The Boy and the Curse.



I’m cursed, sure the writing gods got pissed and condemned me to a life of torture and no writing. Right now, I’m a useless author who can’t muster up the will to even write a ten-word sentence. I could probably tell you more on how to defeat Dr. Klein, in the Ankh NightMare Dungeon… but you’ll go WTF are you talking about.


So Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu is basically just sitting there on chapter 3 still because I haven’t written a word since um… 4 months ago, why? Because my brain decided it want’s a vacation, my muse kicked me out, and I’m basically still in burn-out after writing for 3 whole years.


So in all truth and honestly; I freaking suck balls right now, but hey did you know Hades took longer than a year to write…  Now you do.


I have two other  stories which are currently in their rewriting phrases which might be finished before Komainu, if I can drag myself back from vacation, or somehow manage to break the curse.

It’s not fun, it’s hell-of-a-lot stressful to know you want to finish a book ( you need to finish a book ’cause reader are waiting for that devastating ending) and know; there’s no writer’s block holding you back, but if you could just find the will to write again…


SO that’s my life in a nutshell right now and the reason why I have been mostly absent from social media etc.



But, but- I’m doing a giveaway anyway, got four bundle copies Of Gods and Monster, and Neon White Season One to give way.


Here’s the task; comment below with your favorite quote and I’ll pick the four I like the most, entries close next week Sunday  the 25th and I’ll pick the Winners that following Monday morning.


Currently this is my fav quote:


“You’re just like all my characters. Fucked from page one.” -Sam Krieg, The Secret Wolrd.




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  1. Lori Ferry
    Lori Ferry at |

    I love your stories . Keep them coming please . Your awesome Wulf

  2. lisa44837
    lisa44837 at |

    “So, should we go paint the town red?” “I think we’re gonna paint it a little rainbow, but yeah.” from Double Blind by Heidi Cullinan


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