Book Review: No Place Left to Run by Zarah Detand

No Place Left to Run

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE:  No Place Left to Run

AUTHOR:  Zarah Detand

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 197 pages


After a lengthy world tour, pop star Samuel Gibbs is looking forward to a nice, quiet break—sleep in, write a bit of music, do his own cooking for a change. He doesn’t want his...Read More »

Book Review: Even the Innocent by D.W. Marchwell

Even the Innocent

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE:  Even the Innocent

AUTHOR:  D.W. Marchwell

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 200 pages


Salvatore Terranova is a teacher at the local high school. He used to live in the big city of Charlottetown but never did meet the man of his dreams. Jaded but not defeated, Sal returns to...Read More »

Book Review: Acting Out (Hollywood Hotties #2) by Mia Watts

Acting Out (Hollywood Hotties #2)

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE:   Acting Out

SERIES:  Hollywood Hotties #2

AUTHOR:  Mia Watts

PUBLISHER:  Totally Bound Publishing

LENGTH:  82 pages


Who wouldn’t want Hollywood hottie Cree Radek? When Evan Walker, Cree’s assistant, gives in to temptation, he’s sure Cree only wants a one-nighter. Evan has plans of his own, and...Read More »

Book Review: Touch of a Ghost by L.M. Brown

Touch of a Ghost

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Touch of a Ghost

AUTHOR: L.M. Brown

PUBLISHER: Breathless Press

LENGTH: 74 pages


What if you could only touch your lover one night of the year? Halloween night is all you have when in a relationship with a ghost. Drew Jessop wants a life without ghosts....Read More »

Book Review: Wrong Number, Right Guy (Hollywood Hotties #1) by Mia Watts

Wrong Number, Right Guy (Celebrity #1)

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Wrong Number, Right Guy

SERIES:    Hollywood Hotties #1

AUTHOR: Mia Watts

PUBLISHER: Totally Bound Publishing

LENGTH: 89 pages


A wrong number with a sexy voice on the other end… What are the chances a regular guy has just hooked the hottest actor on the silver screen?  Ryan...Read More »

Book Review: Silent Woods by Ofelia Gränd

Silent Woods

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Silent Woods

AUTHOR: Ofelia Gränd

PUBLISHER: Beaten Track Publishing

LENGTH: 57 pages


When Daniel’s husband Anders takes the family camping in the woods, Daniel can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right.  He almost dismisses his fears as nothing more than his dislike of the great...Read More »

Book Review: A New Man by P.D. Singer

A New Man

Reviewed by Dennis



TITLE: A New Man

AUTHOR: P.D. Singer

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner

LENGTH: 276 pages


Senior year of college is for studying, partying, and having fun before getting serious about life. Instead, Chad’s days are filled with headaches and exhaustion, and his fencing skills are getting worse with practice, not...Read More »

Book Review: Pipe Dreams by J.M. Snyder

Pipe Dreams

Reviewed by Dennis


 TITLE: Pipe Dreams

AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder


LENGTH: 10 pages


When Paul Jacoby opens the door to plumber Ethan Randolph, Paul’s memories and libido are instantly reawakened. Paul lusted after the captain of the basketball team in high school, but he was...Read More »

Book Review: Truck Me All Day Long by J.D. Walker

Truck Me All Day Long

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Truck Me All Day Long



LENGTH: 50 pages


Adrian Mitchell has to decide whether love and forgiveness–and being less of a control freak–are enough to win back the heart of the man who cheated on him, because he can’t...Read More »

Recent Release Review: A Healing Man (Men of Manhattan #5) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

A Healing Man (Men of Manhattan, #5)

Reviewed by Dennis


 TITLE: A Healing Man (Men of Manhattan #5)

SERIES:  Men of Manhattan

AUTHOR: Sandrine Gasq-Dion


LENGTH: 150 Pages


Dario Ramos thought he’d left the fighting behind in the war zone when a life-threatening injury sent him home. But a certain Irishman crossing his path...Read More »

Book Review: Truck Me All Night Long by J.D. Walker

Truck Me All Night Long

Reviewed by Dennis


 TITLE: Truck Me All Night Long



LENGTH: 41 pages


Can a forty-two year old truck driver who chases twinks, and a young-looking forklift operator searching for a mature relationship find common ground? Trev Harding is a forty-two year...Read More »

Book Review: Going the Distance (Fadeaway #1) by John Goode

Going the Distance (Fadeaway, #1)

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE:  Going the Distance

SERIES : Fadeaway #1

AUTHOR:    John Goode

PUBLISHER:    Harmony Ink Press

LENGTH:  210 Pages


Looking like the perfect all-American boy—tall, handsome, and athletic—makes it easy for Danny Monroe to blend in with the in-crowd of a new high school. It’s a trick he picked...Read More »

Book Review: Suburban Legend by B.J. Sheppard

Suburban Legend

Reviewed by Dennis


 TITLE:  Suburban Legend

AUTHOR:  BJ Sheppard

PUBLISHER:  Self Published

LENGTH:  136 Pages


Halloween is coming, and as the parents of Damsel Creek celebrate the occasion in style, the teen population of the sleepy town are forced into caring for their youngest counterparts. As Aaron settles in to...Read More »

Book Review: Of Paws and Pet Rocks by J.D. Walker

Of Paws And Pet Rocks

Reviewed by Dennis



TITLE:  Of Paws and Pet Rocks 

AUTHOR:  J.D. Walker

PUBLISHER:  Amber Quill Press, LLC

LENGTH: 12,000 words


Barry Dunning is a gifted yet lonely pet groomer, fierce animal lover, and the painter of pet rocks, thanks to the lease on his tiny apartment that does not allow for actual pets....Read More »

Book Review : Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton

Unwrapping Hank

Reviewed by Dennis



TITLE:  Unwrapping Hank

AUTHOR:  Eli Easton

PUBLISHER:  Eli Easton

LENGTH: 138 Pages


Sloane loves a good mystery. He grew up as the son of two psychiatrists, so he finds most people tediously easy to figure out. He finds his way to Pennsylvania State University, longing for a rural...Read More »

Advent Calendar Book Review: Coming of Age by Venona Keyes

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Day 19

Reviewed by Dennis



TITLE:  Coming of Age

AUTHOR:  Venona Keyes

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 32 Pages


Akiyoshi ‘Aero’ Kurokuma, author of the wildly popular manga, Ecos, lost his assistant when his best friend retired. After Aero collapses from exhaustion four years later, he is forced to run...Read More »

Advent Calendar Book Review: Snow and Moose and Finnish Secrets by Reni Kieffer

advent banner blog 2014

day 4

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Snow and Moose and Finnish Secrets

SERIES: Dreamspinner Advent Calendar 2014 Celebrate

AUTHOR: Reni Kieffer

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 25 Pages


When Jake takes his boyfriend Ian home to celebrate Christmas with his parents in the Finnish woods, Ian, a skeptic by nature who has to deny...Read More »

Book Review: Thunder Snow by Owen Keehnen


We like to welcome a new reviewer to our team

Welcome Dennis !

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Thunder Snow

AUTHOR: Owen Keehnen

PUBLISHER: Wilde City Press

LENGTH: 53 Pages


Thunder Snow is a gay love story set in academia during the 1980s. When Jim Franklin goes away to...Read More »

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