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  1. Andrea M
    Andrea M at |

    Great review! I have the first 2 books of the series but haven’t read them because I’m afraid they end in cliffhangers. Does this one do that or does it just leave you hungry for more?

  2. mlsimmons
    mlsimmons at |

    Great review. I read book just a few weeks ago. I have not gotten to book two yet, but I will. This only encourages that more.

  3. Lindsayb
    Lindsayb at |

    I haven’t read either of the first two yet, but I will be starting come payday. A m/m/historical/prn has my name written all over it!

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  5. salann31
    salann31 at |

    I’ve read all of the published books & pre ordered the others. Really looking forward to Flight of Magpies. 🙂

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