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Review Tour incl Series Review & Giveaway: Moore Romance #1 - #2.5 by Alex Miska

Reviewed by Donna


SERIES REVIEW: Moore Romance #1 – #2.5

AUTHOR: Alex Miska

PUBLISHER: Longtail Books


BOOK #1 TITLE:...Read More »

Recent Release Review: The Chains of Their Sins (Taking Shield - Book 4) by Anna Butler

The Chains of Their Sins (Taking Shield #4)

Reviewed by Dan


TITLE: The Chains of Their Sins

SERIES: Taking Shield – Book Four

AUTHOR: Anna Butler

PUBLISHER: Glass Hat Press

LENGTH: 283 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  February 13, 2017


Shield Captain Bennet arrives on the Gyrfalcon to take up his final year’s posting before returning to the Shield Regiment after his rotation out.

On Gyrfalcon...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Taming Teddy by Lucy Lennox (Author) & Michael (Narrator)

Reviewed by Christie

TITLE: Taming Teddy

SERIES: Made Marian #2

AUTHOR: Lucy Lennox

NARRATOR: Michael Pauley

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 6 hours and 57 minutes

RELEASE DATE: January 12, 2017


Teddy: If there’s one thing I don’t do, it’s commitment. You...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Borrowing Blue by Lucy Lennox (Author) & Michael Pauley (Narrator)

Reviewed by Christie


TITLE: Borrowing Blue

SERIES: Made Marian, Book 1

AUTHOR: Lucy Lennox

NARRATOR: Michael Pauley

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 8h 55m

RELEASE DATE: January 10, 2017


Blue: When my ex walks into the resort bar with his new husband on his arm, I want nothing more than to prove to him that I’ve...Read More »

New Release Review: Yes, Professor by Renae Kaye

Yes, Professor

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Yes, Professor

AUTHOR: Renae Kaye

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 121 Pages

RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2017


Twenty-two-year-old Avery Stewart has a crush on his neighbour. Always attracted to older men, Avery is tantalised by Mr Redding’s professorial looks and obvious obsession with perfection.

When he finally gets the courage to speak...Read More »

Book Review: Insurrection (The Interscission Project - Book Three) by Arshad Ahsanuddin

Insurrection (The Interscission Project, #3)

Reviewed by Dan


TITLE:  Insurrection

SERIES:  The Interscission Project # 3

AUTHOR:  Arshad Ahsanuddin

PUBLISHER: Self-Published

LENGTH:  306 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 30, 2016


One man will destroy the past to save the present.

The price is too high.

But it may already be too late to stop him.

Life settles into a routine for the inhabitants of Chiron...Read More »

Book Review: Aftermath (Aftermath #1) by Cara Dee

Aftermath (Aftermath, #1)

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Aftermath

SERIES: Aftermath #1

AUTHOR: Cara Dee

PUBLISHER: Self Published

Review by: Alexander

TITLE: Razor Wire

AUTHOR:  Lauren Gallagher

NARRATOR: Jill Smith

PUBLISHER:  Riptide Publishing

LENGTH: 5 hours, 26 minutes

RELEASE DATE: January 3, 2017


Two women. One terrible crime. Zero allies.


After being raped by a superior officer, MA3 Kim Lockhoff wants to leave the whole thing in the past. A cop herself, she...Read More »

Release Day Review: Married for a Month by Cate Ashwood


Reviewed by Cinnamon



TITLE: Married for a Month

AUTHOR: Cate Ashwood

PUBLISHER: Self published

LENGTH: 170 pages

RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2017


Best friends since high school, Chase Bradley and Alec Montero are opposites in almost every way. The one thing they can agree on, though, is that marriage is for suckers. Everything is...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Empty Net (Scoring Chances #4) by Avon Gale (Author) & Scott R. Smith (Narrator)


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Empty Net

SERIES:  Scoring Chances #4

AUTHOR:  Avon Gale

NARRATOR:  Scott R. Smith

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:  6 hrs 38 mins

RELEASE DATE:  January 10, 2017


Spartanburg Spitfires’ goalie and captain Isaac Drake ended last season with...Read More »

