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  1. H.B.
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    Well I tend to go for shorter stories these days. The more stress I am the faster I feel the need to quickly get through a story. The stress makes me feel as if the story drags. Usually I read standalones and shorts but I when I am in the mood I like to tackle a series. I do it with books of all genres but the last several years have been just mainly m/m romance. Series-wise I would like to point out Wolves of Stone Ridge Series by Charlie Richards and In the Company of Shadows by Santino Hassell.

  2. debby236
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    Size does not matter to me. It depends on my mood. I know of Illegal Contact and Insight by Santino Hassell.

  3. Judy Stone
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    Had vision problems lately, so I’ve been buzzing through a lot of audiobooks. When I CAN read, the books are on the short size, usually under 100 pages. Series wise, I’m all over the map. Most anything by Rhys Ford, but especially her Sinners series; anything by Lisa Oliver, esp. her Cloverleah Pack series; JCP’s PsyCop series; Rob Colton’s Galactic Conspiracies series; and of course, most anything by Josh Lanyon. I can go on and on, but my eyes are gritty from all the ash in the air and I’m coughing up a lung.

  4. mztikicat
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    Generally, long books have a greater appeal to me. And I believe it’s for the very reasons you’ve mentioned. I love to completely immerse myself in a story and the world in which it takes place. And, I want to get a good value for my investment, as well. Longer doesn’t always mean better, but I love getting the chance to absorb details about characters and the subtle nuances of a plot that may not be *as present* in a shorter story. I do buy short-story and anthology books, but usually do so if the s/s pertains to a series in which I’m invested, or if a particular author’s s/s is included in an anthology. I’m also a habitual re-reader, and love to luxuriate in the familiarity of a many-paged and well-loved book. One of the best m/m books I’ve read (and reread) is The Catch Trap, by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Takes place in the travelling-circus world of trapeze/aerial artists, and focuses on two boys-to-men, friends-to-lovers aerial acrobats. Set in a time when such a beautiful love was rejected by society, and even considered illegal in some places. Another much-loved story is a four-book series with a significant page count–In the Company of Shadows. Toss in the supporting side and back stories, and a read-through requires a serious time investment.

  5. Lisa
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    I believe that in certain situations longer stories are required. When there’s backstory to be filled in or world building to be done for example. I also believe It’s difficult for many authors to master the feelings of completeness & satisfaction readers need when doing shorts. Josh Lanyon does this very well. As far as long stories go, I’ll agree with the other commenters about Santino Hassell’s ICoS. And although I haven’t read it yet I’ve heard Kim Dare’s Axel’s Pup is a great story.

  6. susana
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    Honestly, I do not have many preferences in what comes to size. As long as the story is satisfactory, I do not mind if it is twenty or two thousand pages. What matters to me is that it keeps my interest (which can be difficult if the book is too long) and that I feel satisfied at the end (that’s sometimes difficult when it is a too short story… You feel cheated because you want to know more, or they tend to feel rushed).
    In short, I read short, middle size, and long books as long as i find them entertaining. No favourite size for me 😉

  7. 16forward
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    I really prefer the longer books, especially if they are part of a series. Short stories and novellas seldom give me the depth I appreciate in order to connect to the characters and a well written plot. I read every genre except horror. Luckily there are always so many to choose from and my list of favorite authors just gets longer and longer!

    The series are choose run from Amy Lane (Johnnies & Talker), Alessandra Hazard (Straight Guys), Ann Lister (Guarding the Gods), Alexa Land (Firsts & Forever), Rhys Ford (Sinner), Sean Michael (Chess), Lynn Kelling (Twin Ties), and Kindle Alexander (Nice Guys) to Lucy Lennox (Made Marian), Jordan Castillo Price (Psychop), Sara York (Colorado Heart), A.E. Wasp (Veterans Affairs), Aimee Nicole Walker (Curl Up & Dye), Kaje Harper (Life Lessons), Riley Hart (Crossroads), Laura Harner (Willow Springs Ranch), Cardeno C (Home) and Jaime Reese (Halfway House.)

    Standalone include those written by Anne Wineheart, Kay Simone, S.J. Himes, Chase Potter, Ashley John, Peter Styles, and Sue Brown.

    Thank you for the post. It’s great to see what other readers are recommending.

  8. Agi
    Agi at |

    Once I learned how to read I basically took off. My very first series of books – Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I was 8 yo and fell in love with written word.

    In general I prefer long books. I also don’t shy away from series. Cliffhangers from one installment to the next don’t bother me, providing I like the story. However, what gets my attention is a writing style. Nowadays, if someone’s writing style doesn’t grab me, I will speed-read through the book. I don’t like to leave unfinished books 😉

    If I like certain author’s writing style, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a long novel or a short story though. I have been known to follow an author for their writing style alone. Haven’t been disappointed yet.

    I am not a big fan of audiobooks though. The only time I will reach for those is when I travel alone, be it by car or plane. Otherwise I can’t keep my attention on the spoken word, I get distracted easily. Maybe because I am a tactile person, I have to physically hold a book in my hand or maybe because English is my second language and I have to pay attention more 😉 I’m not sure.

    I can’t think of any long running series of M/M right now. But I have my favorite authors I know I won’t be disappoint by and I reach for their stories again and again. Let’s see, I’ll say, anything by these authors: Santino Hassell, Adrienne Wilder, Bey Deckard, Garrett Leigh, Annabeth Albert, Nash Summers, J.M. Dabney, A.E. Wasp.

    This was a very interesting post. I wrote down some of the authors and I will definitely check them out. I’m always on the lookout for a good stories.
    My motto is “so many books and not enough time.”


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