Book Review: The Butcher, The Baker, The Custom Bike Maker: The Baker (The Myer Triplets #2) by Mathew Ortiz

The Butcher, The Baker, The Custom Bike Maker: The Baker (The Myer Triplets, #2)

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: The Butcher, the Baker, the Custom Bike Maker: The Baker

SERIES: The Myer Triplets #2

AUTHOR: Mathew Ortiz

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 142 Pages

RELEASE DATE: June 25th, 2016


Recipe for Romance
1 cup crazy Myer triplet aka Boone Myer
1 cup snobby guppie aka Robbie Gaither
2 tbsp. nutty family and friendsRead More »

Daily Dose Book Review: A Dove's Wing by Katya Harris

A Dove's Wing (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side)

DAY 29

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: A Dove’s Wing

SERIES: A Walk on the Wild Side (Daily Dose 2016)

AUTHOR: Katya Harris

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 55 Pages

RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2016


When his nephew shoots a dove with a BB gun, veterinarian Abel March promises the remorseful boy that he...Read More »

Book Review: In the Privacy of Their Home by R.A Padmos


Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: In the Privacy of Their Home

AUTHOR: R.A. Padmos

PUBLISHER: Manifold Press

LENGTH: 150 pages

RELEASE DATE: October 29, 2015


Dylan’s life is regulated and precise, and as a gay man in the England of the 1960s it’s also necessarily secretive; the law regarding homosexuality may have changed, but unfortunately...Read More »

Recent Release Review: The Last Favor by Meg Harding

The Last Favor

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: The Last Favor

AUTHOR: Meg Harding

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 137 pages

RELEASE DATE: April 6, 2016


Three years ago Andrew Wilson and Flynn Barnett were in a relationship, until Flynn made a mistake that nearly cost Andrew his life. Andrew walked away from the FBI, his home, and his...Read More »

Book Review: Finding Home by Phetra H. Novak

Finding Home

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Finding Home

AUTHOR: Phetra H. Novak

PUBLISHER: Self Publish

LENGTH: 169 Pages

RELEASE DATE: December 13, 2015


Luca is a first year med student at the University of Gothenburg. He is following in his father’s footsteps, something he’d been programmed to do all his life. He lives a sheltered and...Read More »

Short Story Review: Night and Day by Rowan Speedwell

Night and Day

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Night and Day

AUTHOR: Rowan Speedwell

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 52 Pages

RELEASE DATE: March 9, 2016


Nate Pederowski is about as far down as he can go when he’s tipped to a job as a singer in a speakeasy. Dishonorably discharged for being queer, broke and homeless during the...Read More »

Short Story Review: Stranded by Nicole Dennis


Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Stranded

AUTHOR: Nicole Dennis


LENGTH: 37 Pages

RELEASE DATE: January 2, 2016


Traveling for the holidays sucks, but not when you meet the right person.
Julian Tucker learns this the hard way when work sends him to fix a crisis from Australia, Japan, to several locations in...Read More »

Book Review: Unlocking The Past by Lei Carol

Unlocking the Past

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Unlocking the Past

AUTHOR: Lei Carol

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 135 pages

RELEASE DATE: August 11, 2015


In one day Justin Reynold’s life changed in ways he never imagined. With nowhere else to turn Justin packs up to move to his mom’s old house, finding it exactly the way she...Read More »

Recent Release Short Story Review: Santa's Little Secret by Sandra Walsh

Santa's Little Secret

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Santa’s Little Secret

AUTHOR: Sandra Walsh

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 54 pages

RELEASE DATE: January 27, 2016


Elementary music teacher Elijah Phelps is content with his life, but content doesn’t always measure up when the only thing keeping him warm at night is a wine buzz and a vivid imagination....Read More »

Book Review: Textual Attraction by K-lee Klein

Textual Attraction

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Textual Attraction

AUTHOR: K-lee Klein

PUBLISHER: Amber Quill Press

LENGTH: 114 pages


Lewis has spent most of his adult life looking after his aging parents, and he recently ended a relationship with a domineering guy who’d been nothing but bad for him. Despite his less-than-stellar track record with men,...Read More »

