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  1. Judy Stone
    Judy Stone at |

    Felix and Bowen sound like such a fun couple. Looking forward to reading Color of you.

  2. Didi
    Didi at |

    I like the sound of this story; adding the book to my ever expanding wishlist! 😉

  3. heath0043
    heath0043 at |

    I love Scarlet’s quote ‘You know how I feel about a man with nice stubble.’

  4. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Thank you for the intro to Scarlet. Scarlet is spunky, I like that.

  5. Sadonna
    Sadonna at |

    I’m loving this more with each excerpt. I’ll be counting down the hours to my download!!

  6. Purple Reader
    Purple Reader at |

    I’m half-way thru Color of You and loving it. I get the title now, lol. I already have the other giveaways on this tour, loved the ones I’ve read so far, so am hoping to get a shot at another great Poe story.

  7. suze294
    suze294 at |

    I am looking forward to readng both Color of You and Southern Most Murder


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