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Release Day Review: Golden by Sean Michael

Golden by [Michael, Sean]

Reviewed by Cinnamon



TITLE: Golden

AUTHOR: Sean Michael

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 187 pages

RELEASE DATE:  May 24, 2017 (second edition)


After winning Olympic gold four years ago, Justin retired from swimming, and he’s been floundering ever since. The Fourth of July finds him contemplating doing something stupid, so Justin calls up his former...Read More »

Release Day Review: Surrender the Dark by Tibby Armstrong


REVIEWED by Caroline



TITLE: Surrender the Dark

AUTHOR: Tibby Armstrong

PUBLISHER: Loveswept

LENGTH: 251 Pages

RELEASE DATE: May 23, 2017


As a provocative series of paranormal temptation begins, a vampire king seduces the supernaturally gifted man hunting him. But when the stakes are literally life or death, their struggle for control is no game.

Benjamin...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Wolfmanny by Julia Talbot (Author) & Joseph Morgan (Narrator)


Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: Wolfmanny

AUTHOR: Julia Talbot

NARRATOR: Joseph Morgan

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 7 hours, 35 minutes

RELEASE DATE: April 3, 2017


Three hot werewolves, sexual tension thick enough to cut with a knife, an impending Colorado winter, and...Read More »

Release Day Review: And it Came to Pass by Laura Stone

And It Came to Pass

Reviewed by Dan


TITLE: And It Came to Pass

AUTHOR: Laura Stone

PUBLISHER: Interlude Press

LENGTH: 220 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  May 18, 2017


Adam Young is a devout Mormon whose life is all planned out for him, by both his strict father and his church. He follows the path they’ve established for him, going...Read More »

Flashback Friday Book Review: Gone Surfin' (Cattle Valley #9) by Carol Lynne


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE: Gone Surfin’

SERIES: Cattle Valley #9

AUTHOR: Carol Lynne

PUBLISHER: Pride Publishing

LENGTH: 136 pages

RELEASE DATE: January 19, 2009


Since the age of six, Kai Hachiya’s entire life has been centred on surfing. Now, at the age of twenty-six, he’s begun to drop in the rankings. Memories of a small-town...Read More »

Book Review: Happy Merry Christmas by Amy Tasukada


Reviewed by Becca

TITLE: Happy Merry Christmas

AUTHOR: Amy Tasukada


LENGTH: 90 pages

RELEASE DATE:  December 17, 2016


Aoi can’t wait for his first Christmas Eve with Sato. The erotic voice actor wants nothing more than to share...Read More »

Book Review: Pete and the Werewolf by Cassandra Pierce


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE: Pete and the Werewolf

AUTHOR: Cassandra Pierce

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press

LENGTH: 59 pages

RELEASE DATE: April 19, 2017


Finding himself at loose ends in life, Pete Maddock returns to the seaside town of Hope Harbor to look after his ailing grandfather, Elliot. He finds work at the Riptide...Read More »

Recent Release Review: I Do, or Dye Trying (Curl Up and dye mysteries #4) by Aimee Nicole Walker


Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: I Do, or Dye Trying

SERIES: Curl Up and Dye Mysteries #4

AUTHOR: Aimee Nicole Walker

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 242 pages

RELEASE DATE: May 3, 2017


Newly engaged Josh Roman and Gabe Wyatt know...Read More »

Book Review: Distant Swimmer by Jacob Cheyenne

Distant Swimmer

Reviewed by Dan


TITLE: Distant Swimmer

AUTHOR: Jacob Cheyenne


LENGTH: 121 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  January 21, 2017


Shy and scholarly, long-distance swimmer Ryan Zwick thinks he’s the only gay member of the college swim team. He keeps his head down in the showers, and his head in the books the...Read More »

Book Review: Cocky by Sean Ashcroft


Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Cocky

AUTHOR: Sean Ashcroft

PUBLISHER: Self Published


Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Falling For Him

AUTHOR: C.L. Mustafic

PUBLISHER: NineStar Press

REVIEWED by Caroline



TITLE: Shape of My Heart

AUTHOR: Kol Anderson

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 25 Pages

RELEASE DATE: April 16, 2017


Dan meets Brody while he’s on the prowl for a sacrifice. But the meeting proves to be more meaningful than either of them were hoping for. Will Brody take the place of...Read More »

Book Review: Conflict Management by Rachel White


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE: Conflict Management

AUTHOR: Rachel White

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press

LENGTH: 283 pages

RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2017


Morgan works as an administrative assistant at Three Trees, a company that produces recycled paper towels. The only aggravating part of his day is Lawrence, his boss—and a persistent suitor who won’t...Read More »

Series Review: The Kennel Klub Series Books 1-2 by Sean Michael


Reviewed by Sarina

This is a Series Review of The Kennel Klub Series (Books 1 – 2)



AUTHOR: Sean Michael

PUBLISHER: Self Published


I thought there was a lot of potential in this series and really enjoyed these first two books. While I’ll always be a fan of both...Read More »

Book Review: The Glass Slipper by Alex Morgan


Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: The Glass Slipper

AUTHOR: Alex Morgan


LENGTH: 64 pages

RELEASE DATE: March 18, 2017


Cillian is trapped in his small village by his step-uncle, who has usurped Cillian’s inheritance and squandered it on his own...Read More »

Book Review: Storm Season (Accidental Roots #1) by Elle Keaton

Reviewed by Vicki (Tori)


TITLE: Storm Season 

SERIES: Accidental Roots #1

AUTHOR: Elle Keaton

PUBLISHER: Dirty Dog Press

LENGTH: 308 pages

RELEASE DATE: March 10th, 2017


They say you can’t go home again, Adam Klay doesn’t intend to until the death of his father, a famous artist, forces his return to Skagit, Washington. Cleaning up his father’s chaotic life was...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Snap Shot (Cayuga Cougars #1) by V.L. Locey


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Snap Shot

SERIES:  Cayuga Cougars #1

AUTHOR:  V.L. Locey

PUBLISHER:  Self-Published

LENGTH:  125 pages

RELEASE DATE:  April 6, 2017


Mario McGarrity has been around the block – and rink – more than a few times.

He’s...Read More »

Book Review: Sunshine, Sex and Sunflowers by Carol Lynne


Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: Sunshine, Sex and Sunflowers

AUTHOR: Carol Lynne

PUBLISHER: Pride Publishing

LENGTH: 91 pages

RELEASE DATE: April 11, 2017


Will Jacko find love among the sunflowers?

After losing his family’s station in Australia to the bank, Jacko Hennesy...Read More »

New Release Review: For A Good Time, Call... (Bluewater Bay #17) by Anne Tenino and E.J. Russell


Reviewed by Vicki (Tori)


TITLE: For A Good Time, Call… 

SERIES: Bluewater Bay #17

AUTHOR: Anne Tenino and E.J. Russell

PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing

LENGTH: 358 pages

RELEASE DATE: April 10th, 2017


Thirty-seven-year-old Nate Albano’s second relationship ever ended three years ago, and since he’s grace—gray asexual—he doesn’t anticipate beating the odds to find a third. Still, he’s got his dog,...Read More »

Flashback Friday Book Review: Finding Release (Wild R Farm#1) by Silvia Violet


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE: Finding Release

SERIES: Wild R Farm #1

AUTHOR: Silvia Violet

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 196 pages

RELEASE DATE: December 9, 2012


Coleman Wilder is a half-breed werewolf. Some days the tension between his human side and his werewolf instincts threaten to tear him apart. But the challenge of running a horse...Read More »

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