Author Request Book Review: Witch's Woods by A.T. Weaver

Witches' Woods

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Witch’s Woods

AUTHOR: A.T. Weaver

PUBLISHER: CoolDudes Publishing

LENGTH: 199 Pages

RELEASE DATE: November 20, 2017


In the late 10th century, a magical portal was discovered between a grove of oak trees in Ireland and a grove of redwoods in what would become the state of Oregon. Since then, the...Read More »

Author Request New Release Review: Texas Gift (Texas #8) by R.J. Scott

Texas Gift (Texas #8)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Texas Gift

SERIES: Texas #8

AUTHOR: R.J. Scott

PUBLISHER: Love Lane Books

LENGTH: 45 000 Words

RELEASE DATE: November 12, 2017


A gift for every single reader who said they needed to know what happened next for Jack and Riley…

When Hayley arrived on the steps of the D, Riley and Jack...Read More »

Author Request Duo Release Day Review: Breaking Free (The Den Boys #3) by A.T. Brennan

Breaking Free (The Den Boys, #3)

REVIEWED by Donna and Jen B.

TITLE: Breaking Free

SERIES: The Den Boys #3

AUTHOR: A.T. Brennan


LENGTH: 275 Pages

RELEASE DATE: November 14, 2017

BLURB:  “I would never forgive myself if something happened to another man I cared about because I’d been careless and given in to temptation.” ~ Zander

The last...Read More »

Author Request Book Review: Law and Disorder (Casus Fortuitus #2) by Brooke Edwards

Law and Disorder (Casus Fortuitus, #2)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Law and Disorder

SERIES: Casus Fortuitus #2

AUTHOR: Brooke Edwards

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 141 Pages

RELEASE DATE: August 31, 2017


James Carter and Derek Moore fought their way through attraction and misunderstandings to get to where they are today. Sure, they’re still figuring out how to make things...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Rhino Ash (Saturday Barbies #2) by Lindsey Black

Rhino Ash (Saturday Barbies, #2)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Rhino Ash

SERIES: Saturday Barbies #2

AUTHOR: Lindsey Black

PUBLISHER Netherwood Press

LENGTH: 278 Pages

RELEASE DATE: October 23, 2017


Ashley Jameson always tries to do the right thing, but that’s hard when your nephew keeps eating crayons, your niece is dressed as a pudding and your obnoxious older brothers crash...Read More »

Release Day Review: How to Heal a Life (The Haven #2) by Sloan Parker

How to Heal a Life (The Haven, #2)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: How To Heal A Life

SERIES: The Haven #2

AUTHOR: Sloan Parker

PUBLISHER: Self Published


RELEASE DATE: October 24, 2017


Seth Fisher has been to hell and back, but he has no intention of letting the torment of his past destroy his future. He thinks he’s doing good. He’s...Read More »

Book Review: Lupine Road by Cal Matthews

Lupine Road

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Lupine Road

AUTHOR: Cal Matthews

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 434 Pages

RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2017


A wolf on the run

Cyrus Del Basque has been running his whole life. Born to a pack of fugitive werewolves, he travels the country with his family, trying to stay one step ahead of...Read More »

New Release Review: Building Forever (The Rebuilding Year #3) by Kaje Harper

Building Forever (The Rebuilding Year, #2.5)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Building Forever

SERIES: The Rebuilding Year #3

AUTHOR: Kaje Harper

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 80 Pages

RELEASE DATE: October 15, 2017


Four years ago, Ryan and John decided they’d wait to get married until it came with full legal equality. Now, thanks to the Supreme Court, that historic moment has finally...Read More »

New Release Review: The Supers (Dreamspun Beyond #6) by Sean Michael

The Supers (The Supers, #1)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: The Supers

SERIES: Dreamspun Beyond #6

AUTHOR: Sean Michael

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 188 Pages

RELEASE DATE: October 15, 2017


The Supers

Hunting ghosts and finding more than they bargained for.

Blaine Franks is a member of the paranormal research group the Supernatural Explorers. When the group loses their techie to a cross-country...Read More »

Book Review: Life is Not a Musical (Woodstock Love #1) by Vicktor Alexander

Life Is Not A Musical (Woodstock Love, #1)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Life is Not a Musical

SERIES: Woodstock Love #1

AUTHOR: Vicktor Alexander


LENGTH: 212 Pages

RELEASE DATE: August 11, 2017


When Nathaniel “Than” Kelly is told to uncover and report on the secrets in widowed billionaire, viral sensation, single dad, Dominic Montgomery’s closet on why he’s...Read More »

Release Day Review: Picture Winter by Amy Aislin

Picture Winter

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Picture Winter

AUTHOR: Amy Aislin


LENGTH: 167 Pages

RELEASE DATE: October 6, 2017


Do something new today.

