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Audio Book Review: Tart and Sweet (Candy Man #4) by Amy Lane (author) & Philip Alces (Narrator)

Tart and Sweet (Candy Man) Audiobook

Reviewed by Tori (Vicki)


TITLE: Tart and Sweet 

SERIES: Candy Man #4

AUTHOR: Amy Lane

NARRATOR: Philip Alces

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 7 hours, 47 minutes

RELEASE DATE: August 1st, 2017


In the Army, Robbie Chambers turned on his lover out of fear—and he hasn’t been able to live with himself since. Now he’s out of the Army but still trapped in...Read More »

Book Review: When Heaven Strikes by F.E. Feeley Jr.

When Heaven Strikes

Reviewed by Dan


TITLE: When Heaven Strikes

AUTHOR: F.E. Feeley, Jr.

PUBLISHER: Self-Published

LENGTH: 300 Pages

RELEASE DATE: July 20, 2017


Can love survive heaven’s wrath?

Artist Ted Armstrong lives a solitary and eccentric life. The survivor of child abuse disguised as religion, Ted has cut himself off from the world.

Then Ted meets Anderson Taylor,...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Cronin’s Key (Cronin’s Key #1) by N.R. Walker (Author) & Joel Leslie (Narrator)

Cronin's Key (Cronin's Key, #1)

Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: Cronin’s Key

SERIES: Cronin’s Key #1

AUTHOR: N.R. Walker

NARRATOR: Joel Leslie

PUBLISHER: Tantor Audio

LENGTH: 10 hours, 52 minutes

RELEASE DATE: May 23, 2017


NYPD Detective Alec MacAidan has always been good with weird. After all, his life has been a string of the unexplainable. But when an injured man gives...Read More »

Book Review: Guitars and Cages (Guitars #1) by Layla Dorine

Guitars and Cages (Guitars, #1)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Guitars and Cages

SERIES: Guitars #1

AUTHOR: Layla Dorine

PUBLISHER: Encompass Ink


RELEASE DATE: May 25, 2017


Asher Logan is a bartender and a pretty wicked guitar player, when he isn’t wrecking his hands fighting in a cage. With a past he keeps hoping to outrun, Asher’s been on...Read More »

Release Day Review: The Long and Winding Road (Bear, Otter, and the Kid #4) by T.J. Klune


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  The Long and Winding Road

SERIES:  Bear, Otter, and the Kid #4

AUTHOR:  T.J. Klune 

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:  346 pages

RELEASE DATE:  August 11, 2017


Family is not always defined by blood. It’s defined by those who...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Romancing the Ugly Duckling (Dreamspun Desires) by Clare London (Author) & Joel Leslie (Narrator)

Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: Romancing the Ugly Duckling

SERIES: Dreamspun Desires #36

AUTHOR: Clare London

NARRATOR: Joel Leslie

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 7 hours, 15 minutes

RELEASE DATE: June 19, 2017


Romancing the…

Is this the makeover of a lifetime?

Ambitious fashionista Perry Goodwood lands the project of his dreams – track down a celebrity family’s missing brother...Read More »

New Release Review: Textual Relations by Cate Ashwood


Reviewed by Kat

TITLE: Textual Relations

AUTHOR: Cate Ashwood

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 122 Pages

RELEASE DATE: August 6, 2017


Evolutionary psychology professor Henry Hathaway is ready to spend his birthday the same way he does every year: a good teeth cleaning followed by lunch with his brother. But when he receives a wrong-number...Read More »

Recent Release Review: The Escape: Soren's Saga (No Regrets #3) by Nicky James

The Escape: Soren's Saga (No Regrets, #3)

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: The Escape: Soren’s Saga

SERIES: No Regrets #3

AUTHOR: Nicky James

PUBLISHER: Self...Read More »

Audio Book Review: The Imperfection of Swans by Brandon Witt (Author) and Krit Graves (Narrator)


Reviewed by Louisa


TITLE: The Imperfection of Swans

AUTHOR: Brandon Witt

NARRATOR: Kirt Graves

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 10h 16m

RELEASE DATE:  March 14 2017


Kevin Bivanti’s dream is to open a wedding dress shop, a place with the stunning gowns to make every bride-to-be feel adored. At thirty-eight, he quits a successful advertising career...Read More »

Book Review: The Billionaire's Boyfriend by Geoffrey Knight

The Billionaire's Boyfriend by [Knight, Geoffrey]

Reviewed by Kat


TITLE: The Billionaire’s Boyfriend

AUTHOR: Geoffrey Knight

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 109 pages

RELEASE DATE: July 5, 2017



Matthew Darcy is a romance writer in a rut. He’s been stuck on Chapter One of his new book for as long as he can remember, and so has his love life. But...Read More »

Release Day Review: Cutie and the Beast (Fae out of Water #1) by E.J. Russell

Cutie and the Beast (Fae Out of Water Book 1) by [Russell, E.J.]

Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: Cutie and the Beast

SERIES: Fae out of Water #1

AUTHOR: E.J. Russell

PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing

LENGTH: 303 pages

RELEASE DATE: July 24, 2017


Temp worker David Evans has been dreaming of Dr. Alun Kendrick ever since that one transcription job for him, because holy cats, that voice. Swoon. So when...Read More »

Book Review: Stuff (The Bristol Collection #2) by Josephine Myles

Stuff (The Bristol Collection Book 2)

Reviewed by Becca


TITLE: Stuff

SERIES: The Bristol Collection #2

AUTHOR: Josephine Myles

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 374 Pages

RELEASE DATE: June 8, 2017


Tobias “Mas” Maslin doesn’t need much. A place of his own, weekends of clubbing, a rich...Read More »

Book Review: Junk (The Bristol Collection #1) by Josephine Myles

Junk (The Bristol Collection, #1)

Reviewed by Becca



SERIES: The Bristol Collection #1

AUTHOR: Josephine Myles

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 351 Pages

RELEASE DATE: May 25, 2017


Letting go is the first step to healing…or bringing it all crashing down.Read More »

Audio Book Review: The V Unit by Max Vos (author) and Greg Boudreaux (narrator)


Reviewed by Louisa

AUTHOR: Max Vos 

NARRATOR: Greg Boudreaux


LENGTH: 8 Hours and 5 minutes

RELEASE DATE: May 4, 2017


Only a select few in the human world knew of the existence of The V-Unit, a small group of highly trained Marines – who happened to be vampires. And it...Read More »

Duo Release Day Review: Chasing Destiny (Silver Tip Pack #2) by Megan Erickson

Chasing Destiny (Silver Tip Pack, #2)

REVIEWED by Caroline and Jen B.

TITLE: Chasing Destiny

SERIES: Silver Tip Pack #2

AUTHOR: Megan Erickson

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 224 Pages

RELEASE DATE: July 21, 2017

BLURB:  Some live on memories…

Almost dying during a pack uprising has a way of shaking things up. I’m no longer Mr. Laid Back now that...Read More »

Review: Sons of Earth (Sons of Outlaws Book 1) by James Cox

Sons of ouitlaw book cover

Reviewed by Roberta

TITLE: Sons of Earth     

SERIES: Sons of Outlaws Book 1

AUTHOR: James Cox

PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing

LENGTH: 83 pages

Release Date: October 18, 2016


Twenty years after the Outlaw MC series, their children may not know the cost of war but they will know terror when Mars starts to reject humanity.

President...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Delivering Dante (Made Marian #6) by Lucy Lennox (Author) & Michael Pauley (Narrator)



TITLE: Delivering Dante

SERIES: Made Marian, Book 6

AUTHOR: Lucy Lennox

NARRATOR: Michael Pauley

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 8h 7m

RELEASE DATE: June 7, 2017


AJ: I know Dante’s story better than anyone. After all, I was the one who rescued him from his homophobic, abusive father eight years ago. Since then, I’ve...Read More »

Audio Book Review: When all the World Sleeps by Lisa Henry & JA Rock (Authors) and Greg Tremblay (Narrator)


Reviewed by Marte


TITLE: When all the World Sleeps

AUTHOR: Lisa Henry & JA Rock.

NARRATOR: Greg Tremblay

PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing

LENGTH: 12 hours and 11 minutes

REALEASE DATE: January 12, 2017


Daniel Whitlock is terrified of going to sleep. And rightly so: he sleepwalks, with no awareness or memory of his actions. Including burning...Read More »

Short Story Review: El Presidio Rides North by Domashita Romero

El Presidio Rides North by [Romero, Domashita]

Reviewed by Marte



TITLE: El Presidio Rides North

AUTHOR: Domashita Romero

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press

LENGTH: 53 pages

RELEASE DATE: January 18, 2017


On the verge of death by zombie in a public restroom, a young man is saved at the last minute by a shovel—and the intriguing man who wields it. A...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Retribution (The Protectors #3) by Sloan Kennedy (Author) & Joel Leslie (Narrator)

Review by: Alexander


TITLE: Retribution: The Protectors, Book 3

SERIES:  The Protectors book 3

AUTHOR:  Sloane Kennedy

NARRATOR: Joel Leslie

PUBLISHER:  Sloane Kennedy

LENGTH: 8 hours, 3 minutes

RELEASE DATE: June 15, 2017


“You’re a hero every f–king day, Tate,” I said softly. “Don’t ever forget that.” (Hawke)


Ex-Special Forces soldier Michael “Hawke” Hawkins has...Read More »

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