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  1. James Escol
    James Escol at |

    Great choices of songs! I really, really like, I Really Like You by Carly! (See what I did there? *snickers*) as well as Home & Come Out of the Shade. And did you ever surprise me about Secret Love Song. I used to associate it with infidelity since the lyrics tells about “hiding in the shadows”. I thought the couple there is already committed to other people but they’re still secretly seeing each other! But after I went to Google just a few moments ago, I discovered that it’s actually about LGBT members showing their love in public & a lot of things! I never see that coming. Thanks for educating me, I guess. 😉

    Thanks Love Bytes for taking part in the blog tour of this awesome book! <3

  2. heath0043
    heath0043 at |

    Thanks for a look inside you as an author. I always like to see the inner thoughts of an author while they are writing a book.

  3. James Robert
    James Robert at |

    There’s actually 3 I like, football, baseball and hockey.

  4. kirstviz
    kirstviz at |

    Love the playlist! Thanks for participating in the tour xx


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