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  1. heath0043
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    Scary and creepy is the best. There are times when glitter and kittens is needed but overall creepy wins out. I love scary movies and books. The first s movie that really scared me was the original The Haunting. The remake years later, The Haunting of Hill House wasn’t even in the same league.

  2. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Well I wouldn’t go with either I would fall between the two. I like something cute but spine tingling. I love scary movies but talking about walking across something or encountering something of my own I would rather go with cute scary.

    1. Kim Fielding (@KFieldingWrites)
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  3. susana
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    I’m a bit of everything. Scary and creepy is fine, but I’m a coward so I have to carefully time my scary readings… The first time I read The Shining, I had to stop because my flat mates had gone home for the holidays and I could not continue reading while I was alone at nights….As for my favourite scary movie, Darkness (2002) with Anna Paquin…I had to sleep with the lights on for a whole week” LOL”

  4. Trix
    Trix at |

    I’m pretty chicken. During my nascent Ewan McGregor crush in college, I was upset that I’d now have to see SHALLOW GRAVE (which I actually love, but usually fast-forward through enough now that it’s basically a short about apartment roommate interviews and Scottish dancing) and the episode where he played a zombie in TALES FROM THE CRYPT. (First I was dismayed that he actually looked hot for most of it–they were very circumspect with the makeup, so he basically looked like a hard-living club kid instead of a dead guy–and then, even though I could tell it would be bad before I saw it, the gory conclusion was pretty upsetting. To top it off, the version I saw had been edited for syndication!)


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