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Book Review: Code Silver (The Sierra View Series #1) by Max Walker


Reviewed by Kat


TITLE: Code Silver

SERIES: The Sierra View Series (book #1)

AUTHOR: Max Walker

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 303 pages

RELEASE DATE: February 8, 2017


Dean Harper is the type of doctor anyone would want to bump into in an elevator. He’s devilishly handsome, deeply caring, and has a pair of sapphire blue...Read More »

Book Review: Hacked Up by Ethan Stone


Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: Hacked Up

AUTHOR: Ethan Stone

PUBLISHER: Stone Publishing

LENGTH: 264 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  February 6, 2017


Seattle is being plagued by a string of gruesome murders. For Detective Peter Tao, it’s a career-making case, but he’s struggling to...Read More »

Book Review: Role Play (Play #1) by Morticia Knight



TITLE: Role Play

SERIES: Play #1

AUTHOR: Morticia Knight

PUBLISHER: Knight Ever After Publishing

LENGTH: 94 Pages

RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2016


Some like it rough…

Hollywood photographer, Terry Patterson, loves his job. But when it comes to romance, there is none – at least not anymore. Ever since producer, Phil Watts, abruptly...Read More »

Recent Release Duo Review: Then & Forever (Guns & Hoses #4) by Brenda Cothern

Then & Forever (A Guns & Hoses Novel)

Reviewed by Caroline & Dan


TITLE: Then & Forever

SERIES:  Guns & Hoses #4

AUTHOR: Brenda Cothern

PUBLISHER: Wench Publishing, Inc.

LENGTH: 210 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  March 17, 2017


Officer Jake Silverstone was content to be alone and only hooking up to satisfy his needs. He’d already had the love of his life and after he...Read More »

Book Review: Broken Trust by Gale Stanley


REVIEWED by Caroline



TITLE: Broken Trust

AUTHOR: Gale Stanley

PUBLISHER: Changeling Press LLC

LENGTH: 54 Pages

RELEASE DATE: March 3, 2017


Dan and Brad take a trip to New Orleans, hoping to rekindle the romance in their committed relationship, but Dan is captivated by Paul when he lands in front of the sexy bartender.

Paul...Read More »

Release Day Review: From Top to Bottom by Kevin Klehr

From Top to Bottom


TITLE:  From Top to Bottom

AUTHOR:  Kevin Klehr

PUBLISHER:  NineStar Press

LENGTH:   56 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  March 20, 2017


Can a dedicated top really learn to bottom? Tony wants to find out but he’s scared another die-hard top will just plow...Read More »

Book Review: The Rescuer by Eric Huffbind

The Rescuer by [Huffbind, Eric]

Reviewed by Cinnamon


TITLE: The Rescuer

AUTHOR: Eric Huffbind

PUBLISHER: self published

LENGTH: 218 pages

RELEASE DATE:  February 16, 2017


Always desperate to find love, and more importantly, find Mr. Right. Emotionally exhausted from kissing one frog after another, only to not find Prince Charming on the other side of the kiss. He loves...Read More »

Release Day Review: Two Weeks to Life (Fated Soulmates #4) by John Charles


Reviewed by Cinnamon


TITLE: Two Weeks to Life

SERIES: Fated Soulmates book 4

AUTHOR: John Charles

PUBLISHER: self published

LENGTH: 127 pages

RELEASE DATE: March, 15 2017


After thirty years on the force, Detective Carl Bellwin thought he’d seen it all.  He had developed a protective shield around himself, keeping the rape, murder, drugs, and...Read More »

Book Review: Down By Contact (Wilmington Breakers #1) by Sloan Johnson

Down By Contact (Wilmington Breakers, #1)

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Down By Contact

SERIES: Wilmington Breakers #1

AUTHOR: Sloan Johnson

PUBLISHER: Self Published

Read More »

Audio Book Review: Sweet Spot (Raw Talent #2) by Lucy Felthouse (Author) & Xanthia Bloom (Narrator)


