(Book) Size Matters Update! And the giveaway continues… with 2 prizes instead of 1

sylvre icon 2016Hello all! Here I am, back again for my monthly spot on Love Bytes. I’m running kind of late for this, if you look at European time (which is what the blog owners run on). I’m also running late for lots of other stuff, because life events are competing as usual, but at least this time it’s mostly not because of bad things happening to good people, or to me either. The point here is that this will be brief, and in fact it’s an update on last month’s blog.

First, let me thank the people who commented for the giveaway—I so much appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts on the subject of long vs. short books. I think your comments show how different we all are as readers—and I love that about us! I am extending the deadline for the contest until next month because I got so busy I failed to let people know about it. My bad, sorry. So, if you’re just now hearing about this, you can still enter until November 7th. To make up for my change of plan, I’ll offer two prizes instead of just one, winner’s choice, book one of Lou Hoffmann’s series The Sun Child Chronicles, Key of Behliseth, or book two, Wraith Queen’s Veil.

Lou Hoffmann Icon-logo-400x square Here’s the update on the work-in-progress I wrote about last month, which is book 3 of the same series, Ciarrah’s Light The good news is that it’s submitted to the publisher for consideration, at long last. I felt like I was wrestling a bear while writing it until I had an epiphany. The epiphany resulting in splitting this book into two! It is still longish at 120,000 words or so, but not as long as I thought it be. This creates a new work-in-progress, Dragon’s Rise. (I personally love dragons, so I like this title.)

And here is a repeat of the contest information:
In your opinion, does size matter when it comes to books? Do you have a “favorite” length? Do you feel the same way about all genres and formats? Exceptions? Reasons you feel the way you do? Examples of M/M fiction or other rainbow-friendly books that run very long? Give me a substantive answer to enter the drawing to win either book one (Key of Behliseth) or book two (Wraith Queen’s Veil). The contest is open until next month’s Love Bytes post.

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  1. Elizabeth Marshall
    Elizabeth Marshall at |

    I love a long book. Obviously I don’t like a story that drags along simply for the word count but I do get disappointed when a story ends. I love anything over 220 pages – preferably between 220 – 400 for a solid read… If I’m reading fantasy, sci-fi etc I generally prefer between 300-700 pages for the plot and general world building. I’m of a more-the-merrier kind of reader and aren’t a fan of under 180 page reads generally. There are plenty of books I want to read that are on my TBR at the moment that I’m currently put off reading as they’re the price of big reads but are at less than 180 pages each. There’s nothing worse than waiting in anticipation for a release only for it to end in a hair-raising or upsetting cliff-hanger with a massive wait for the next book or to realise the book you’ve been looking forward to for so long is only 180 pages or less.

    And in M/M I love books like Ella Frank’s Temptation series and quite a few of TJ Klune’s works as apart from being great reads they are generally longer than many others I’ve read. 😀

  2. 16forward
    16forward at |

    Length doesn’t matter… it’s all about the content and the connection I make with the characters and plot. Especially when it’s a series…though cliff hangers drive me up the wall!

  3. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    I think length does kind of matter. i usually want a book to be at least novella length. I do like short stories but there’s a tendency of feeling unsatisfied about how short it was. With longer readers I can sometimes feel as if the book is dragging.

  4. Lee Todd
    Lee Todd at |

    I don’t mind the length of a book so much as the content. A short punchy story, a well written novella a long gritty epic…they all have merit so long as they deliver a good plot/storyline..
    Cut and Run series, Psycop series, Temptation series…each individual story has a fairly long, intricate plot and I love them!

  5. salann31
    salann31 at |

    I don’t tend to read shorts or novellas unless they relate to a series im interested in. I much prefer 100,000 words plus. Good words, not ‘white neyes’. 🙂

  6. dee
    dee at |

    Hard question. For me it depends on several factors. Have I read the author before? Do I crave something by the author? Is it a book in a series I’ve been waiting for? What mood am I in?
    In general I am good with books 200 pages and more. My tr list on goodreads is divided in “less than 100 pages, less than 150 pages, less than 200 pages… more than 400 pages”. If I want to read something fast I search that way to read a new book. Otherwise I look for author or genre or interesting blurbs.
    Apart from a readers preference a lot depends on the author. Taking the books I have read so far into consideration there are more bad short stories than good ones. But lately I’ve read a few good ones. So it is possible and I won’t give up on shorter books. The same goes for long books. There are books, where 400 pages are perfect for the story and then there are those, where everything that was said and done could have been done on half the pages.


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