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New Release Review: Too Many Cases by Julia Rancourt


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Too Many Cases

AUTHOR:  Julia Rancourt

PUBLISHER:  Less Than Three Press

LENGTH:  55 pages

RELEASE DATE:  October 12, 2016


Jo is a man of multiple worlds. He was born in the mundane world, but while working as a...Read More »

Series Review: Invicta 1-3 by Piper Kay

Invicta: Salvation (Invicta, #1)

Reviewed by Vicki



SERIES REVIEW: Invicta 1-3

AUTHOR: Piper Kay

PUBLISHER: Encompass Ink


BOOK ONE TITLE: Invicta: Salvation 

LENGTH: 134 pages

RELEASE DATE: May 26th, 2014


As Kaiden McKenzie and Holt Mitchell prepare to celebrate their fifteenth anniversary, and the grand opening of their new club, Invicta, they take a look back on how their...Read More »

Release Day Review: Coin of the Realm by Michael Murphy

Coin of the Realm

Reviewed by Vicki


TITLE: Coin of the Realm 

AUTHOR: Michael Murphy

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 210 pages

RELEASE DATE: August 15th, 2016


Timothy Mitchell worked his way from humble beginnings to graduate school in Washington, DC. The end is in sight—but so are his funds. Determined not to let his dream slip through his...Read More »

Book Review: Mistress on Her Knees (Mistress Series #1) by Anastasia Vitsky

Mistress on Her Knees

Reviewed by Kat 


TITLE:  Mistress on Her Knees

SERIES:   Mistress #1

AUTHOR: Anastasia Vitsky 

PUBLISHER: Self-Published 

LENGTH:     95 pages

RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2015


Thou shalt not covet thy host’s submissive

When a Domme loves a Domme, strange things can happen. When a Domme loves a Domme who is her former submissive and...Read More »

Audio Book Review: At Piper's Point by Ethan Day (Author) & Michael Lesley (Narrator)


REVIEW BY: Christie


TITLE: At Piper’s Point

AUTHOR: Ethan Day

NARRATOR: Michael Lesley

PUBLISHER: Wide City Press, LLC

LENGTH: 9h 56m

Read More »

Audio Book Review: Sacrati by Kate Sherwood (Author) & Dorian Bane (Narrator)

Sacrati Audiobook

REVIEW BY: Christie


TITLE: Sacrati

AUTHOR: Kate Sherwood

NARRATOR: Dorian Bane

PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing

LENGTH: 12h 36m

RELEASE DATE: May 26, 2016


As an elite Sacrati fighter in...Read More »

Book Review: Collateral Damage by J.T. Cheyanne

Collateral Damage

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Collateral Damage

AUTHOR: J.T. Cheyanne


LENGTH: Read More »

Release Day Review: Dark Blood (Dark Blood Saga Book 1) by Caleb James


Reviewed by Sarina


TITLE:  Dark Blood

SERIES: Dark Blood Saga Book 1

AUTHOR:  Caleb James

PUBLISHER: DSP Publications

LENGTH:   294 pages

RELEASE DATE:  June 28, 2016


Handsome, brilliant, and surrounded by good friends, twenty-three-year-old medical student Miles Fox has a secret—and it’s not that he’s gay. Though he harbors a crush on his straight best...Read More »

Series Review: I Dare You (Books One and Two) by Jennifer Labelle

Heidi - I Dare You: Book One

Reviewed by Kat

This is a Series Review of I Dare You (Books One & Two)

 AUTHOR: Jennifer Labelle 

PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing 


This series didn’t really fit the guidelines of our Love Bytes blog.  Although the stories had a little same sex activity, it was more token, whereas the...Read More »

Book Review: Doctored by K'Anne Meinel


Reviewed by Dee


TITLE: Doctored

AUTHOR: K’Anne Meinel

PUBLISHER: Shadoe Publishing

LENGTH: 323 pages

RELEASE DATE: April 27, 2016


A brilliant child protégée, she dreams of becoming a doctor and a surgeon…and accomplishes her goals. Unfortunately, her youth and round, child-like face work against her. No matter how skilled she becomes,...Read More »

