Teaser Tuesday; Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu.

I apologize for the late post, I was going to do a little playoff between Hades and Colt and what their relationship could have been, but time has become my enemy and life just likes to stab you in the ass sometimes.

So instead I’ll post an unedited teaser from Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu.

*Warning!!! Heavy swearing* ( It’s Hades’ POV after all)


“You fuckers thought you knew me… Not even I knew the real Hades, now that the darkness within has become unchained…”—Hades Breno el Oscuro.

Hades felt like death, he’d felt like it for a long time now, but tonight he could taste its rotten piss on his tongue. The decay was in his pores, clogging his arteries and fuckin’ ripping at his soul. His stomach twisted, crumpled and crunched again, an uncontrollable mass of chaotic, black gritty acid eating away at his stomach lining. Pain ripped up the sides of his skull and tore down his jaws as he ground his teeth harder and harder and harder. The world around him shook with his vision dimming in and out to blackness.

And yet he kept watching, kept staring, unable to peel himself away from this… This shit.

The glitter hole was dark, but the darkness lived, squirming with lustful energy that fucked each beat and laser stroke rippling through the thick humid atmosphere. But there was a light in all this oil. His light. A light that made Hades’ heart stop and pound relentlessly within his chest.

He couldn’t drown in the relief trying to cool his soul, because the black fire roaring in his blood was a rage he had met only once: the night he had saved his little boy from the Russians’ deadly claws. That same blinding wrath was now peeling down his eyelid, ready to give himself over to the blood hunger of madne

“Calm down. You can’t rip apart every person in this club or burn this place to its foundation. Your heart won’t let you get that far. You haven’t taken your medication in the last six days, and with the past week being as stressful as it was, you can’t afford to drop dead right now.”

“I’m supposed to fuckin’ stand here and watch this shit!” Spittle flew from his lips as he regurgitated those words into the air. “You gonna hand me a pair of needles so I can sew myself a fuckin’ pity bag while I’m at it?” Hades squeezed his fists, the veins on his arms looking like sick mutations the way they jutted under his flesh. But maybe a pair of needles was all he needed to stitch himself a bag of sorrow out of the corpses of these fuckwhats.

“You think you’re the only one suffering through this, years I knew speaking one word to him would result in his execution by my own hand, another four years of not knowing where he was, if he was safe, hurt, scared. One year of fighting through each hour of chthonic seconds not knowing if he is alive. And now he’s here, dancing half naked doing… doing this fucking things with-nother guy.”

Each time the Jap’s anger got the best of him, he got so choked up on his temper he forgot how to speak proper English. And sometimes to fuckin’ breathe. Under normal circumstances, Hades would have grinned, but he didn’t laugh anymore.

“So what? We’re gonna stand here like Mary Poppin’s piss stains and watch while this chico bitch shoves his tongue down our niño—” Hades froze, skin shriveling as his gut tried to rip itself open, having to watch the hombre behind Rex slide his hands down Rex’s abdomen, past the fuckin’ leather jock and grope his little’s motherfuckin’ boner!

This tío was dead. Marked for the fuckin’ grave. Hades lunged forward. He was going to tear the man’s lower jaw from his face, only to have two sets of iron pillars of power clamp around his waist and hold him back for dear life.

“Let. Me. Go.” He snarled. “I’ll fuckin’ end you.”

“No!” the Jap said. “Look.”

Hades couldn’t. He was beyond his nerves’ end, insanity had long ago started to whisper strange, otherworldly things into his skull from the darkness in his soul. The same darkness that had once slept within him, now seeped from the depths of his being and crawled right under his epidermis, waiting for an opportunity to come out. That same darkness that wanted to fuck that little redhead in the middle of this fuck show, over and over again till the niño was panting for his last breath before Hades made sweet burning love to him.

El cucuy was alive and starving. Daddy Hades… Daddy. Fuckin’. Hades… , that fucker had keeled over a long motherfuckin’ time ago…

“Just let me end these miserable pieces of fuck!” Hades gritted through clenched teeth, flexing his muscles, warring against the Jap’s strength.

Fucker was strong.

“No,” Kemono growled into his ear. Only plausible ’cause the fuck was currently standing a head taller than Hades, due to the Jap manning the step built along the inner wall of the club that was often used for seating. “I don’t mean to be the party piss here, but if I let you go, how long do you think you’re going to last before the cops burst in here and put a bullet in your skull?”

Long enough to at least tear every hijo de puta to maggot shit, starting with the Jap hugging him like a fuckin’ Care Bear. Hades grunted. But, shit the Jap had a motherfuckin’ point. Hades had become reckless these last months, leaving too many bodies behind, he’d been kinda disappointed the cops or the Feds hadn’t come looking for him yet.

And the thing that really twisted Hades’ nutz backwards was this shit-piece of Japenese fuck he’d been pounding in the ass for the last several months. Kemono was too motherfuckin’ calm. This was not los bruto he remembered. The Godzilla manbaby Hades knew could make Breno piss in fear. Not this washed out trash of tofu.

“I can’t fuckin’ watch this.” Hades grunted and tried again to break himself from Kemono’s grip.

“How do you think he’s going react once he knows what we have done?” Shivers sliced into Hades’ veins as the Jap pressed warm lips to Hades’ ear. “Do you remember what you said to me the first night after you fucked me?”

Hades clenched his jaw. He knew what motherfuckin’ bullshit he had spat that night. And it did not need fuckin’ repeating. So-what. He and Kemono held a love-hate relationship. Hated each other with their hearts and fists, and loved one another with their holes and cocks, who the fuck cared. What the fuck did it matter?

But it did.

“Say it!” Kemono’s dark voice licked at Hades’ soul. There he was, right on motherfuckin’ cue to make Hades’ inside shudder as if they had been kissed by frostbite.

Hades shut his eye, neck muscles ready to snap as he forced the words past his lips. “I wanna watch him lick my Papi milk from your ass.”




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  1. Roberta
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    I so can’t WAIT for this book to come out!!! Can’t Wait!!

  2. Trix
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    Sounds so intense and emotional!

  3. 16forward
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    What a excerpt to go with the cover! Sizzling over here!

  4. Purple Reader
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    Thanks for the excerpt. Pretty intense. So yeah, about time is the enemy. I don’t know how authors can manage it all. Which gets me to wondering, how long does it take you to “write” a book, at least to get it to beta version? And with other things that have to happen, how long does the whole process take to going live?


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