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  1. mztikicat
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    Don’t use Facebook, but just wanted to say how intense and powerful this book sounds. For those of us who live our lives in a state of recovery, this book can have a positive impact. Showing the realities of detoxification and the struggle to move forward is important. Sharing the stripped-bare need for our loved ones to guide us through the tough times is huge. The excerpt gave me chills and had me sniffling. Congrats on your new book.

  2. Pomma (@Pommawolf)
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    First to mztikicat …. sending you love & light in your recovery. You have my respect more than you can know……(((hugs)))

    Nicola, congrats on this new release. Just reading the excerpt had me crying. Having several blood family members that battle addiction is hard. Very hard.
    I love stories that make me care about the MC’s, and grip my heart and soul but won’t let me let go of them. It seems like I’m gonna cry even more on this one. Thank you for letting we the readers enjoy the wonderful stories that you write.
    Wishing you the very best….and continued success in your writing.


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