Spencer Cohen
    KC Wells – Collars & Cuffs
    Eden Winters – Diversion
    AE Via – Nothing Special
    Sara York – Colorado Heart, A Southern Thing, Texas Soul

    …to name a few!

  3. Andrea M
    Andrea M at |

    Great article on series! My favorite type has to have a complete story in each book, with new or established main characters. When others come out later, it’s a wonderful treat and I love it. For me, any book that ends with the characters happy at the time counts as an HEA so some couples have a lot of them.

  4. lisa
    lisa at |

    The great thing about series is meeting up with old friends again. And as long as the story(ies) isn’t getting stale, I’m quite happy with as many installments as it takes. I know it’s m/f but for example, J.D. Robb’s In Death has over 40 books in the series and I still love it.

  5. Sadonna
    Sadonna at |

    I love series. More so in M/M I think. I do tend to worry on BIG series, how that last (or what is supposed to be the lats book) will be. I was so worried about the last Hunger Games books – as I read those as they were released.. The Vampire Academy books or Karen Marie Moning’s Fever books. I’ve even held off reading the last of a series because I don’t want it to end on a down note.


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