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  1. Rhys Ford
    Rhys Ford at |

    I love you too. Heh…. Really? Tolstoy?

  2. Andi Byassee
    Andi Byassee at |

    Funny thing is, I never read romance per se (unless you count gothic mysteries, which I devoured as a teenager) until I got into M/M, but eBooks came around just about the time I got old enough not to care anymore what people think of what I read! And incidentally, M/M in space? Bring it!

  3. maderr
    maderr at |

    I read romances in school. Amanda Quick, Judith McNaught, all of them. People would steal them, flip to find smut, and start reading it aloud to try and embarass me. Or they’d make fun of the cover and share it around with friends, try to harass me about them. But I’d just sit there and wait for them to be done. I wasn’t about to let people make me feel bad for reading, especially reading books I got from my mom. They shut up pretty fast between my not giving a fuck and the fact I could read like two to three them in a day (not that fast anymore, alas). I have never tolerated being belittled for loving romance novels. I hate even more when people get snotty within the genre. Like, we get enough shit from the rest of the book world, could we not fight each other?


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