Book Review: Deep Dive (Tidal Crest #1) by Jeff Erno

Deep Dive (Tidal Crest #1)

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Deep Dive

SERIES: Tidal Crest #1

AUTHOR: Jeff Erno

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

LENGTH: 114 pages


Former Olympic diver Sam Lewis sometimes feels like a has-been. His celebrity status has faded and he now works as a stunt diver at Water World, a southern California aquatic theme park. Sam’s lived his...Read More »

Advent Calendar Review: Talk Turkey by Bru Baker

Talk Turkey (2015 Advent Calendar - Sleigh Ride)

December 28th

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Talk Turkey

SERIES: Sleigh Ride (2015 Advent Calendar)

AUTHOR: Bru Baker

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 61 pages


Carson is a California transplant settling into life in the Windy City. On his first Christmas away from home, he assures his worried family he’ll be having a real Christmas...Read More »

Short Story Review: Storytime by K.Lynn


Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Storytime


PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press, LLC

LENGTH: 34 pages


Since the death of his partner a year ago, sci-fi writer James Murphy has lived a quiet, secluded life. But at the urging of his agent, he finally makes an effort to rejoin society. His first...Read More »

Book Review: Tempted in Texas by Sara York

Tempted In Texas

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Tempted in Texas

AUTHOR: Sarah York

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 220 pages


Rusty Briggs knows his chance of finding a man while living outside of Sweetwater, Texas are slim to none. Few know about his little secret, but his ranch hands have run out on him and the folks...Read More »

Book Review: Silver & Black by Tyler May

Silver & Black

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE: Silver & Black

AUTHOR: Tyler May

PUBLISHER: Hot Ink Press and Encompass Ink Publishing

LENGTH: 288 pages


Does love have a cost?
Brian Silver is CEO of the world’s largest coffee house chain in the world, Silver Coffee. Growing up in a wealthy family, Silver had it all: money,...Read More »

Book Review: Trifecta Part One by JR Bryce

Trifecta Part One

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE:  Trifecta: Part One


PUBLISHER:  Self pub

LENGTH: 73 pages


When Mike Granite left his ‘getting out of the Navy’ party early, he hadn’t expected anyone to follow him. Or for it to mean as much as it did when it happened. And he definitely didn’t...Read More »

Book Review: The Cop and the Geek #2 by Cat Blaine

The Cop and the Geek 2

Reviewed by Dennis


 TITLE: The Cop and the Geek 2

AUTHOR: Cat Blaine

PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing

LENGTH: 74 pages


Geeky James O’Brien was involved in a barroom brawl a month ago where he met Officer Scott Brown. The two clicked immediately, but sometimes geeky James worries he isn’t exactly what someone like...Read More »

Daily Dose Book Review: Until I Found You by B.G Thomas

love bytes dailey dose banner

DAY 18

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE:  Until I Found You

SERIES: A Dreamspinner Daily Dose 2015 Story

AUTHOR:  B. G. Thomas

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 86 pages


Christopher Morin is unlucky in love. The only male worth anything in his life is his sweet dog Frost. Christopher is devastated...Read More »

Book Review: The Sensualist and the Untouched by Susan Laine

The Sensualist & the Untouched

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE:  The Sensualist & the Untouched

AUTHOR:  Susan Laine

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 324 pages


Being over thirty is not an issue for Corey Paige. Being frigid and a virgin, however, is a huge problem for the only son of a newspaper magnate. No matter the risk, Corey’s intent...Read More »

Book Review: Thirty Things by Cate Ashwood

Thirty Things

Reviewed by Dennis


TITLE:  Thirty Things

AUTHOR:  Cate Ashwood

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 209 pages


All their lives, Finn and Nate have been inseparable, sharing everything, and when a childhood accident left Finn broken, Nate stood by his side as all his other friends left. After all their years together, there’s one...Read More »

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