Book Review: The Lines of Beauty by Jake Stark

The Lines of Beauty

Reviewed by Dee


TITLE: The Lines of Beauty   

AUTHOR: Jake Stark

PUBLISHER: Self-published

LENGTH: 224 Pages

RELEASE DATE: March 22, 2016


London playboy Danny Spark has it all – the penthouse, the contacts and the girls. And now he’s about to open the venue that’s set to be the hottest...Read More »

Daily Dose Book Review: They Called Him Nightmare by Deja Black

They Called Him Nightmare (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side)


Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: They Called Him Nightmare

SERIES: A Walk on the Wild Side (2016 Daily Dose)

AUTHOR: Deja Black

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 26 Pages


Growing up, Kai Bennu was taunted for skin dark as midnight and his otherworldly appearance. They called him Nightmare, but Alec...Read More »

Daily Dose Book Review: Chords by Taylor Roxton


Love Bytes reads the A Walk on the Wild Side Daily Dose from Dreamspinner Press!

For the whole month of June there will be a daily review featuring one of the stories from this new collection.

At the end of the month there will be one grand...Read More »

Release Day Review: Finding Family by Connie Bailey

Finding Family

REVIEW BY: Christie


TITLE: Finding Family

Series: Dreamspun Desires

AUTHOR: Connie Bailey

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 234 pages

RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2016


When you find your family, you’ll do anything to keep it. When Charles Macquarrie inherits a fortune and an international clothing company, he also inherits three young cousins he desperately needs...Read More »

Release Day Review: Dreamers' Destiny by Tempeste O'Riley


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Dreamers’ Destiny 

AUTHOR:  Tempeste O’Riley

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH:  200 pages

RELEASE DATE:  May 13, 2016


Liam Grady is the owner of the Feathered Quill, a quirky little bookstore in Asheville, and—though he doesn’t realize it yet—a dream...Read More »

Book Review: The Vampire King's Mate (The Melrose Coven #1) by Toby Alden

The Vampire King's Mate (The Melrose Coven 1)

Reviewed by Marieke


TITLE: The Vampire King’s Mate

SERIES: The Melrose Coven #1

AUTHOR: Toby Aden

PUBLISHER: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

LENGTH: 115 pages

RELEASE DATE: March 3rd, 2016

In the midst of a war between vampires and werewolves that’s been waged for centuries, King Kevyan Melrose lands an unexpected mate. Dorian Keller, an outrageous, openly...Read More »

Book Review: Taking a Chance by Emjay Haze


TITLE: Taking a Chance

AUTHOR: Emjay Haze

PUBLISHER: Torquere Press

LENGTH: 165 Pages

RELEASE DATE: February 2, 2016


Recent college graduate, Ethan Moore, flies to San Francisco for a job interview with an advertising firm. That evening, he goes to a gay club where meets a gorgeous man who seduces him, but...Read More »

New Release Review: The Water Thief by Jane Kindred


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  The Water Thief

AUTHOR:   Jane Kindred

PUBLISHER:  Samhain Publishing

LENGTH:  374 pages

RELEASE DATE:  March 15, 2016


It takes a con to expose a con. But this con could strip their secrets bare.

Framed for his twin sister’s murder, Sebastian...Read More »

Release Day Review: Lovers Leap by J.L. Merrow


Reviewed by Vicki


TITLE: Lover’s Leap


PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing

LENGTH: 202 ages

RELEASE DATE: February 29th, 2016


If they looked, would they ever leap?

Good-looking, confident, and doted on by his widowed mum, Michael is used to thinking only of himself. Getting shoved off an Isle of Wight pier by an exasperated ex ought to...Read More »

Book Review: Red Caps: New Fairy Tales for Out of the Ordinary Readers by Steve Berman


Reviewed by Sarina

TITLE: Red Caps: New Fairy Tales for Out of the Ordinary Readers

AUTHOR: Steve Berman

PUBLISHER: Lethe Press

LENGTH: 216 pages

RELEASE DATE: November 11, 2014


Red Caps might be a rock band. Or they might be something more sinister, a fey source of sounds that are but the backdrop...Read More »

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