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  1. heath0043
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    Good luck with the book. Interesting premise that I will put on my to read list.

  2. dergoldenedrache
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    Thank you for this review. I read the book this morning (in one go) and enjoyed it immensely. I didn’t realise there was a controversy going on and must say that I am surprised. As a bisexual woman I am very sensitive to bi-erasure, but this book did not trigger any alarms. On the contrary, I found it extremely well handled, Aaron does consider whether he’s bi, but concludes he isn’t, because his same-sex attraction is to one man only. I liked the conversations about labels, because I completely agree that they can be hurtful and would be unnecessary in an ideal world. For political reasons (visibility) I do label myself though.
    And I don’t mind the cheating so much, because Aaron does a lot of growing up and learning about commitment and that’s part of it. People can change 😉

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  4. mariekesnip
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    I happened to like this book at lot. In real life I’d probably label Aaron bi or bi-ish, but more because it’s easier to explain than straight with a boyfriend. I don’t care for labels that much. I like personalities, not who they sleep with or what’s in their pants.


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