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  1. susana
    susana at |

    Of course, he opens the closet! I want to know what hides inside! 😉

  2. Tammy
    Tammy at |

    He definitely opens the closet.

  3. miracoleblog
    miracoleblog at |

    Yup, opens the closet!

    What a cool idea this is!

  4. Sandy
    Sandy at |

    Well, obviously he opens the closet…

  5. Renee Roccaforte
    Renee Roccaforte at |

    Of course he’ll regret it, because, of course, he opens it…

  6. Kimt
    Kimt at |

    Smart thing would be to not open the closet…buy of course you open the door.

  7. Lee Todd
    Lee Todd at |

    curiosity kills….OPEN THE DOOR!

  8. suze294
    suze294 at |

    Yep, has to be open the door!

  9. jenf27
    jenf27 at |

    Open it! Open it!

    Thanks for this…looks like it’s going to be fun.

  10. Fiona
    Fiona at |

    He opens the closet!

  11. Lori S
    Lori S at |

    I have to go with everyone else. He opens the door.

  12. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Better safe than sorry. I would leave it. (If you ever played Until Dawn, you’ll understand my choice, lol).

  13. Shannon
    Shannon at |

    Why do you do this to me? I say he opens the door after all he doesn’t want to paint with that smell right? 🙂

  14. Sharon Cox
    Sharon Cox at |

    I don’t think that there is any choice – he opens the closet.

  15. Leta Blake
    Leta Blake at |

    Obviously opening the closet is the only choice here!

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  17. Karen
    Karen at |

    Open the closet!

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  19. Kimberly Curington
    Kimberly Curington at |

    I sincerely hope he opened that closet!

  20. Cris Niccolini
    Cris Niccolini at |

    Dean opens the closet, of course! 🙂

  21. lbtlovesbooks
    lbtlovesbooks at |

    Open the closet!


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