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  1. ssconnors
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    I appreciate the time you spend on reviewing. I know it is time consuming but it has lead me to so good books. I review everything from books, to clothing, restaurants, hotels and attractions. If someone gets something positive out of it, that is a good thing. I also think it is important for the the company or person providing the service to know how they are doing. Good or bad, reviews are important. Thank you.

  2. Tanja
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    It is great that you all find the time to review with such busy lives. The time it takes to write a review depends for a large part on the book I guess and I don’t mean the length of the book. If you are blown away by a book it might be easier to write a review than for a book that is just ‘alright’. It is difficult to put a timeframe on it.

  3. Shirley Ann Speakman
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    I really enjoy reading the answers for the questions I’m finding it so interesting. Now the question it would probably take me days to write a review I find it really difficult even writing an e-mail I’ve never been very good at expressing myself through words and I’ve never been very good at spelling so I’ve become hyperaware of my spelling mistakes and get to the point I can’t write anymore. That’s why I love to visit blogs and read the reviews.

  4. suze294
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    I find that so-so reads are the most difficult – as an amateur (goodreads) review writer I try and make it non-personal and what didnt work for me (if it was good clean writing I say, otherwise omit) – often these I’ll leave overnight to make sure I’m ok with what I say.
    I try not to regurgitate the story line on all reviews – thats the professional reviewers perogative – but focus on how I felt, even if not a favourite genre it can still be written well

  5. Carolyn
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    Wow! I’ve always been impressed by reviewers, but now even more so. I actually don’t write many reviews because they take me so long, sometimes longer than reading the book. I just don’t put my thoughts together quickly. I feel guilty sometimes when authors ask for readers to leave reviews, but I’ve bought the book and I tell people about it when I love it, and that’s just how I contribute. I’m grateful for all the readers who give their thoughts, though.

  6. ELF
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    Wow, it’s so much fun to read different perspectives on the methodology. I, too, read to live, lol, but wow, I wish I was as organized as some of you. I can get really bad and have sometimes 10 or more titles read but not reviewed. I find I really get stuck when I didn’t like a book because I feel bad about panning somebody’s hard work…so I put it off, and then others back up behind it because I feel I really should do the one I didn’t like first, lol. A review for a book I didn’t like can take me an hour or longer to write, which is frustrating, because that is time I could use reading the next book! If I really like the book, a review can take about twenty minutes, but like many of you, I have other obligations so I am often writing my reviews late at night. I have learned not to submit them until I read them the next day to make sure they are coherent, lol, but I think that many authors forget that giving a title to review can often translate into a commitment of 3-5 hours (and much longer for you folks who do the audiobooks). It is truly a labor of love and I salute all of you for your commitment to sharing your thoughts with us.

  7. Trix
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    I think it depends on a lot of things: the length of the book; whether it’s an anthology, series, or standalone; my familiarity with the book and/or author, and of course, whether or not I liked it…so, hard to quantify offhand!

  8. Purple Reader
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    I am supremely appreciative of the time you reviewers commit to provide us readers with your helpful perspectives. Because I know it takes a while to write a review. Like some said, I too make notes along the way, so it lessens the time at the end. But it still takes at least an hour or two, sometimes more, because I want to do justice to the author.

  9. H.B.
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    Thank you for the answers. I usually write a review for all the books I read and post it on goodreads. Although in the past few years it’s been hard to keep at. A majority of the time I review the book as I read and sometimes I just write the review when I complete the story. It’s been 5yrs since i joined goodreads and in that time I’ve written 1565 reviews. In that time I know a really good review may take me an hour.

  10. Ami
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    It will definitely take time for me … I write my own review on GR but I also occasionally guest-review for one other blog. And I need to time to write them down. Sometimes the words are coming easily, sometimes I have to mull my thoughts for few days before I am able to write anything. Even so, sometimes I also hit writing-review-block *lol*

  11. Serena S.
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    Thanks for the question and answers. To me, it would take hours. Sometimes I struggle with words -English is not my first language- but I’ve realized that I have improved a lot since my first review. That one is just a sentence, lol.

  12. Toni
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    Thanks for sharing your answers! I read so much but I don’t review everything. I feel like writing a good review would take me a long time!

  13. susana
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    Thank you for the great answers. It is good to know I am not the only only struggling to find time to review, even in my amateurish style!

  14. dee
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    It’s very impressing how many of you manage to review (audio)books regularly as a hobby despite your other obligations. Respect!

    For every 20 books I read I might review one. And I wouldn’t really call those well done reviews. It’s more for me to figure out in the future why i (dis)liked that particular book. If I win a book in a giveaway I try to be a bit more thorough. I still get the feeling others – like you^^ – do a better job than me.
    Depending on how much I struggle with a book I might take ten minutes or three days for a review. If I intend to write one from the start I take notes while I read and that usually makes it easier.

  15. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    How much time I spend on my goodreads reviews depends on how much of a recap of the storyline I do. Sometimes I’ll go really in-depth and sometimes I don’t do much recap at all just review what I liked & didn’t like about the book. Really in-depth reviews probably take about 30 minutes each.

  16. mztikicat
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    The time and effort you all put into your reviews is so greatly appreciated. I can’t begin to count how many referrals for fantastic books I have received through this site. I dabble at reviewing on GoodReads and barely find the time to do so. I’m disabled with no job and no kids (although I do cat-rescue, and I’m caring for 19 strays and ferals at present), and I still barely manage to post reviews for books I’ve read, or even add books I want to read to Mount TBR. Thank you for your devotion to reviewing for this blog. But mostly, thank you for bringing so many great books to my attention.

  17. maryjgresham
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    It really depends on the book I’m reviewing


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