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  1. Didi
    Didi at |

    Wow, cover for book #14! Congratulations, Alexa. I think I’ve only read book #1 of the series so far [sheepish smile] but in my defense, the speed of books-releases exceed my reading power severely, LOL. But that one gorgeous smile to have on your book cover! Really nice, indeed.
    puspitorinid AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Ami
    Ami at |

    That smile is SO GORGEOUS. It makes me want to immediately smile back at him 🙂


  3. Tanja
    Tanja at |

    The cover of this book is to dye for. He has a gorgeous smile. Looking forward to reading about River and Cole and of course Nana. She is the best.
    tankie44 at gmail dot com

  4. James Escol
    James Escol at |

    About time. 😉

    There was a group poll about River & Cole’s reunion? *gasp* How on Earth did I not know that?! :O

    Anyway, the cover’s lovely. He’s exactly how I’ve imagined River. And the title’s badass. I love it, Miss Alexa! <3


    1. Alexu
      Alexu at |

      :)) I didn’t know about it either. Went and searched for it, it was before my joining the group :)))

  5. lisa44837
    lisa44837 at |

    The cover model has beautiful eyes & smile! Thanks for the reveal.

  6. Alexu
    Alexu at |

    The cover is gorgeous! And because of the book’s name, Depeche Mode is in my head again :)))

  7. Shelley Sher
    Shelley Sher at |

    Congrats on the book cover, I can see River now. Lol. Oh wow, I never thought of a 2nd chance for River and Cole because of obvious reasons. River couldn’t take the fighting constantly and that was the only way Cole learned to communicate basically. I’m glad they are getting a 2nd chance. Oh wow. Looks like I have to start reading from the beginning again. Lol. ❤

  8. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    I am so excited! I can’t wait to get the book when it comes out!

  9. Serena S.
    Serena S. at |

    He’s cute! I love his smile, it’s so welcoming. I can’t wait for it!

  10. Ron
    Ron at |

    Oh Alexa, thank you for bringing River & Cole back together! Your stories are amazing and I know you will do a great job with this one. And another wonderful cover. Thank you!!!

  11. Morgan ginyard
    Morgan ginyard at |

    I so cant wait for this book

  12. Erin
    Erin at |

    Oh I cannot wait!

  13. Jen CW
    Jen CW at |

    Congratulations on your upcoming book! I love the cover!

  14. Darlene Griffith
    Darlene Griffith at |

    Oh my gosh, you just made me cry in the middle of the doctors office! I am so happy the they get a second chance!

  15. Pam E
    Pam E at |

    I’m so happy River and Cole will get their HEA!!! I’m so in love with this series and can’t wait to read their story.

  16. Shirley Ann Speakman
    Shirley Ann Speakman at |

    Great new cover and I love second chance romances they are one of my favourite to read.

  17. Heather
    Heather at |

    The cover is beautiful, and I’m so glad River and Cole get their HEA. They both deserve it. Can’t wait to read it. 😘

    ruby (dot)killian (at)gmail (dot)com

  18. Carrie F
    Carrie F at |

    Yay! HEA for River & Cole and more adventures with Nana. Happy Spring

  19. Cerra
    Cerra at |

    Beautiful cover just like the rest! Cant wait to read it

  20. Carol W.
    Carol W. at |

    Gorgeous cover! Love love The First & Forever Series! Looking forward to catching up with Cole & River – they need their HEA!!! And of course I need more adventures with Nana and all the guys! Thank you and Congratulations Alexa!!!!!!!

  21. Tara Perkoski
    Tara Perkoski at |

    Love the idea of a second chance love story. River and Cole need to be happy together. Love the cover.

  22. Heather
    Heather at |

    It’s a beautiful cover! It’s perfect

  23. Ron
    Ron at |

    Thought sure I left a comment here before, but now I don’t see it – so here we go again…Thanks, Alexa and Love Bytes Reviews. Love the cover and really looking forward to reading this one – so glad that River & Cole are getting back together!

