Blog Tour: Character Interview & Giveaway Bryan T. Clark - Come To The Oaks

A warm welcome to author Bryan T. Clark joining us today here at Love Bytes to talk about his new release “Come To The Oaks”.

Today, we’re...Read More »

Guestpost & Excerpt: B.G.Thomas - Blue

A warm welcome to author B.G. Thomas joining us today to talk about his new release “Blue”.
Welcome Ben 🙂

From Little Acorns….


I am not sure just where he came from. He was just…there.


I was writing what has turned out to be one of my most popular Christmas stories,...Read More »

LGBT Chechens fundraiser

We’re Not Powerless and We’re Not Alone: Let’s Help Save the Lives of LGBT Chechens



When we saw the news that the authorities in Chechnya were baiting, torturing, murdering and sending gay (and perceived-as-gay) Chechen men to labour camps, I think a lot of us wanted to turn away from...Read More »

Blog Tour: Guestpost, Excerpt & Giveaway Matt Doyle - Addict


Addict is a cyberpunk tale about a Chinese-Canadian detective living in a corrupt near-future city. What made this fun to write was that the near future setting made it so easy to experiment with different concepts based around...Read More »

Spotlight incl Deleted Scene: J.C Long - Hearts in Ireland

Cheers, lovely readers of Love Bytes! I’m J. C. Long and I’d very much like to thank you for joining me on my book tour for my newest release, Hearts in Ireland, part of the World of Love novella series from Dreamspinner Press. I’m in great company with this...Read More »

Spotlight incl Excerpt: Ella Frank - Tease


“The Temptation Series by Ella Frank was proof that if we open our minds and our hearts to love without boundaries, the result is nothing less than extraordinary.”

— Audrey Carlan, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Tease, the sexy new installment in The Temptation...Read More »

Blog Tour: Guestpost & Giveaway C.J Anthony - Runaway Rock Star

Thank you Love Bytes for having me on the blog today! Today is my fourth stop on my Runaway Rock Star Road Blog Tour! Join me as I hit the road—I’m going to be visiting some great blogs, sharing background about the book, about Ohio, and there may also...Read More »

Blog Tour: Exclusive excerpt & Giveaway James Stryker - the Simplicity of Being Normal

Title:  The Simplicity of Being Normal

Author: James Stryker

Publisher:  NineStar Press

Release Date: May 8, 2017

Heat Level: 1 – No Sex

Pairing: No Romance

Length: 87500

Genre: Contemporary, YA, transgender, transvestite, transphobia, bullying, child neglect, PTSD, mental illness,...Read More »

Blog Tour: Guestpost and Giveaway TA Moore - Liar, Liar

Hello and welcome to the Blog Tour for Liar, Liar.

I have always aspired to amorality. Unfortunately, the evidence of a lifetime suggests that I just don’t
have it in me. Unlike Jacob, I’m an awful liar and a premature confessor. So it was fun, for Liar, Liar, to
put...Read More »

Blog Tour: Guestpost & Giveaway Christine d'Abo - Faking It

A warm love bytes welcome to author Christine d’Abo joining us today to talk about her new release “Fake It”, book 2 in the Ringside Romance books series.

Christine talks about friends and there is a giveaway to participate in!

Welcome Christine 🙂

Hello my name...Read More »

Spotlight incl Intro, Exclusive Excerpt: Amy Rae Durreson - Recovery


A warm welcome to author Amy Rae Durreson joining us today to talk about her newest release “Recovery”.

Welcome Amy Rae 🙂

When I started writing Recovery, my biggest worry about my protagonist was that he had no idea what he was doing with his life. He’s twenty-three, has been...Read More »

Blog Tour: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway TM Smith - Choices and Changes (All Cocks stories book 7)

There comes a time in every man’s life where he has to make a choice between what is right and what is easy. 

Love Bytes says hello and welcome to author Jake C Wallace joining us today here at Love Bytes to share an exclusive excerpt of new release “Happily Ever After Isn’t Easy”.

There is also a giveaway to participate in!

Welcome Jake 🙂

Hi, everyone! I want to thank Love Bytes Reviews for...Read More »

Exclusive Cover Reveal incl Intro & Giveaway: Lou Sylvre & Anne Barwell - Sunset at Pencarrow

Love Bytes is honored and delighted to reveal to you all the fantastic cover for the upcoming Dreamspinner Press release “Sunset at Pencarrow” by Lou Sylvre & Anne Barwell.
Welcome Lou and Anne 🙂

Thanks for hosting us, Dani. Lou and I are very excited to be here and...Read More »

Guestpost, Excerpt & Giveaway: Tara Lain - Beach Balls

A warm welcome to author Tara Lain joining us today to talk about her new release “Beach Balls”, book 3 in the Balls to the Wall series.

Tara talks about this beach romance , shares an excerpt and also brought with her a giveaway for our readers!

Welcome Tara 🙂

Sex...Read More »

Blog Tour: Guestpost & Giveaway Nancy J. Hedin - Bend


A warm welcome to author Nancy J. Hedin joining us today here at Love Bytes to talk about her new release “Bend”.

Check out the guestpost that holds Lorraines favorites and the giveaway attached!

Welcome Nancy 🙂

Lorraine’s Favorites:


Music: Lorraine loves K.D. Lang because it is country enough that Momma doesn’t hassle her...Read More »

Blog Tour: Spotlight incl Exclusive Excerpt JP Adkins - The Awakening

Love Bytes says hello and welcome to author JP Adkins joining us today to talk about his new release “The Awakening”.

Welcome JP 🙂


The Awakening: The Blog Tour Werewolf or Vampire #SexDrugsVampires #Vampires #Shifters #Paranorma

I am so excited to stop by Love Bite Reviews as part of The Awakening : The...Read More »

Blog Tour: Guestpost & Giveaway Santino Hassell - Concourse

A warm welcome to author Santino Hassel joining us today to talk about his new release “Concourse”.

Santino tells us 10 places his characters had sex in the Five Boroughs series and there is a giveaway to participate in!

Welcome Santino 🙂

Ten Places the characters in the Five Boroughs series have had sex


In...Read More »

Blog Tour -- Spotlight incl Exclusive Excerpt: S.A. Stovall - The Dusk Parlor


The Dusk Parlor Blog-Tour (Novella by SA Stovall)

Hello world and internet! I’m SA Stovall and I’m blog-touring my latest novella, The Dusk Parlor, a contemporary romance set in Japan as part of Dreamspinner Press’ ‘World of Love’ novella series. Feel free to follow along as I post articles, sneak...Read More »

Blog Tour: Guestpost, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway Jeff Adams - Somewhere on Mackinac

Love Bytes says hello and welcome to author Jeff Adams stopping by today for his blog tour on new release Somewhere on Mackinac, part of Dreamspinner press their states of Love Series.
Jeff talks to us about the characters of his new book, shares an exclusive excerpt and brought...Read More »

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