It’s Almost Time for A Destiny of Dragons! (And Other Stuff)


Hey, folks–

Shorter blog post today. By the time you read this, I will be far, far away from home in Germany where I’ll be at Euro Pride Con, hosting a panel on Sex and Sexuality in MM Fiction with Abi Roux and hoping people aren’t making fun of the awkward American.

Couple of updates for you:

Ravensong, the sequel to Wolfsong, is finished! Well, sort of. I finished the first draft, anyway. When I get back home, I’ll start revisions and such before I move on to my next book. But, for the most part, it’s done. This book turned out to be a hell of a lot harder to write than I expected. But that was my fault, because I ended up trying  to make it sound like Wolfsong when it clearly wasn’t. Ox is…different. The way he talks, the way the thinks. Gordo is not Ox. For a while, the story wasn’t working because I kept trying to write Gordo like I’d written Ox. Once I figured out what was wrong, I went back and got rid of a shit-ton of stuff (which any author will tell you hurts like a mofo) to make the story fit better. Once I did that (and took a break to write another book entirely), I finished. There was a sweetness about Ox and Joe. It’s not the same for Gordo and Mark. They are gritty and broken and the world’s biggest assholes (especially Gordo, omfg), but I got them the happy ending they needed (or, at least, on the road to one). Funny thing was that Gordo’s story helped me figure out where I’m going with the last two books. Believe me when I say it’s not going to go the direction you think it will. The plan for Ravensong at this point is June 2018. I know that’s a year away, but it’ll give me time to make Ravensong the best story possible.

Which brings me to what’s next:

A Destiny of Dragons is out June 30th.






After this, there will be a short break until August, where you will finally get to see what I have in store for you in the last Bear, Otter, and the Kid story in The Long and Winding Road. (Hint: sad tears, happy tears, all the tears).

(Another hint: Isaiah makes a return appearance after we last saw him trying to get up in Bear’s bidness in Who We Are.)

November will bring you the next book in Tales from Verania series after Destiny in The Consumption of Magic. (I will probably have to go into hiding when this book releases because of…reasons.)

And that’s it for 2017.

Early 2018 will bring the last book in the Tales from Verania series (at least from Sam’s perspective) in A Wish Upon the Stars. The big finale which changes everything.

After that, I will be doing something that I’ve never done before: self-publishing for the first time. The Bones Beneath My Skin is an enemies to lovers queer romance about a big, cranky Marine on the run from some pretty bad people who want what he took from them: a strange little girl who calls herself Artemis Darth Vader. They happen to squat in a cabin owned by a man who returns there to pick up the pieces of his crumbling life, only to be pulled in on an adventure that defies belief. It’s funny, sad, weird and full of explosions. It’s also set in what I think is one of the strangest times in history: the mid-nineties.

Then Ravensong next summer.

Big, big things on the horizon, right?

Starting with Sam, of course, and the destiny he doesn’t want but has no choice but to accept.

It’s going to be a wild ride. I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve got up my sleeve!


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  1. dee
    dee at |

    Can’t wait for the upcoming books.
    And I wish you a great time in Berlin <3 I would have loved to go to Euro Pride Con, but it isn't possible this year 🙁

  2. MsLarvik
    MsLarvik at |

    Sounds so good!

  3. Pam
    Pam at |

    OMG can i fan girl now? Oh hell I already did I’m so excited about all your up coming releases. Bones beneath my skin sounds epically amazing I think that is the one I’m most excited about. You have such a brilliant mind. BOATK is going to rip my heart apart and some how repair it by the end of the book. You are a magician with the written word. Main reason you are a instant buy.

  4. Liquidfyre
    Liquidfyre at |

    It feels like I should pre-emptively start crying and laughing. Crap, I am teary now. Please don’t break my heart.

  5. lousyhousewife
    lousyhousewife at |

    If you kill Ryan or break him and Sam apart, I will come for you.

  6. Sue Kesby
    Sue Kesby at |

    Have a great time in Germany, both – thanks for all the coming books, TJ.

  7. Giulia
    Giulia at |

    “I will probably have to go into hiding when this book releases because of…reasons.” Omfg, Tj! Don’t tell me you’re killing a character off!!! Ugh!

    It literally makes my heart ache to know that Ravensong will be out next cent- ehm- year, but. After Wolfsong’s perfection you have me at your mercy, sooo I’ll wait. I’m sure it’ll be worth it.
    Have a great time in Germany!

  8. Dara
    Dara at |

    Have a good time in Germany and be safe. I’m looking forward to your self-publishing book. It sounds like something a bit different than most of your writings. I hope your talk with Abi Roux will be a hit.

  9. Kendra Patterson
    Kendra Patterson at |

    Sounds like a perfect lineup for the rest of the year. Hope you have a fun, safe trip. 😃

  10. Helena Rose
    Helena Rose at |

    So.. when I read “I may have to go into hiding for… reasons” my heart legit stopped. I feel like you’re either

    – killing off a character (Morgan? The King?)
    – Breaking up Sam and Ryan

    You will break so many hearts Mr Klune!! Stocking up on tissues in preparation…

  11. Rai
    Rai at |

    So excited for all of these! Safe travels, TJ, and enjoy Germany!

  12. 16forward
    16forward at |

    You’re amazing! I can’t imagine being in your mind with everything going on. I must be crazy crowded! If any of the upcoming books are as good as ‘Into this River I Drown’ I’ll be very happy!

  13. Missy B
    Missy B at |

    “Reasons” <—Ummm, wha???? Okay, can we do a poll on who we are willing to lose? 1) Lady Tina DeSilva (the misguided teenage villain–Rystin?!) 2) Grandma (unless she straightens up her act…) 3) another Dark–(I felt bad for Wan actually) There's no one else…and please not Ryan…or Ruv for that matter…..okay, it's the waiting that is killer.


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