  24. Lorraine Kay
    Lorraine Kay at |

    What a beautiful cover. I’m glad River and Cole are getting a second chance. Their story never felt finished.

  25. Alexa Land
    Alexa Land at |

    Thank you so much everyone for the comments! I’m glad you like the cover, as well as the idea of a second chance romance. 🙂 Thank you also to Dani and Love Bytes for hosting me!

  26. Miranda P
    Miranda P at |

    Yay so excited I wanted them to get back together.

  27. Ashley kensinger
    Ashley kensinger at |

    Oh. My. God!!!! First off, where are the tissues to wipe up this drool!?!? YOWZA at the cover!! Secondly, YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!! Ive secretly been praying and keeping my fingers crossed that it would be Cole. My heart has been broken ever since they broke up so thank you Alexa for not only mending their broken hearts but also mending mine!💝 my fingers are itching to get this book in my hands!!

    ashley_1613 @ yahoo dot com

  28. jenf27
    jenf27 at |

    Congrats on the release and for taking up the challenge of 2nd chance romance. Love the cover – what a beautiful smile.


  29. Maggie Johnson
    Maggie Johnson at |

    Gorgeous cover Alexa!! Congratulations on #14!! I love this series so much!!

  30. Rachel Richardson
    Rachel Richardson at |

    Wow I’m excited. I’d love to see how these two turn out!

  31. Amanda Butts
    Amanda Butts at |

    I was a vote for no, and I can’t wait for you to answer this challenge!! This is awesome!! Oh yeah, I love the cover too 😉😍

  32. Lisa jackson
    Lisa jackson at |

    Love the cover and I can’t wait for this book.

  33. Beckie Sloan
    Beckie Sloan at |

    Thank you for bringing them back together. I kept hoping they would. River works so hard. So does Cole. I can’t wait.

  34. mandabb
    mandabb at |

    Oh, I am so glad they will get their second chance and HEA! My heart broke for them when things ended how they did. Can’t wait!

  35. aherstad Amy Herstad
    aherstad Amy Herstad at |

    Can’t wait for this release! I have loved this series so much!!!

  36. Kimberly Daniels
    Kimberly Daniels at |

    I love the cover! And I’m glad you decided to do a second chance story. Technically my husband and I are a 2nd chance story. We were together, had a short break up and got back together and have been married now for 24 years. If you are meant to be 2nd chances are worth it!

  37. Denise Dechene
    Denise Dechene at |

    Congratulations on book 14. Can’t wait to see how the second chance works out.


  38. Valerie
    Valerie at |

    Omg… I can’t wait to read there story, I was so upset when they broke up.
    Love the cover…


  39. Deborah Patterson
    Deborah Patterson at |

    A perfect River to me…waiting for the story!

  40. Sue S
    Sue S at |

    So excited! Can’t wait to see what you have cooked up for them.
    Sue (.) staltare (at) gmail (.) com

  41. Kim Hay
    Kim Hay at |

    Gorgeous Cover and so glad River & Cole are getting back together. Can’t wait to read their story. Long time coming

  42. coolgrandma2
    coolgrandma2 at |

    So glad that River and Cole are getting back together. Each successive book I check to see if they have. I have read every book in the series several times. Love them.

  43. Laura
    Laura at |

    I love your new cover! I’m so happy that River’s love interest is Cole. I want to see how they get their HEA.

  44. Heather Diane
    Heather Diane at |

    I am so happy River and Cole are getting back together, I hated when they broke up! The cover is gorgeous; I can’t wait to read it!

  45. heath0043
    heath0043 at |

    Congrats on the new book! I love the cover… a great smile and sexy eyes pulls me to a cover every time. Good luck with the new book.
    heath0043 at gmail dot com

  46. Heather Turner
    Heather Turner at |

    Gorgeous cover! I can’t wait for them to get their HEA & more laughs from Nana are always great.

