A Moment of Silence

I knew today’s post was going to be a bit on the late side (my apologies). I’d been thinking all week about what I wanted to write about, and then the news of the shooting in Orlando broke and everything I’d come up with is insignificant in comparison.

So instead of writing about book releases or writing rituals or my kid’s birthday, I want to take a moment to reflect on the loss of 50 beautiful lives as well as those whose lives have been irreparably damaged by the action of one evil man.

If you’re able, please consider helping the victims and their families. My publisher, Dreamspinner Press has pledged to donate 20% of profits over the next week to them and Paul Richmond has designed a T-shirt to raise money for donations as well. If you’d like to donate directly, there is a GoFundMe account that has been set up or you can donate to Equality Florida.

If you’re not able to assist financially, please consider making an appointment to donate blood.

My heart aches for those grieving tonight.