Coffee Christmas

It’s no secret that I’m a major coffee snob (A nice way to say addicted).  I wake up drinking it, drink it throughout the day and even have a cup before I go to bed. I drink way way too much coffee and completely unapologetic. So it’s really no surprise that I’d have a coffee bar or that I’d decorate it for the holidays.


Chalk can be difficult to write with so I use a chalk pen. They come in different sizes and colors and can be purchased from any craft store. I’m heading out today and getting some colored ones. My little snowman needs some pizazz.

I found the idea for my coffee bar on Pinterest. I’ve got some great inspirational pics on my boards if you want to check them out

Anyone else have a coffee bar? I’d love to see them if you do!


Happy Holidays



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SJD Peterson, better known as Jo, hails from Michigan. Not the best place to live for someone who hates the cold and snow. When not reading or writing, Jo can be found close to the heater checking out NHL stats and watching the Red Wings kick a little butt. Can’t cook, misses the clothes hamper nine out of ten tries, but is handy with power tools.



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    I live on coffee too. Unfortunately the link to your Pinterest board doesn’t work. I’d love to check it out.


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