  47. AnnAlaskan
    AnnAlaskan at |

    Seriously .. can not wait for this one!! Love that you are trying new things with your guys! Of course .. being old .. love to keep up with Nana!! This is a beautiful cover that fits so well with the rest of your books! Space dusted off on my Kindle carousel .. just waiting to one click!! Thanks for this wonderful family!
    akblkgold at hot mail dot com

  48. AnnAlaskan
    AnnAlaskan at |

    Love this cover .. fits so well with the rest of the family on my Kindle carousel! So happy you are trying something new with your characters as everyone deserves a second chance. Can’t wait for the new addition! Being old too .. always want to know what’s up with Nana! Congratulations!
    akblkgold at hot mail dot com

  49. jenndonald00
    jenndonald00 at |

    I am so excited that it’s River and COLE! I was so sad when they broke up, I always thought they had such a great connection! I’ve been anxious to see if you were going to give them a second chance and I’m seriously excited about this book! The cover is amazing too! <3

  50. SheilaP
    SheilaP at |

    Loving your series and this new cover. 🙂

  51. Linda Davison
    Linda Davison at |

    Love the cover and I’m sure the book will be another great read in this wonderful series

    1. Linda Davison
      Linda Davison at |

      Forgot to leave an email ldavison@twcny.rr.com

  52. Kimberly Beaird Misevich
    Kimberly Beaird Misevich at |

    Gorgeous cover! Waiting with bated breath for it. kcurt1969@aol.com

  53. Dena Palmer
    Dena Palmer at |

    So very glad River and Cole are getting a second chance! Love the cover!

  54. Mel
    Mel at |

    Love this cover. May be my favorite in the series.

  55. Sylvie
    Sylvie at |

    Hi Alexa! I’m so glad it’s gonna be River and Cole, since I can’t think of them as being apart!
    I love the cover. As someone else here said, it’s impossible to look at that smile and not smile back!

    syltim at aol dot com

  56. Patrice Vizzone
    Patrice Vizzone at |

    He is beautiful. I’ve been waiting forever for River’s story.

  57. Sheila
    Sheila at |

    Wow !! Love the cover. So can not wait for the book.

  58. Jamie Lauritano
    Jamie Lauritano at |

    I cannot wait for their story. It broke my heart when they split up.

  59. redlrider
    redlrider at |

    Love this cover! I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for the chance.

  60. Sally Stewart
    Sally Stewart at |

    I have followed this series since the beginning, and it only gets better! Can’t wait to read the second chance at love for River and Cole! Beautiful cover💕💕

  61. Trix
    Trix at |

    This sounds lovely, and I really like how warm and approachable the cover guy looks!


  62. carlamiagardiner
    carlamiagardiner at |

    Can I just say yay, yay, yay, yay, yayyyyy that it’s a second chance for Cole & River!!! So happy! And as always, LOVING the cover – so much positivity in that smile!

  63. Melisha
    Melisha at |

    Love this cover! I need this book.

    MelishaBonnette (at) hotmail (dot) com

  64. Jennifer Cohen
    Jennifer Cohen at |

    River & Cole!!!! What a terrific surprise! I can’t wait to read their story!

  65. Geneise
    Geneise at |

    Love the cover and delighted it is River and Cole’s HEA

  66. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Congrats on your upcoming release! It sounds fantastic. I’ve been skipping around the series and am working my way through it but love all the ones I’ve read so far =)
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  67. Kristin Lee
    Kristin Lee at |

    That cover is GORGEOUS! That smile makes me so happy. I’ve been hoping and hoping that Cole and River would get their stories told. I can’t wait!!

  68. Heather Petre
    Heather Petre at |

    I am excited to read the next book. Nana’s boys are so tormented but come out on the other side.

  69. marynewmanauthor
    marynewmanauthor at |

    Can’t wait! River and Cole deserve their happy ever after.

