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  1. Marshall Thornton
    Marshall Thornton at |

    I’m sure that sitting at a desk all day is bad for you… however, there are a lot of factors which go into longevity. For example, rich people live longer – were they factored out of this study? Depression is connected to heart disease – were depressed people factored out? At the end of the day, I think that spending eight hours a day at a desk doing something you don’t love will kill you a lot faster than spending sixteen hours a day at a desk doing something you’re passionate about.

  2. Jenna
    Jenna at |

    I used to have a desk that was just the right level for typing while standing. It’s not something you can find at a store, rather something you have to make on your own. You can also stack chests against a wall until it’s the right height and move your computer on top of it. Creative juices flow just as easily while standing as they do while sitting. After reading your article, I’m considering going back to that.

  3. andrewqgordon
    andrewqgordon at |

    Nice, Jo. Way to scare the shit outta me and tell me I won’t be around to see ‘lil q grow up. 😛

    Seriously, you’re spot on. I find that I’ve gotten less active the more effort I’ve put into writing. The flip side for me is that I’m more productive after I’ve spent some time exercising. So thank for the PSA and go you.


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