Dani Talks …. Celebration time is getting close…

Hi all 🙂

April is getting closer so it is time to get out some info on our celebration of our 4th anniversary!

love bytes 4 years

We will be doing things a bit differently this year 😉

On Monday of each week for the upcoming 4 weeks there will be a post asking you to ask a question of our reviewers. The question can be for all our reviewers, or for a specific reviewer, the choice is yours.

It can be about anything concerning Love Bytes. For example, our reviews, our blog posts, our polls, whatever Love Bytes related questions that you have.

lovebytes giveaway new

In posts during the 5 weekends of April we will be answering some of the questions you pose and those answers will be combined with various Giveaways!

We are excited to see the questions you all can come up with 🙂

See you somewhere over the next month 😉

Hugs Dani



2 Responses

  1. nicki442
    nicki442 at |

    Oh, this sounds like fun! A good way to get to know the reviewers a little bit better too. Looking forward to this year’s celebrations.

  2. susana
    susana at |

    Woop! I love celebrations! They are fun!!!


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