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Book Review: One Bullet by Casey Wolfe

One Bullet

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: One Bullet

AUTHOR: Casey Wolfe

PUBLISHER: NineStar Press

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Release Day Review: Witches for Hire (Odd Jobs #1) by Sam Argent


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Witches for Hire

SERIES:  Odd Jobs #1

AUTHOR:  Sam Argent

PUBLISHER:  DSP Publications

LENGTH:  322 pages

RELEASE DATE:  April 4, 2017


All recovering drug addict and witch Jeremy Ragsdale wants is to shamble on to the next job...Read More »

Release Day Review: Down in the Dirt by Tory Temple


Reviewed by Danielle

TITLE: Down in the Dirt

AUTHOR: Tory Temple

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 200 Pages

RELEASE DATE: March 27, 2017


2nd Edition

Rodeo cowboy Teagan has inherited his father’s ranch, and it’s in a bad way. To pay his bills, he’ll have to work the rodeo circuit hard, and for that he needs a...Read More »

Book Review: Soul Debt Repossession by Mychael Black


TITLE: Soul Debt Repossession

SERIES: Soul Debt Multi-Author Book 3

AUTHOR: Mychael Black

PUBLISHER: Changeling Press

LENGTH: 33 Pages

RELEASE DATE: January 13th, 2017


When Aaron Jacobs’ twin makes a deal with the Devil, it can’t possibly end well. Then Aaron’s twin skips town, leaving Aaron to pay the debt...Read More »

Book Review: The Worst Werewolf (The Immutable Moon #1) by Jacqueline Rohrbach

The Worst Werewolf (The Immutable Moon, #1)

Reviewed by Dan


TITLE: The Worst Werewolf

SERIES: The Immutable Moon #1

AUTHOR: Jacqueline Rohrbach

PUBLISHER: Nine Star Press

LENGTH: 263 Pages

RELEASE DATE:  February 13, 2017


The werewolf said, “Race you to the road.” It was the last thing Tovin heard before his life became uncomfortably complex.

Before that night in the forest, Tovin was...Read More »

New Release Review: Arrows Fletched With Peacock Feathers

REVIEWED by Christie

TITLE: Arrows Fletched With Peacock Feathers

AUTHOR: Claudia Quint

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press

LENGTH: 40 Pages

RELEASE DATE: February 28, 2017


Notthingham suffers under the ruthless enforcement of the Sheriff, who is determined to live up to his title and forget the difficult childhood that left him orphaned and destitute....Read More »

Release Day Review: Inheritance by Sean Michael


Review by Christie

TITLE: Inheritance

AUTHOR: Sean Michael

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 80 Pages

RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2017


3rd Edition

Cash McCord’s life is pretty much perfect. He owns the family ranch, loves his work, and invites the occasional cowboy into his bed. But everything is turned upside down when his brother Jack...Read More »

New Release Review: The Visionary by Charli Coty


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  The Visionary

AUTHOR:  Charli Coty

PUBLISHER:  NineStar Press

LENGTH:  156 pages

RELEASE DATE:  January 30, 2017


Colin Page, eighteen-year-old community college student, apple polisher and all-around goody-goody, has a secret. He sees things that aren’t there. Unfortunately, the Doc...Read More »

Release Day Review: Love in the Line of Fire by Michael Murphy

Love in the Line of Fire

Reviewed by Amber

TITLE: Love in the Line of Fire

AUTHOR: Michael Murphy

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

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Series Review: The Wheel Mysteries (Books 1-4) by Susan Laine

The Wheel Mysteries (The Wheel Mysteries, #1-2)

Reviewed by Dan

This is a Series Review of The Wheel Mysteries (Books 1-4)


AUTHOR:  Susan Laine

PUBLISHER:  Dreamspinner Press 


Today I’m bringing you a series review on The Wheel Mysteries (Books 1-4).  When the fourth book came out recently and I discovered that I needed the background from...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Circle Z by Brandon L. Summers

Circle Z

Reviewed by Dee


TITLE: Circle Z

AUTHOR: Brandon L. Summers

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press

LENGTH: 19,000 Words

RELEASE DATE: December 28, 2016


Lacey, an ambitious college student, is worried about her future with her girlfriend, wily and unambitious Dylan. As if that’s not enough to stress a woman out, suddenly...Read More »

Advent Calendar Book Review: Don't Let The Light Go Out - L.A Merrill


We will review the Dreamspinner Press advent calendar one review a day. At the end of the month THREE winners will be picked to receive some great prizes!

