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Author Request Book Review: Hooves and Horns by Eden Winters


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE: Hooves and Horns

AUTHOR: Eden Winters

PUBLISHER: Rocky Ridge Books

LENGTH: 35 pages

RELEASE DATE: October 25, 2017


This story originally appeared in the Butt Riders on the Range anthology.

If bulls#*t could kill….

Professional rodeo rider Kerry Abrams is fed up with bulls#*t. Literally. If the bullshifter herd thinks a lowly...Read More »

Author Request Book Review: Barista Boys 1 & 2 by A.E Ryecart


REVIEWED by Danielle

TITLE: Danny & Jude

SERIES: Barista Boys...Read More »

Book Review: Letting Go by Morningstar Ashley


Reviewed by Louisa


TITLE: Letting Go 

SERIES: Love By Design Book 1

AUTHOR: Morningstar Ashley

LENGTH: 315 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  July 14, 2017


Years ago, before tragedy struck, Alex made a child’s promise to always protect and care for his little sister, Evie. Then piece by piece, all the good in his life was...Read More »

Book Review: Aftermath: The New Dungeon (Dungeon #5) by S.M. Johnson

Aftermath: The New Dungeon (Dungeon, #5)


TITLE: Aftermath: The New Dungeon

SERIES: Dungeon #5

AUTHOR: S.M. Johnson


LENGTH: 192 Pages

RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2017


Aftermath is a bit different. Oh, don’t worry, Jeff still talks to us in first person, and Roman is still very Roman… but all these guys are...Read More »

Author Request Anthology Review: Myths, Moons, and Mayhem: Paranormal Gay Menage and Erotic Romance Edited by Dale Cameron Lowry


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE: Myths, Moons, and Mayhem: Paranormal Gay Menage and Erotic Romance

AUTHOR: Various Authors

PUBLISHER: Sexy Little Pages

LENGTH: 194 pages

RELEASE DATE: October 13, 2017


Myths, moons, and mayhem make the perfect threesome—and so do the men in this anthology.

Enjoy nine erotic stories of paranormal ménages a trois fueled by...Read More »

Author Request Book Review: Choice of Cages by Alex Stark and Parker Avrile

Choice of Cages

Reviewed by Becca

TITLE: Choice of Cages

AUTHOR: Alex Stark and Parker Avrile

PUBLISHER: Paris April Press

LENGTH: 168 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  June 24, 2017


Thorne is the talented cat burglar who delights in relieving the wealthy of their fine...Read More »

Author Request Book Review: Callum and the Cupids (Public Limited Cupids #1) by Riza Curtis


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE: Callum and the Cupids

SERIES: Public Limited Cupids #1

AUTHOR: Riza Curtis

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 98 pages

RELEASE DATE: October 5, 2017


Recent university graduate Callum is in urgent need of a job if he plans on eating or keeping a roof over his head. Desperation finds Callum...Read More »

Author Request Book Review: Law and Disorder (Casus Fortuitus #2) by Brooke Edwards

Law and Disorder (Casus Fortuitus, #2)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Law and Disorder

SERIES: Casus Fortuitus #2

AUTHOR: Brooke Edwards

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 141 Pages

RELEASE DATE: August 31, 2017


James Carter and Derek Moore fought their way through attraction and misunderstandings to get to where they are today. Sure, they’re still figuring out how to make things...Read More »

Release Day Review: Camp H.O.W.L. (Dreamspun Beyond) by Bru Baker

Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: Camp H.O.W.L.

SERIES: Dreamspun Beyond #7

AUTHOR: Bru Baker

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 238 pages

RELEASE DATE: November 1, 2017


Moonmates exist, but getting together is going to be a beast….

When Adrian Rothschild skipped his “werewolf puberty,” he assumed he was, somehow, human. But he was wrong, and he’s...Read More »

Author Request Review: Say Yes by J.R. Gray

love bytes author request

November 1 st, so kicking off our Author Request Month today. Each day of this month you will find at least one Author Request review posted. At the end of the month Love Bytes will be giving away a $20 GC to one winner 🙂

Reviewed...Read More »

New Release Review: Late in the Day (The Vault #2) by Mary Calmes

Late in the Day (The Vault Book 2)

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Late in the Day

SERIES: The Vault #2

AUTHOR: Mary Calmes

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Darkest Hour Before Dawn (THIRDS #9) by Charlie Cochet (Author) & Mark Westfield (Narrator)

