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  1. dee
    dee at |

    I have no words. So I’ll just say thanks for sharing the research and thoughts that made you write Olive Juice.

  2. Lisa S
    Lisa S at |

    I thought I lost my child a couple of times & I can tell you there’s no fear like it. Fortunately that kid was one time tucked asleep way at the bottom of the bed & the other time playing somewhere I didn’t know about.
    Thanks for writing Olive Juice & spotlighting this.

  3. Peggy Mitchell
    Peggy Mitchell at |

    I was shocked by the ending when I first read it. I made deals in my head, that there would be a later book, an epilogue, something. But then I realized, it was the right ending to the book, because sometimes, you don’t find out.

  4. MsLarvik
    MsLarvik at |

    This happens in Australia too! We have had an examples of this in the past . One white boy disappears Australia wide search, three Aboringal children of differing ages from the same community disappear doesn’t make national news.
    One white adult female taken at night candlelight vigils in the streets, small preteen Asian girl taken while walking home in daylight hardly makes national news.
    I am not downplaying the pain or trauma these hideous crimes cause but why the difference in media attention? Thanks Tj for bringing up the topic!

  5. heath0043
    heath0043 at |

    Thank you for sharing your story and thought processes that went into the writing of the book.

  6. vicki pinkerton
    vicki pinkerton at |

    Thank you. The book was an emotional read. I’m glad you wrote it.

  7. Melainie
    Melainie at |

    Thank you for writing Olive Juice. It was a difficult read. Such a difficult subject to even contemplate. Thank you for the ‘homework’ you did prior to the writing and the respect that you gave to the subject.

  8. Yvonne
    Yvonne at |

    Such a powerful book; wonderfully written.

  9. Mirrigold
    Mirrigold at |

    Beautiful words TJ to stand as a shining light along with the book itself, perhaps it’s time we all took steps to educate ourselves further.

  10. murhder12
    murhder12 at |

    Thank you for this. I have lived this reality for most of my life. Black children missing, young Black women missing and never given the media coverage of white people. Babies gone missing ignored. Just like the killing of Black people and young black children by cops today. Thank you for Olive Juice. Cause love has no color when they are missing.


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