Audio Book Review: Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water #1) by SE Jakes

Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water, #1)

Reviewed by Jenna


TITLE:    Catch a Ghost

SERIES:    Hell or High Water

AUTHOR:     SE Jakes

NARRATOR:    Adam North

PUBLISHER:   Riptide Publishing

LENGTH:   Page 293


Everyone knows that Prophet — former Navy SEAL, former CIA spook, full-time pain in the ass — works alone. But his boss at Extreme Escapes, Ltd. has just assigned Proph...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Careened: Winter Solstice in Madierus (Baal’s Heart #3.5) by Bey Deckard

Careened: Winter Solstice in Madierus (Baal's Heart, #3.5)

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE: Careened: Winter Solstice in Madierus

SERIES: Baal’s Heart #3.5

AUTHOR: Bey Deckard

PUBLISHER: Self-Published

LENGTH: 43 Pages


A Baal’s Heart short, following the events in Fated: Blood and Redemption

Plagued by terrible dreams, Jon begins to distance himself from Baltsaros and Tom. Perhaps a little holiday cheer is just the thing...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Pickup Men (Pickup Men#1) by L.C. Chase

Pickup Men (Pickup Men, #1)

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE:  Pickup Men

SERIES:    Pickup Men #1

AUTHOR:     L.C. Chase

PUBLISHER:  Riptide Publishing

LENGTH:   4 hours 54 minutes

NARRATOR:    Dorian Bane


It takes a pissed-off Brahma bull named Shockwave to show rodeo pickup man Marty Fairgrave the cold hard truth about champion bull rider Tripp Colby: Tripp will never leave the safety...Read More »

Book Review: A Winter in Rome by Francis Gideon

A Winter in Rome

Reviewed by Jenna


TITLE: A Winter in Rome

AUTHOR: Francis Gideon

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press

LENGTH: 142 Pages


Craig is a man adrift, never quite feeling like he belongs or like he’s as successful and settled as those around him—especially his lovers, Alan, an art professor he met while in college, and...Read More »

Book Review: Inside His Reflection by Zathyn Priest

Inside His Reflection

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE: Inside His Reflection

AUTHOR: Zathyn Priest

PUBLISHER: Wilde City Press

LENGTH: 294 Pages


A blind date leaves Harry reeling, and another date goes as badly. Scars on Elijah’s face are clues of a broken soul, yet Harry can’t walk away. Not even when he learns Elijah sees a dead...Read More »

Book Review: Reaping Havoc by AJ Rose

Reaping Havoc

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE: Reaping Havoc


PUBLISHER: The Grim Writer Press

LENGTH: 282 Pages


No one asked Mitch Seeker if he wanted to be a grim reaper. He didn’t sign up for the rumors, the lack of friends, or the erratic schedule. He doesn’t want to go through life watching...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Wildness by Mario Lipinski


Reviewed by Jenna


TITLE: Wildness

AUTHOR: Mario Lipinski


LENGTH: 72 Pages


A Swedish scientist and his alien boyfriend pay the scientist’s family a first time visit on Christmas.

Dr. Ake Jorgensson is a scientist from Sweden whose invention of almost instant travel to any part of the universe will revolutionize...Read More »

Book Review: Magpie (Avian Shifters #2) by Kim Dare

Magpie (Avian Shifters, #2)

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE:  Magpie

SERIES:    Avian Shifters #2

AUTHOR:   Kim Dare

PUBLISHER:   Self-Published

LENGTH:   251 Pages


Everet has found his perfect place in the nest. As a raven, he’s ideally suited to his new role in the nest’s security flock. Some of the jobs it entails have been far more enjoyable than others,...Read More »

Advent Calendar Review: Nøtteknekkeren by Felicitas Ivey

Nøtteknekkeren (2015 Advent Calendar - Sleigh Ride)

December 12th

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE: Nøtteknekkeren

SERIES: Sleigh Ride (2015 Advent Calendar)

AUTHOR: Felicitas Ivey

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press


Thijs and his older brother, Rik, are spending Christmas Eve at their uncle Yvo’s annual gathering. For Thijs, it’s the first time he’s been there in almost a decade.

Thijs has vague memories of...Read More »

Release Day Review: Sunset Park (Five Boroughs #2) by Santino Hassell

Sunset Park (Five Boroughs, #2)

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE:    Sunset Park

SERIES:    Five Boroughs #2

AUTHOR:    Santino Hassell

PUBLISHER:    Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:   230 Pages


Raymond Rodriguez’s days of shoving responsibility to the wayside are over. His older brother wants to live with his boyfriend, so Raymond has to get his act together and find a place of his own....Read More »

Recent Release Review: A Little Bit Langston by Andrew Demcak

A Little Bit Langston

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE: A Little Bit Langston

AUTHOR: Andrew Demcak

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 204 Pages


Being different is a challenge, especially for James Kerr.