Book Review: The Spires of Turris (London Wells #1) by Christine Danse


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  The Spires of Turris

SERIES:  London Wells #1

AUTHOR:  Christine Danse

PUBLISHER:  NineStar Press

LENGTH:  285 pages

RELEASE DATE:  January 2, 2017


Dr. London Wells, linguist and adventurer, has the unique ability to understand any language in the...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Whiteout (Seasons of Love #1) by Elyse Springer

Whiteout (Seasons of Love, #1)

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Whiteout

SERIES: Seasons of Love #1

AUTHOR: Elyse Springer

PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing

Reviewed by Dan


TITLE: Shades of Night

SERIES: Sparrow Falls Book 1

AUTHOR: Justine Sebastian          

PUBLISHER:    Self-Published

LENGTH:     340 Pages

RELEASE DATE:   January 18, 2016


In Sparrow Falls, Louisiana, something strange is always going on.

Nick Lange left his hometown behind twelve years ago, dreams of making it big somewhere else looming bright...Read More »

Release Day Review: Thick & Thin (THIRDS, Book 8) By Charlie Cochet

Thick & Thin Book Cover

Reviewed by Roberta

TITLE: Thick & Thin


AUTHOR: Charlie Cochet

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 95 Pages


Sequel to Smoke & Mirrors

THIRDS: Book Eight

In a matter of days, Dex has been kidnapped, tortured, killed, revived, become half Therian, offered the chance to become a spy, and accepted a proposal to marry...Read More »

Book Review: Boystown Season Six by Jake Biondi

BOYSTOWN Season Six by [Biondi, Jake]

Reviewed by Kimberley

TITLE: Boystown Season Six

SERIES: Boystown

AUTHOR: Jake Biondi

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 554 pages

RELEASE DATE: December 19, 2016


“The gun fired in one direction and then in another direction soon after, causing quick flashes of light and sound. Blood splattered in every direction. From the pier, three bodies...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Grounding Griffin (Made Marian #4) by Lucy Lennox


REVIEW by Danielle

TITLE: Grounding Griffin

SERIES: Made Marian #4

AUTHOR: Lucy Lennox

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 264 Pages

RELEASE DATE: January 21st, 2017 


Griff: I learned early on that the easiest way to avoid a broken heart is to always be the first out the door. Caring about anyone or anything is asking...Read More »

Release Day Review: Destination Wedding! (A Brandt & Donnelly Caper: Case File Six) By: Xavier Mayne

Destination Wedding! Book Cover

Reviewed by Roberta

TITLE: Destination Wedding!

SERIES: A Brandt & Donnelly Caper, Case File Six

AUTHOR: Xavier Mayne

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 400 Pages

Release Date: January 30, 2017


A Brandt and Donnelly Caper: Case File Six

State troopers Ethan Brandt and Gabriel Donnelly are finally going to get their storybook wedding—sailing on an ocean liner...Read More »

Duo Book Review: Jumping Jude (Made Marian) by Lucy Lennox

Duo Review by Kimberley & Christie

TITLE: Jumping Jude

SERIES: Made Marian

AUTHOR: Lucy Lennox

PUBLISHER: Self Publishing

LENGTH: 257 pages

RELEASE DATE: December 22, 2016


Jude: Reaching the top of the country music charts brings out the crazy, and there’s no one crazier than my ex. Unfortunately, his threats to out me are...Read More »

Release Day Review: Spell Fall (The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge #4) by Jacob Z. Flores


Reviewed by Marieke


TITLE: Spell Fall

SERIES: The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge #4

AUTHOR: Jacob Z. Flores

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 200 pages

RELEASE DATE: January 27, 2017


Love and trust made them soul mates, but destiny might have other plans.

Ever since Drake Carpenter fell in love with warlock Mason Blackmoor, his life has been...Read More »

Duo Book Review: Taming Teddy (Made Marian #2) by Lucy Lennox


Reviewed by Kimberley

TITLE: Taming Teddy

SERIES: Made Marian #2

AUTHOR: Lucy Lennox

PUBLISHER: Self Publishing

LENGTH: 238 pages

RELEASE DATE: December 11, 2016


Teddy: If there’s one thing I don’t do, it’s commitment. You don’t become an award-winning photographer by staying in one place. I’m always on the road, looking for the...Read More »

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