Reviewed by Christine



TITLE: Darkest Hour Before Dawn

SERIES: THIRDS series #9

AUTHOR: Charlie Cochet

NARRATOR: Mark Westfield

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 10 hours...Read More »

Book Review: Grizzly Affair (Bureau of Paranormal Affairs #1) by Dulce Dennison

Grizzly Affair (Bureau of Paranormal Affairs 1) by [Dennison, Dulce]

Reviewed by PizzyGirl

TITLE: Grizzly Affair

SERIES: Bureau of Paranormal Affairs #1

AUTHOR: Dulce Dennison

PUBLISHER: Changeling Press

LENGTH: 61 pages

RELEASE DATE: September 22, 2017


With a rogue shifter on the loose leaving a trail of bodies, it isn’t the best time for bear shifter, Roarke Hilliard to have his heat cycle. Especially since...Read More »

Release Day Review: Familiar Angel by Amy Lane


Reviewed by Caroline



TITLE: Familiar Angel

AUTHOR: Amy Lane

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 200 Pages

RELEASE DATE: October 20, 2017


One hundred and forty years ago, Harry, Edward, and Francis met an angel, a demon, and a sorceress while escaping imprisonment and worse! They emerged with a new family—and shapeshifting powers beyond their wildest...Read More »

Book Review: Lace by K.C. Wells

Lace (A Material World #1)

Reviewed by Cinnamon



SERIES: A Material World Book 1

AUTHOR: K.C. Wells

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 124 pages

RELEASE DATE: May 17, 2017


When Shawn’s best mate Dave breaks up with his girlfriend, Shawn tries not to get his hopes up. After all, Dave’s still straight, right?...Read More »

Book Review: Life is Not a Musical (Woodstock Love #1) by Vicktor Alexander

Life Is Not A Musical (Woodstock Love, #1)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Life is Not a Musical

SERIES: Woodstock Love #1

AUTHOR: Vicktor Alexander


LENGTH: 212 Pages

RELEASE DATE: August 11, 2017


When Nathaniel “Than” Kelly is told to uncover and report on the secrets in widowed billionaire, viral sensation, single dad, Dominic Montgomery’s closet on why he’s...Read More »

Book Review: Home In His Eyes (Cade Creek # 15) by Stormy Glenn

Home in His Eyes [Cade Creek 15] (Siren Publishing The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection) by [Glenn, Stormy]

Reviewed by Kimberley

TITLE: Home In His Eyes

SERIES: Cade Creek #15

AUTHOR: Stormy Glenn

PUBLISHER: Siren Bookstrand

LENGTH: 124 pages

RELEASE DATE: August 24, 2017



Adam Bozeman’s world ended when he was informed his lover had been killed in a shooting. Unable to get over his heartache, he decides to go home to Cade Creek....Read More »

Book Review: Taken by the Wind by Serenity Snow

Taken by the Wind (Windswept Book 1) by [Snow, Serenity ]

Reviewed by Dee



TITLE: Taken by the Wind

SERIES: Windswept Book 1

AUTHOR: Serenity Snow

PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing

LENGTH: 165 pages

RELEASE DATE: September 11, 2017


Air is intangible, but the passion of wind nymph Aria sparks into a flame when she meets Juliet’s gaze across a crowded room.

Juliet is a wedding...Read More »

Flashback Friday Book Review: Making the Grade (Cattle Valley #19) by Carol Lynne


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE: Making the Grade

SERIES: Cattle Valley #19

AUTHOR: Carol Lynne

PUBLISHER: Pride Publishing

LENGTH: 89 pages

RELEASE DATE: October 4, 2010


Kenny Trenton has had a crush on Cattle Valley English teacher, Eli Sanchez, since the age of seventeen. Although Kenny’s no longer a schoolboy, Eli refuses to see his fellow...Read More »

Book Review: Without a Compass by Helen Juliet


TITLE: Without a Compass

AUTHOR: Helen Juliet

PUBLISHER: Self-Published

LENGTH: 422 Pages

RELEASE DATE: August 22, 2017


Riley Anderson isn’t an outdoorsy guy. He’s a desk jockey, office by day and couch by night. So when his family insists on a camping trip for his father’s 50th birthday he’s hardly thrilled....Read More »

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