Why he looks at his horoscope every day, Elias Hood doesn’t know. It’s all garbage, and no nickel fortune ever helped him climb all the way up the corporate ladder. He’s...Read More »

Release Day Review: That Doesn't Belong Here by Dan Ackerman

That Doesn't Belong Here

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: That Doesn’t Belong Here

AUTHOR: Dan Ackerman

PUBLISHER: Supposed Crimes

LENGTH: 170 Pages

RELEASE DATE: October 1, 2017


That Doesn’t Belong Here begins when Levi and his friend Emily discover an impossible creature in an abandoned pick up. The thing is wounded, frightened and the two friends cannot leave him...Read More »

Recent Release Review: A World Apart by Mel Gough

A World Apart

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: A World Apart

AUTHOR: Mel Gough

PUBLISHER: NineStar Press

LENGTH: 196 Pages

RELEASE DATE: September 18, 2017


Ben Griers is the darling of Corinth Georgia’s Police Department—intelligent, handsome, and hardworking. Thanks to his beautiful wife and clever daughter, Ben’s family is the envy of the town. Yet desperate unhappiness is...Read More »

Release Day Review: Bart Goes To Brentwood (The Robbie Day Duology Book 1) by I.M. Flippy

Bart Goes to Brentwood (The Robbie Day Duology Book 1)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Bart Goes to Brentwood

SERIES: The Robbie Day Duology Book 1

AUTHOR: I.M. Flippy

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 256 Pages

RELEASE DATE: September 23rd, 2017


Bart Healey has been chasing his acting dream around Hollywood for eleven years and all he’s got to show for it is an eviction notice. It...Read More »

Series Review: Diversion Series #5 (Redemption) & #6 (Reunion) by Eden Winters

Redemption (Diversion #5)

Reviewed by Donna


SERIES REVIEW: Diversion Series #5 – #6

AUTHOR: Eden Winters

PUBLISHER: Rocky Ridge Books



BOOK #5 TITLE: Redemption

LENGTH: 238 Pages

RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2015


Living is the easy part.

Agent Lucky Lucklighter and his partner escaped Mexico alive, only to plunge into bureaucratic fallout from their mission. Hell, maybe Lucky...Read More »

Release Day Duo Review: Off the Beaten Path by Cari Z.

Off the Beaten Path

TITLE: Off the Beaten Path


PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 200 Pages

RELEASE DATE: September 18, 2017


When Ward Johannsen’s little girl Ava shifted into a werewolf, she was taken into custody by the feds and shipped off to the nearest pack, all ties between father and daughter severed. Ward burned every bridge...Read More »

Series Review: Diversion Series #3 & #4 by Eden Winters

Corruption (Diversion #3)

Reviewed by Donna


SERIES REVIEW: Diversion Series #3 – #4

AUTHOR: Eden Winters

PUBLISHER: Rocky Ridge Books



BOOK #3 TITLE: Corruption

LENGTH: 224 Pages

RELEASE DATE: September 29, 2013


Renegade biker. Drug runner. Recovering addict. Wanted by the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau. But he isn’t a crook, he’s the law.

SNB Agent Bo Schollenberger’s solved his...Read More »

Recent Release Duo Review: Looking In by Michael Bailey

Looking In


TITLE: Looking In

AUTHOR: Michael Bailey

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 237 Pages

RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2017


David Barrows world fell apart at the age of eleven after his mother died. Years of physical and emotional abuse followed, leaving him scarred in body and mind, mired in the...Read More »

Series Review: Diversion Series #1 & #2 by Eden Winters

Diversion (Diversion, #1)

Reviewed by Donna


SERIES REVIEW: Diversion Series #1 – #2

AUTHOR: Eden Winters

PUBLISHER: Rocky Ridge Books


BOOK #1 TITLE: Diversion

LENGTH: 238 Pages

RELEASE DATE: July 2, 2014


There are good guys, bad guys, and then there’s Lucky.

Former drug trafficker Richmond “Lucky” Lucklighter flaunts his past like a badge of honor. He speaks...Read More »

Book Review: ...And All Shall Fade to Black by Layla Dorine

...And All Shall Fade to Black

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: …And All Shall Fade to Black

AUTHOR: Layla Dorine

PUBLISHER: Encompass Ink

LENGTH: 370 Pages

RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2017


Moving into his new apartment, Jax never expected to have to break up a fight between his new neighbors, resulting in a physical altercation and a visit from the cops....Read More »

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