Free Vacation!

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How’s that for some click-bait for you?

In all honesty, I really do want to give you a free vacation. This one’s going to be short, there won’t be any sand and surf or fancy drinks with little umbrellas. It’s just going to be a few moments of clear thought, a chance to mentally flip through some memories, and a quiet, peaceful place to think.

A mental vacation, if you will. I think we could all use that right now.

See, here’s the thing. I swore up and down there would be no writing about Orlando from me this month. As a Canadian, I can do nothing to sway the U.S. government on their rules and regulations regarding guns. As a person who didn’t lose a friend, family member, lover, or acquaintance in that awful siege, I have nothing to offer except my support and sympathy. And man, oh man, have I gotten tired of the blog posts and the commentary on the Orlando shooting.

Hold on. Give me a second before you press the “X” in disgust.

I’m not tired of reading posts about Orlando because I’m sick of the fact that we’re talking about it. Christ, no. Hell, no. That is absolutely not the reason I’m annoyed. Talking about it is exactly what we need to do. We need to talk about the people whose lives were cut short, the hole that’s been left in the lives of the people who remain, and what can be done educationally and legislatively to stop this kind of hell from happening again. What we don’t need are the trampoline posts. That’s what I’m sick to death of reading.

You know the ones… the instant jumping on with a “wasn’t this thing awful and horrible, and here, let me tell you how this relates to me and what I do for a living, and won’t you go buy my book because of it?” posts. Boing!

The posts where we get a quick recap of the atrocity, then the writer jumps into the body of their post and every damn sentence starts with “I” as if this somehow has anything to do with them. Boing!

Here’s an “I” sentence for you: I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR ISSUES RIGHT NOW.

Have a couple more: I don’t care how difficult your life was. I don’t care how hard you’ve had to struggle.

These ones don’t start with “I” but they’ll work too: Stop using someone else’s tragedy as your own platform. Stop jumping on the sympathy bandwagon in an effort to promote yourself!

We can get back to caring about everybody else’s problems in a little while. For now, let’s focus on them, shall we? The victims. The victims’ families. The officers that had to go in there and deal with the mess that used to be young, beautiful people. Can we do that? Wouldn’t that be cool? If you’re going to post about Orlando, could you please stop with the “I” and the “me” and the promo for one damn minute and let the victims have a voice through your own?

I just… don’t even know anymore.

So, yeah. If you’re in the same mindset, then come with me. Let’s take a vacation away from this promo masquerading as sympathy, from this self-absorption and this “but what about meeeeee??” crap. Let’s close our eyes and picture someplace beautiful—a beach, a country cottage, the deck of a boat—and let’s think about the people who aren’t going to be able to do any of that anymore.

I’ll bring the booze if you bring the cookies.

Thanks for reading, peace out,

AF Henley <3

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