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I got hooked on Big Finish podcasts a few months ago, and one of the questions they ask their guests is what is tingling their molecules IE what are they watching or reading that they really enjoy. So I figured it was an apt title for a blog post on the same subject.

Although I’ve read several MM books I’ve loved over the past couple of months, I’m going to focus in this post on the other stuff I read, as reviews will be forthcoming on the latter once I have time to write them.

Working in a library, I’m surrounded by temptation and ‘ooh shiny’ on all sides, plus there are other places like the aforementioned Big Finish which do their best to ensure I remain broke. On the subject of Big Finish, they produce radio dramas, many of which are Doctor Who, or Doctor Who related although several of their ranges aren’t. They’re also very LGBTQ inclusive in their stories and characters. I love their Confessions of Dorian Gray series which has the premise that Dorian was real and inspired Oscar Wilde’s book. Some of them are creepy as hell, and I’ve enjoyed every story I’ve listened to so far. I’m holding off on the last box set as I’m a little worried about how they’re going to end the series, especially as they’ve already killed one of my favourite characters several times over. I have a sneaking suspicion the series won’t end well, at least for Dorian.

Meanwhile I’m holding out hope that they manage to bring Ianto back for their continuation of Torchwood. I’ve listened to several of the Torchwood full cast audios they’ve done already, and they’re brilliant.

book-cup of tea
With being knee deep in ebooks at present, I’ve taken a break from my tablet with some graphic novels. I’m a huge Bat family fan—and have been called a nerd on occasion. Give me a graphic with one of the Robins in and I’m a happy camper. I’ve recently finished reading the Grayson series, which is about the first Robin—Dick Grayson—post Nightwing and undercover as a spy. That series got me hunting for further adventures of Midnighter, who is described by one of the other characters as a scary gay Batman. DC is also reprinting the older Nightwing and Robin—Tim Drake who is Robin #2—graphics, so I’m slowly working through building my collection of those.

I had great plans to catch up on my viewing during the down season on TV, but all I’ve managed to do is finish the last season of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. There is some fabulous SF coming out of Canada at present, and I’m enjoying Killjoys and Dark Matter. I’ve read all of the Shadowhunters series, including the prequels and side books, and I love what the TV show is doing with the characters. They’ve gone off book quite a lot more in season two, and I think it’s better for it. I’m particularly enjoying the relationship between Magnus and Alec—or Malec as it’s known in the fandom.

Teen Wolf is my guilty pleasure, and a show I’m up to date with and waiting for each new episode. However, the new season of superhero shows is fast approaching, and as I tend to only have time to watch one episode in an evening because of the hours I work, I’m going to way behind again very soon. Oh, and I can’t forget the new season of Outlander. That’s another series in which I’ve read and watched everything there is, and am hanging out for more.

I’d love to hear what you enjoy reading and watching….

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  2. heath0043
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    I am re watching all seasons of Teen Wolf.

  3. lisa
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    I’m up to season 6 in Teen Wolf, the current season in Game of Thrones & am waiting for the current season in Outlander.


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