Anthology Review: Behind the Uniform(Mischief Corner Collections #1) by Toni Griffin, Jon Keys, and Gregory L. Norris


Duo Review by Michele and Sarina


TITLE:  Behind the Uniform

SERIES:  Mischief Corner Collections #1

AUTHORS:  Toni Griffin, Jon Keys, and Gregory L. Norris

PUBLISHER: Mischief Corner Books

LENGTH:   200 pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 20, 2016


**Please Note: The stories in this anthology will *not* be released individually.

Uniformed careers are a matter of choice and...Read More »

Book Review: Blue Moon III: Call of the Alpha (Blue Moon #3) by A.E. Via


Reviewed by Michele


TITLE:   Blue Moon III: Call of the Alpha

SERIES:  Blue Moon #3


PUBLISHER:  Via Star Wings Publishing

LENGTH:  244 pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 30, 2016


It’s been a couple years since Commander John Marion – the US Navy’s most decorated SEAL – hung up his dog tags, choosing his...Read More »

New Release Duo Review: Daring the Wolf by Skylar M. Cates


Reviewed by Kimberley and Michele


TITLE: Daring the Wolf

AUTHOR: Skylar M. Cates

PUBLISHER: Treading Water Productions

LENGTH: 161pages

RELEASE DATE: July 25, 2016


Can a human ever dominate a werewolf?

Living in a strict world of paranormal dos and don’ts is exhausting for Gabe Ryan. After fleeing his home when he became a...Read More »

Book Review: The Captured Omega by M.H. Silver


Reviewed by Michele Houston


TITLE: The Captured Omega

AUTHOR: M.H. Silver

PUBLISHER: LoveLight Press

LENGTH: 258 pages

RELEASE DATE: May 10, 2016

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