  70. Pat
    Pat at |

    Have been looking forward to river’s story for so long…
    Cover looks great

  71. Rachel Ramoutar
    Rachel Ramoutar at |

    I love the cover

  72. Kelly
    Kelly at |

    Wow, he’s much prettier than I imagined…Good job Alexa! Now I want to see Cole! 😉

  73. Aubrey Hammond
    Aubrey Hammond at |

    Love all the first and forevers! aubrey_hammond@ymail.com

  74. David Hancock
    David Hancock at |

    Love it !!!

  75. susana
    susana at |

    Congratulations, Alexa. I love the cover

  76. Judi
    Judi at |

    So excited
    Happy dance for Cole.
    River is awsome. Can you imagine, the candle lite dinners .

  77. Jen reilley
    Jen reilley at |

    I love love this book cover and can’t wait for their HEA

  78. Jera Baker
    Jera Baker at |

    Love Love Love this cover sooo much!!! That smile is just swoon worthy!!! Can’t wait to read about their second chance!!! Congratulations Alexa on book #14!!!!

  79. Katie
    Katie at |

    I am so ready to see River get his happy. And now I find out it’s Cole…Hell Yeah! It’s like a double HEA.

  80. Joy Walker Hall
    Joy Walker Hall at |

    I’ve been wondering if they’d finally get their act together. Looking forward to it. The cover is great…..he’s gorgeous. I always go for a smile first.

  81. Maggie
    Maggie at |

    Congratulations Alexa on another stunning cover, looking forward to reading another amazing story. ❤️

  82. Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson at |

    Sexy hot book cover! Can’t wait to read the next installment in the First and Forever series.

  83. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I love all of your books and this series is fantastic. Sexy guy! Sexy smile! Sexy second chance romance! Love it!!!


  84. Kara Guido
    Kara Guido at |

    Sigh … Can’t wait to read it. karadg@hotmail.com

  85. Lara T.
    Lara T. at |

    I absolutely adore your First and Forever Series. I’ve re-read them a dozen times. Each couple is unique and fantastic. And Nana is by far one of my favorite characters. I can’t WAIT to see what she’s up to next.

  86. Sativa Timothy
    Sativa Timothy at |

    I have to admit I love the series and book 2 is still my favorite! But I am not a Cole fan and had hoped River would find someone better…so I am one of the ones to be won over😊

  87. Purple Reader
    Purple Reader at |

    Congrats and thanks for the post. I love that smile, makes me think there’s more of that inside. –
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  88. Tasha
    Tasha at |

    Can’t wait to read this book… it’s gonna be so awesome… one of my favourite series x

  89. gloria barnhart
    gloria barnhart at |

    I really can’t wait for a new book. While I wait I reread the series. I love all the people in the books but I really love Nana!!!

  90. Julie F
    Julie F at |

    Love love love Alexa and this series!

  91. Karen
    Karen at |

    Great cover this series is excellent looking forrward to its release.

  92. Chom
    Chom at |

    Damn he is cute!!

  93. MJ
    MJ at |

    Love second chances books. This is going to be fabulous! Can’t wait!!!

  94. Petra Andrea
    Petra Andrea at |

    As always a beautiful cover, which perfect fits in a wonderful series! Congratulations Alexa! 🌹

  95. Alexa Land
    Alexa Land at |

    Thank you everyone for all the positive comments! I really appreciate it!

    I’m leaving this comment for Shannon M Brott to get her name in the drawing, since she was unable to post. Good luck, Shannon! 🙂

  96. Jennifer Guist
    Jennifer Guist at |

    So glad River and Cole get their second chanced!

  97. Sarajane Ilamathi
    Sarajane Ilamathi at |

    Beautiful cover! His smile goes all the way to his eyes. ❤ I always hold out hope that people can overcome their problems and make a go of relationships. It is devastating that we live in such a disposable society where people are not willing to forgive mistakes. I am eager to read how Alexa brings River and Cole back together.

    Thanks for the chance.

