Book Review: Releasing Chaos (Sumeria's Sons #6) by Lexi Ander


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Releasing Chaos

SERIES:  Sumeria’s Sons #6

AUTHOR:  Lexi Ander

PUBLISHER:  Less Than Three Press

LENGTH:  383 pages

RELEASE DATE:  August 2, 2017


Everything Tristan, Ushna, and Brian have fought for comes down to the moment they face...Read More »

New Release Review: Open Net (Cayuga Cougars #2) by V.L. Locey


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Open Net

SERIES:  Cayuga Cougars #2

AUTHOR:  V.L. Locey

PUBLISHER:  Self-Published

LENGTH:  219 pages

RELEASE DATE:  August 16, 2017


August Miles has the world on a string professionally.

Augie, as his friends and teammates call the unassuming young goaltender,...Read More »

Release Day Duo Review: Tops Down Bottoms Up by Jay Northcote


Reviewed by Chris & Kat


TITLE:  Tops Down Bottoms Up 

AUTHOR:  Jay Northcote 

PUBLISHER:  Jaybird Press

LENGTH:  23,000 words

RELEASE DATE:  August 16, 2017


Will Rowan’s festival fling with sexy dancer Seth lead to something more permanent? 

Rowan is stuck at a folk festival helping...Read More »

Book Review: The Bones of Our Fathers by Elin Gregory


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  The Bones of Our Fathers

AUTHOR:  Elin Gregory

PUBLISHER:  Manifold Press

LENGTH:  215 pages

RELEASE DATE:  August 1, 2017


Malcolm Bright, brand new museum curator in a small Welsh Border town, is a little lonely until – acting as...Read More »

Release Day Review: The Long and Winding Road (Bear, Otter, and the Kid #4) by T.J. Klune


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  The Long and Winding Road

SERIES:  Bear, Otter, and the Kid #4

AUTHOR:  T.J. Klune 

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:  346 pages

RELEASE DATE:  August 11, 2017


Family is not always defined by blood. It’s defined by those who...Read More »

Book Review: Seven Summer Nights by Harper Fox


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Seven Summer Nights

AUTHOR:  Harper Fox


LENGTH:  388 pages

RELEASE DATE:  November 30, 2016


It’s 1946, and the dust of World War Two has just begun to settle. When famous archaeologist Rufus Denby returns to London, his...Read More »

New Release Review: As Big as the Sky by Amy Aislin


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  As Big as the Sky

AUTHOR:  Amy Aislin 


LENGTH:  140 pages

RELEASE DATE:  August 4, 2017


Sam wants nothing to do with his irresponsible, sarcastic neighbor…or does he?

Sam McAuley is having a rough start to the...Read More »

Release Day Review: Spectred Isle (Green Men #1) by K.J. Charles


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Spectred Isle

SERIES:  Green Men #1

AUTHOR:  K.J. Charles


LENGTH:  243 pages

RELEASE DATE:  August 3, 2017


Archaeologist Saul Lazenby has been all but unemployable since his disgrace during the War. Now...Read More »

Book Review: Abroad: Book One (Abroad #1) by Liz Jacobs


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Abroad: Book One

SERIES:  Abroad #1

AUTHOR:  Liz Jacobs 

PUBLISHER:  Brain Mill Press

LENGTH:  372 pages

RELEASE DATE:  June 27, 2017


Nick Melnikov doesn’t know where he belongs. He was just a kid when his Russian-Jewish family immigrated...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Peepshow (London Lads #4) by Clare London


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Peepshow 

SERIES:  London Lads #4

AUTHOR:  Clare London

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:  63 pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 26, 2017


A London Lads Story

Ever wanted to spy secretly on other people’s lives?

Ken doesn’t have a choice: his student summer...Read More »

Book Review: Patron by C.B. Lewis


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Patron

AUTHOR:  C.B. Lewis

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:  78 pages

RELEASE DATE:  June 21, 2017


Theodore Wentworth, who possesses little more than a sharp and well-educated mind, is trying to solicit a sponsor for his studies of Greek antiquity...Read More »

Recent Release Review: House of Cards (Porthkennack #4) by Garrett Leigh


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  House of Cards 

SERIES:  Porthkennack #4

AUTHOR:  Garrett Leigh

PUBLISHER:  Riptide Publishing

LENGTH:  249 pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 17, 2017


Calum Hardy’s life has unravelled. Reeling from the betrayal of a man he once loved, he boards...Read More »

Recent Release Review: All Wheel Drive (Bluewater Bay #18) by Z.A. Maxfield


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  All Wheel Drive

SERIES:  Bluewater Bay #18

AUTHOR:  Z.A. Maxfield

PUBLISHER:  Riptide Publishing

LENGTH:  326 pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 10, 2017


Healey Holly is battered, depressed, and looking to go to ground in his childhood home. He wants...Read More »

Release Day Review: The Sumage Solution (San Andreas Shifters #1) by G.L. Carriger


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  The Sumage Solution

SERIES:  San Andreas Shifters #1

AUTHOR:  G.L. Carriger

PUBLISHER:  Self-Published

LENGTH:  314 pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 18th, 2017


Can a gentle werewolf heal the heart of a smart-mouthed mage?

NYT bestseller Gail Carriger, writing as G....Read More »

Recent Release Review: Misdemeanor (Responsible Adult #1) by C.F. White


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Misdemeanor 

SERIES:  Responsible Adult #1

AUTHOR:  C.F. White

PUBLISHER:  Pride Publishing

LENGTH:  298 pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 4, 2017


Love isn’t responsible

After his mother tragically dies and his deadbeat father goes off the rails, nineteen-year-old Micky is left...Read More »

Book Review: Chief's Mess (Anchor Point #3) by L.A. Witt


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Chief’s Mess

SERIES:  Anchor Point #3

AUTHOR:  L.A. Witt

PUBLISHER:  Riptide Publishing

LENGTH:  291 pages

RELEASE DATE:  June 19, 2017


Anthony Talbot is in Anchor Point to visit family, but after two days of strife, he needs a...Read More »

Book Review: Broke Deep (Porthkennack #3) by Charlie Cochrane


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Broke Deep 

SERIES:  Porthkennack #3

AUTHOR:  Charlie Cochrane

PUBLISHER:  Riptide Publishing

LENGTH:  249 pages

RELEASE DATE:  June 5, 2017


Morgan Capell’s life is falling apart by small degrees—his father’s dead, his boyfriend dumped him, and his mother’s...Read More »

Release Day Review: Spun! (The Shamwell Tales #4) by J.L. Merrow


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Spun!

SERIES:  The Shamwell Tales #4

AUTHOR:  J.L. Merrow

PUBLISHER:  Riptide Publishing

LENGTH:  316 pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 3, 2017


With friends like these . . .

An ill-advised encounter at the office party leaves David Greenlake...Read More »

Release Day Review: A Destiny of Dragons (Tales From Verania #2) by T.J. Klune


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  A Destiny of Dragons

SERIES:  Tales From Verania #2

AUTHOR:  T.J. Klune

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:  400 pages

RELEASE DATE:  June 30, 2017


Once upon a time, the wizard’s apprentice Sam of Wilds got his happily ever after...Read More »

Release Day Review: Coach's Challenge (Scoring Chances #5) by Avon Gale


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Coach’s Challenge

SERIES:  Scoring Chances #5

AUTHOR:  Avon Gale

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:  200 pages

RELEASE DATE:  June 26, 2017


It’s been decades since blackmail forced Troy Callahan to retire from playing professional hockey, and he’s built...Read More »

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