Reviewed by PizzyGirl


TITLE: Sweet Spot

SERIES: Raw Talent #2

AUTHOR: Lucy Felthouse

NARRATOR: Xanthia Bloom

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 2 hours, 8 minutes

RELEASE DATE:  February 8, 2017


Virginia Miller is an up-and-coming tennis star. She’s gone...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Three Hearts by Grace R. Duncan


TITLE: Three Hearts

AUTHOR: Grace R. Duncan

PUBLISHER: Self-published

LENGTH: 214 Pages

RELEASE DATE: March 3, 2017


Liam Scott is sick. That’s not supposed to be possible. As a wolf shifter, he’s supposed to be able to heal. The omega gene he was born with means he’s capable of carrying shifter...Read More »

Short Story Review: Joshua (Faeted #1) by Caitlin Ricci



TITLE: Joshua

SERIES: Faeted, Book 1

AUTHOR: Caitlin Ricci

PUBLISHER: Pride Publishing

LENGTH: 40 Pages

RELEASE DATE: January 24, 2017


Book one in the Faeted series There’s only one place to go for a guaranteed happily ever after… Joshua, a dragon shifter, hates having to go to the Faeted Matchmaking Agency, but...Read More »

Release Day Review: Just the Right Notes by Sean Michael


Reviewed by Cinnamon


TITLE: Just the Right Notes

AUTHOR: Sean Michael

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 200 pages

RELEASE DATE: March 6, 2017 (second edition)


Elliot is an up-and-coming architect who just opened his own firm—which is a lot more work and pressure than he expected. His partner, Graham, is a respected composer and conductor....Read More »

Book Review: Trust Me by J.P. Bowie

Trust Me



TITLE: Trust Me

AUTHOR:  J.P. Bowie


LENGTH:   170 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  January 19, 2017


Scott Riley is living with a terrible secret — one he dares not share with his family or friends. Who can he turn to… who...Read More »

Recent Release Review: After the Romance Novel (Before...and After #1) by Susan Laine


Reviewed by Cinnamon


TITLE: After the Romance Novel

SERIES: Before… and After Book 1

AUTHOR: Susan Laine

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 63 pages

RELEASE DATE: February 22, 2017


Romance novels always end with a happy ever after. Right?

Evan and Adam are best friends, but they don’t know everything about each other. For one thing, Adam...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Behind Bars (Pandemonium #2) by Meredith Katz


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Behind Bars 

SERIES:  Pandemonium #2

AUTHOR:  Meredith Katz

PUBLISHER:  Less Than Three Press

LENGTH:  129 pages

RELEASE DATE:  February 15, 2017


The city of Dolana has kept itself free from demonic rule the hard way: by interrogating...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Toys for Boys by K D Grace


Reviewed by Kat


TITLE: Toys for Boys


PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 50 pages

RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2017


Alpha nerd Will Charles teams up with Caridoc ‘Doc’ Jones in a coast to coast walk across England reviewing outdoor gift suggestions for the Christmas edition of Toys for Boys—an online magazine...Read More »

Book Review: The Alpha's Revenge by Shane Keleher

The Alpha's Revenge

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: The Alpha’s Revenge
AUTHOR: Shane Keleher
LENGTH: 181 Pages
RELEASE DATE: September 8, 2016
Justin Crane thinks he’s met the man of his dreams in Parker. Not only is the man smolderingly sexy and mysterious, but he’s also gentle and caring,...Read More »

Release Day Review: Jerricho's Freedom by Jake C. Wallace

Jerricho's Freedom

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Jerricho’s Freedom

AUTHOR: Jake C. Wallace

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Kat


TITLE: Three Shots

AUTHOR: Brigham Vaughn

PUBLISHER: Two Peninsulas Press

LENGTH: 94 pages

RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2017


Reeve Jenkins is an amateur musician playing in a dive bar. Grant McGuire is a man drowning his sorrows in beer after a painful breakup. When Reeve charms a reluctant Grant into coming...Read More »

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