He’s no average teenager. James begins to channel a dead writer’s poetry and then discovers he has the power to manipulate electricity. At the same time, romantic feelings...Read More »

Book Review: Strength of the Mate (The Tameness of the Wolf #3) by Kendall McKenna

Strength of the Mate (The Tameness of the Wolf #3)

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE: Strength of the Mate

SERIES: The Tameness of the Wolf #3

AUTHOR: Kendall McKenna


LENGTH: 356 Pages


Rampaging werewolves cause the True Alpha to send his Omega, Dawson Rivers, to bring them under control. Can Adam Madison help or hinder Dawson’s mission?

Adam Madison is in Iraq, driving...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Say It With Ink (The Seattle Chronicles #2) by C.C. Dado


Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE:   Say It With Ink

SERIES:  The Seattle Chronicles

AUTHOR:   C.C. Dado

PUBLISHER:   Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:   61 Pages


Levi can remember the exact moment the projection of his life changed entirely, from homeless dropout to college graduate. It was the day he found Jamie Donovan standing on his front porch—the boy...Read More »

Book Review: Better the Devil You Know by Bey Deckard

Better the Devil You Know

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE:  Better the Devil You Know

AUTHOR:  Bey Deckard

PUBLISHER:  Self-Published

LENGTH:  114 Pages


Tags: graphic torture, forced incest, rape

Byron is tall, handsome, well spoken, wealthy, and has outstanding taste in wine and food. You’ll be impressed by his impeccable attire and eloquence in conversation, ranging from Baroque art to...Read More »

Short Story Review: Celebrate (Avian Shifters #1.5) by Kim Dare

Celebrate (Avian Shifters, #1.5)

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE:    Celebrate

SERIES:    Avian Shifters

AUTHOR:     Kim Dare

PUBLISHER:     Self-Published

LENGTH:     34 Pages


It’s not easy learning how to be a swan, but Ori Jones has worked hard to embrace a role that still doesn’t come entirely naturally to him. Now, almost a year after his first full shift, he finally...Read More »

Book Review: Lead Me Into Darkness: Five Halloween Tales of Paranormal Romance


Reviewed by Sarina & Jenna


TITLE: Lead Me Into Darkness

AUTHOR: Santino Hassell, J. R Gray, Kris Ripper, J.C Lillis, & Roan Parish


LENGTH: 32,000 words


Lead Me Into Darkness: Five Halloween Tales of Paranormal Romance

All-Hallows-Eve brings out the wicked in even the most reserved among us… and the lure...Read More »

Book Review: The Sharp Edge of Love by Diana Sheridan

The Sharp Edge of Love

Reviewed by Jenna

TITLE: The Sharp Edge of Love

AUTHOR: Diana Sheridan

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press

LENGTH: 36 Pages


When he goes to a local Renaissance Faire on Saturday morning, Josh expects to have a good time, but not much else. He certainly doesn’t expect to meet Ethan, a good-looking man in...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Balancing Act by Angie Barry

Balancing Act

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE: Balancing Act

AUTHOR: Angie Barry

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press

LENGTH: 38 Pages


In a world where even the Greek gods have to earn a paycheck, former lovers Adonis and Narcissus make a bet on who will be the first to successfully seduce the newest intern at Olympus Air:...Read More »

Book Review: The Last Communion by Ingela Bohm

Last Communion

Reviewed by Jenna


TITLE:     The Last Communion

AUTHOR:     Ingela Bohm

PUBLISHER:     Self Published

LENGTH:     214 Pages.


A worldwide disease has all but wiped out humankind. Only a few people survive, the doctor’s son among them. But there’s something wrong with him: he no longer wants to eat. Is he finally dying too?

The answer...Read More »

Book Review: Myths, Mayhem, & Sweet Tea by Kimberly Hunter

Myths, Mayhem, & Sweet Tea

Reviewed by Jenna



TITLE: Myths, Mayhem, & Sweet Tea

AUTHOR: Kimberly Hunter


LENGTH: 280 Pages


Ancient gods. Mother Earth. And the greatest power of all.
Long ago, man was ruled by superstition, worshiping the Gods of Land, Sea, and Air. It was comfort and security. But modern man has evolved,...Read More »

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