Leavin’ on a Jet Plane….

To start with, a quick update on my contemporary, non-murdering WIP? I have a little scoresheet on the corkboard in my office, and it’s now been 30 days since I murdered a fictional person. Only five since a misdemeanour, but baby steps.

In other news, at the end of the month I’ll be flying to San Diego and then, a week later, on to Orlando for my first visit to the Dreamspinner workshop (Whoot!). It’s a little nerve-wracking for entirely internal reasons*.

  1. What if I get sick during the flight, barf on the people sitting next to me, and have to spend the rest of the flight feeling their silent judgement?
  2. What if I end up sitting next to someone who a: has pooped themselves, b: puts their baby’s poopy nappy in the pocket on the set, or c: flicks vodka in my face constantly because I wouldn’t give up my window seat?
  3. What if the wheel falls off the plane?
  4. What if I end up sitting next to a man who believes the end of the world is nigh, Obama was born in Kenya, and that the aviation industry covers up about 100 fatal plane crashes a year – and also wants to talk about it to me?
  5. What if I arrive in San Diego and the area is on fire?
  6. What if I arrive and Rhys Ford (who I am visiting) is all “Wow, I actually like you less than I thought and my dog hates you. Go forth and fend for yourself.”?
  7. What if langoliers?

If you are snorting at me, I would like to point out that all but two of the things in that list have actually happened to me previously**. Plus I am always the person pulled aside to have my stuff tested for drug residue. That’s stressful, because even though I’m extraordinarily dull on that front (it’s less morals, and more knowing I’m emotionally ill-suited to a life of crime) I feel that statistically there’s going to be some sort of false positive at some point.

Still I’m a-doin’ it and I’m actually pretty excited under the nerves. I’m going to see two of the Five in San Diego, I get to play with a puppy, the Dreamspinner workshop is supposed to be AMAZING, and I get to see the sun for what might well be the only time this year.

I’m also going to be posting under #2017WritingTrip if anyone wants to follow me for tweets about planes, writing, and going to Disney!

*As a white Presbyterian woman from the UK, I can be fairly certain my transit will complete successfully. Other people aren’t so lucky, and we are all fortunate that the ACLU were there to help and represent them. It’s worth some support?

**Things also happen when I travel by boat, but that’s for another day.

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    Enjoy your flight! Just think of al the plots you can devise after just this one trip!!


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