  98. Jeannine
    Jeannine at |

    I’m so excited to read Trevor and Cole’s reunion. It was love at first sight and I couldn’t imagine them not getting back together. The cover is gorgeous. Congrats Alexa!!

  99. Dani
    Dani at |

    OMG can not wait River and Cole to get their hea!! Love that you put them back together!!

  100. Angela Seubert
    Angela Seubert at |

    Wow I love the cover and I’m so excited to read this story…I love both River and Cole and I was definitely rooting for them to get back together… Can’t wait!!

  101. Meghan Maslow
    Meghan Maslow at |

    I LOVE this cover. It’s how I’ve always pictured River. Cole better work hard to redeem himself! River’s a keeper.

  102. Brandi Godbehere
    Brandi Godbehere at |

    Another beautiful cover. I am excited to read this.

  103. Colleen Richardson
    Colleen Richardson at |

    Beautiful cover! Beautiful man! Cannot wait for this book ❤️❤️❤️

  104. Caroline
    Caroline at |

    I am so happy that Cole and River get a second chance. They deserve to be happy 😊 I looooooove the cover for this one. I can finally put a face to the name ☺️

  105. Janel Carr
    Janel Carr at |

    Ohh so cute!

  106. ouremuk66
    ouremuk66 at |

    Gorgeous cover! I love his smile so much. Can’t wait to add this to my complete collection.


  107. Maggie
    Maggie at |

    Gorgeous cover!! I can’t think of a reason why River & Cole shouldn’t get another chance. I was sad when they broke up, even though they never had much “page time”. They deserve to become MCs and I’m looking forward to reading their story!

  108. Anja Slacki
    Anja Slacki at |

    OMG, his smile… thing of beauty…


  109. nemo1
    nemo1 at |

    What beautiful eyes….

  110. Kathy Gray
    Kathy Gray at |

    Love the cover and am looking forward to your first second chance book. I have loved each and every one in this series. I often check to see if you have published a new chapter to these guys stories. I love they way you keep the entire gang in all of the books including their ever present grandmother Drumbosa. What a hoot.

  111. FF
    FF at |

    What a great picture! I am looking forward to a great book to read while on vacation in early June.

  112. Mit
    Mit at |

    I have been waiting for this!

  113. Stephan Burns
    Stephan Burns at |

    Beautiful book cover and an amazing story line. I cant wait to read it.

  114. Jenn
    Jenn at |

    So excited!!!!

  115. Jemma Churchill
    Jemma Churchill at |

    Love all your books Alexa. Can’t wait for this one although I know I will have a book hangover as I will be up all night reading it as usual!!

  116. Latoya Jennings
    Latoya Jennings at |

    Love the cover! I can’t wait for it to come out 😁

  117. Jax Newman
    Jax Newman at |

    I love the cover and I can’t wait to read River and Cole’s story!

  118. Linda
    Linda at |

    Great cover, beautiful smile. So looking forward to this story.

  119. Lesa Hodge
    Lesa Hodge at |

    GORGEOUS!!! As always, CAN NOT WAIT to read this 🙂

  120. Louise phillips
    Louise phillips at |

    Omg..so excited for river and Coles story…I truely believe they belong together💗

  121. Alexa Land
    Alexa Land at |

    Thank you to everyone who visited my cover reveal, and thank you also to the 120+ of you who left a comment! I really appreciate it! The giveaway is now closed, and I’ve drawn a winner at random. Congratulations, Jennifer Guist! And many thanks again to Dani and Love Bytes for hosting me! Hugs!

  122. Bec
    Bec at |

    This is River all the way! Perfect cover!!!

  123. Elisa Pina
    Elisa Pina at |

    Love the cover its drew worthy. Hehehehe. Also love that your putting this two back together, i was upset when they separated. So i for one and excited about this story.

  124. Shirley Darling
    Shirley Darling at |

    I’ve read and reread the full series. Excellent books can’t wait for this next one


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