First prize is 10 books from your Dreamspinner wishlist .

Second prize is 5 books from your Dreamspinner wishlist.

Third...Read More »

Pre-Release Review: Hanukkah Gifts by Jacob Cheyenne


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Hanukkah Gifts

AUTHOR:  Jacob Cheyenne


LENGTH:  87 pages

RELEASE DATE:  December 24, 2016


Twenty-five-year-old TV producer Jared Greenfield loves his big city life — job, friends, and shopping — but even with all the fun...Read More »

Release Day Review: Strange Mercy by Francis Gideon

Strange Mercy

Reviewed by Kat


TITLE: Strange Mercy 

AUTHOR: Francis Gideon 

PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press, LLC 

LENGTH: 21,000 words 

RELEASE DATE: December 14,  2016 


Bryan wants to surprise his family by coming home for the holidays—but instead, finds himself staying in a hotel because the house is already filled with the rest of his family,...Read More »

Book Review: Hearts of Darkness by Andrea Speed


REVIEW BY: Christie


TITLE: Hearts of Darkness

AUTHOR: Andrea Speed

PUBLISHER: DSP publications

LENGTH: 160 Pages

RELEASE DATE: November 8, 2016


Kaede Hiyashi is sick and tired of living in the shadow of his father, supervillain Doctor Terror. Brilliant but...Read More »

Book Review: Trust (Trust Series #1) by Amanda Marie Raulerson

Trust (Trust Series Book 1)

Reviewed by Jen B.


TITLE: Trust

SERIES: Trust Series #1

AUTHOR: Amanda Marie Raulerson

PUBLISHER: Self-Published

LENGTH: 197 pages 

RELEASE DATE: November 2, 2016 


David and Charlie are the perfect couple with a near perfect Dom/sub relationship and an ideal life… almost. There is something missing. A third person to...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Dirty Little Secret by Freddy Mackay (Author) & Michael Pauley (Narrator)


TITLE: Dirty Little Secret

AUTHOR:  Freddy MacKay

PUBLISHER:  Mischief Corner Books

LENGTH:2 hours, 16 minutes

NARRATOR: Michael Pauley

RELEASE DATE: October 28, 2016


Erik decides geocaching is the best way to heal himself after work and personal problems overwhelm him, but the trip goes horribly wrong. Falling down the side of...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Home Again (Home #1) by Cardeno C. (Author) & Alexander Collins (Narrator)

REVIEW BY: Christie

TITLE: Home Again

AUTHOR: Cardeno C

NARRATOR: Alexander Collins

PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

LENGTH: 5h 26m

RELEASE DATE: June 10, 2016


Imposing, temperamental Noah Forman wakes up in a hospital and can’t remember how he got there. He holds it together, taking comfort in the fact that the man he has...Read More »

Book Review: Till Darkness Comes by Sandra de Helen

Till Darkness Comes

Reviewed by Dee


TITLE: Till Darkness Comes

AUTHOR: Sandra de Helen


LENGTH: 149 Pages

RELEASE DATE: October 17, 2016


When Beth Vogelsang’s Uncle Jerry is tortured and murdered Beth’s estranged friend Regan is the first cop on the scene. Regan hopes for reconciliation, but they’ve led different lives.

Beth...Read More »

Book Review: Maddox (Masters & Slaves #1) by Taylor Kinney


Reviewed by Cindy

Title: Maddox

Series: Masters & Slaves Vol. 1

Author: Taylor Kinney

Publisher: TK

Length: 133 Pages

Release Date:


Gun saved the Queen’s life, and his reward will be a slave of his own, chosen from among all those for sale in the market. But he doesn’t want an ordinary slave, he...Read More »

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