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Book Review: The Awakening (Green Room #1) by JP Adkins

The Awakening (Green Room Series Book 1)

Reviewed by Becca


TITLE: The Awakening

SERIES: Green Room #1



LENGTH: 141 pages

RELEASE DATE: March 19, 2017


What would you do if you found out you were genetically a Vampire? Would you embrace...Read More »

Book Review: A Demonic Christmas (Zodiac Pack #1) by Phoenix Hell

A Demonic Christmas (Zodiac Pack Book 1) by [Hell, Phoenix]

Reviewed by Becca

TITLE: A Demonic Christmas

SERIES: Zodiac Pack #1

AUTHOR: Phoenix Hell

PUBLISHER: Self-Published

LENGTH: 90 pages

RELEASE DATE: November 10, 2016


It’s the Christmas season in 2016 and Tevan has been on the outs with his own family. But he’s been living with the local pack the Zodiac pack. While working he’s...Read More »

Audio Book Review: Base Instincts (Demonica #11.7) by Larissa Ione

Base Instincts Audiobook

REVIEW BY: Christie


TITLE: Base Instincts

SERIES:  Demonica #11.7

AUTHOR: Larissa Ione

NARRATOR: Dorian Bane

PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing

LENGTH: 5h 3m

RELEASE...Read More »

Book Review: Redneck Riviera Rumble: Story of a College Jock vs. a Big Bear Heel (Motel Wrestler: Fiction #2) by A.C. Yates

Redneck Riviera Rumble: Story of a College Jock vs. a Big Bear Heel (Motel Wrestler Fiction Series Book 2)

Reviewed by Kat


TITLE: Redneck Riviera Rumble: Story of a College Jock vs. a Big Bear Heel

SERIES: Motel Wrestler: Fiction #2

AUTHOR: A.C. Yates

PUBLISHER: Izzey Press, Inc.

LENGTH: 36 pages

RELEASE DATE: December 21, 2015


Fans of the private wrestling fiction book by AC Yates, “Omaha Stakes” as well as the Motel Wrestler...Read More »

Book Review: Finding Aaron (Finding Home #1) by Gigi Kern


Reviewed by Chris


TITLE:  Finding Aaron

SERIES:  Finding Home #1

AUTHOR:  Gigi Kern

PUBLISHER:  Self-Published

LENGTH:  112 pages


At 23, Aaron has aged out of the foster-care system and is now a struggling college student. Between his severe Learning Disabilities, ADHD and past trauma, every day is a struggle.

Three years ago, Aaron’s...Read More »

Book Review: Three Is Not A Crowd: a Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology


Reviewed by Susan


TITLE:  Three Is Not A Crowd

AUTHOR:  Alina Popescu, Aimee Brissay, Lily Velden, Asta Idonea, Eric Gober, Kay Ellis, L.V. Lloyd, Eddy LeFey , Rian Durant, Nicki J. Markus

PUBLISHER:  Wayward Ink Publishing

LENGTH:  198 pages


Why would anyone think three was a crowd?

No. No. No. No....Read More »

Short Story Review: Head Game by Harper Jewel

Head Game

Reviewed by Marieke


TITLE: Head Game

AUTHOR: Harper Jewel

PUBLISHER: Lush Publishing

LENGTH: 42 pages

Hey! Name’s Adam Darling and hustling’s my game. When I was eighteen, my parents kicked me to the curb after catching me enjoying a good romp in the sack with my boyfriend. So I took the bus...Read More »

Book Review: Hope For Tomorrow (Southern Fried Sweetness #1) by Lei Carol and Eric Thornton

Hope for Tomorrow (Southern Fried Sweetness Book 1)

Reviewed by Donna


TITLE: Hope for Tomorrow

SERIES: Southern Fried Sweetness #1

AUTHOR: Lei Carol and Eric Thornton

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 102 Pages


Jed Hendrix has always put family first, doing whatever means necessary to take care his mother and younger brothers to provide for them- even if it meant breaking the...Read More »

Recent Release Review: Rent to Own by P.J. Nevada

Reviewed by Vicki


TITLE: Rent to Own 

AUTHOR: P.J. Nevada

PUBLISHER: Self Published

LENGTH: 51,000 words


What’s a relationship about? Can long term commitments exist on just sex? Or can sex lead to a solid long term relationship? Troy Sanders wants that kind of relationship with a man, based on a serious connection, a complete possession of...Read More »

Book Review: Barefoot Storm by R.W. Clinger


Reviewed by Dan


TITLE: Barefoot Storm

AUTHOR:     R.W. Clinger


LENGTH: 140 Pages


Twenty-four-year-old Storm Darlington, wealthy mogul of Darlington Securities, decides to remove himself from his heavy workload in New York City and spend a month in Barefoot Beach, Florida.

In Barefoot Beach, Trent Long is happy with his lifeguarding...Read More »

Book Review: Clipped by Devon McCormack


Reviewed by Carissa

TITLE:  Clipped

AUTHOR:  Devon McCormack

PUBLISHER:  Wilde City Press

LENGTH:  189 pages

BLURB: Though mortals have been convinced that God cares about their souls, nothing could be further from the truth. He created the world as a gift for his lover,...Read More »

Recent Release Review : Yes, He's My Ex by Julie Lynn Hayes

Yes, He's My Ex

Review by Taylor

Title: Yes, He’s My Ex

Author: Julie Lynn Hayes

Pages: 152

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


Sometimes Sonny Scrignoli forgets he’s Tim Mansfield’s ex. He waltzes in and out of Tim’s apartment like he still lives there, driving Tim crazy. Is it really so hard to remember they’ve broken...Read More »

Book Review : The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons by Angela Fiddler

The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons (Sex Demons, #2)

Reviewed by Roberta


TITLE: The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons


SERIES: Sex Demon 101 #1


AUTHOR: Angela Fiddler




LENGTH: 181 pages


BLURB: Keeping a sex demon happy and well fucked is always the safest option, even if you have your own relationship issues. When saving the world on...Read More »

Book Review: Danse Macabre by Janette

Reviewed by Nikyta

TITLE: Danse Macabre
SERIES: Proud to be a Vampire
AUTHOR: Janette
PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press
LENGTH: 23,000 words
BLURB: Angelo is the right hand problem solver for Broodmaster Ardoin Baptiste. He loves the hunt and thrives on the kill. Ordered to get rid of...Read More »

Three Book Reviews: Agamemnon Frost Trilogy by Kim Knox

Click image to view full cover

Reviewed by Heather C

SERIES: Agamemnon Frost Trilogy
AUTHOR: Kim Knox
PUBLISHER: Carina Press

Agamemnon Frost and the House of Death (Book One, Agamemnon Frost Trilogy)

BLURB: Liverpool, 1891

Decorated artilleryman Edgar Mason was forced to find new work when the British Empire replaced its foot soldiers with monstrous machines....Read More »

Pre-release Review: Reprisal by Alessandra Ebulu


Reviewed by Taylor

TITLE: Reprisal
SERIES: Proud to be a Vampire
AUTHOR: Alessandra Ebulu
PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press
LENGTH: 22,000 words
BLURB: Aden is trying to solve the mystery of a drug that rots human innards. Alec is struggling to capture the person responsible for a rash of...Read More »

Book Review: A Little Complicated by Kade Boehme

A Little Complicated

Reviewed by J. Taylor

TITLE: A Little Complicated
AUTHOR: Kade Boehme
LENGTH: 104 pages/27,000 words
BLURB: Ryan Borja met the guy of his dreams in college. Brady Novak was kind, responsible and easy on the eyes. Yeah, the guy had a kid but Ryan loved her too. What...Read More »

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