Welcome to the first of my monthly posts on Love Bytes! The sixth of every month is my day for posting, where I’ll be talking about all things writing and goings on in the world of N.R. Walker! For those who don’t know me, you can check out my Amazon Author page and my website. I have over 50 books, spread across sub-genres of LGBT romance – cowboys, vampires, and contemporary.

This month I want to talk about GRL! In just over a week I’ll be boarding a plane, bound for LA before heading to Denver for my second GRL, and I’m super excited! For those who don’t know, GRL stands for Gay Rom Lit (romance literature) retreat where writers, readers, bloggers, reviewers all converge in the one place to celebrate our wonderful genre.

I was lucky enough to attend last year in Kansas City, and had the best time. Getting to meet the people who I interact with on a daily basis was a wonderful life experience for me ¾ living in Australia, it’s not easy to meet our global folk. And this year, I get to meet Dani! The wonderful owner of Love Bytes. I first ‘met’ Dani years ago through reviews and the invaluable promo posts she’s offered and done. We’ll literally be coming from opposite ends of the earth to meet each other. I can NOT wait!

I’ll be traveling by myself, which is a little daunting. Last time I was in the US, I spent the last few days and came back to Australia by myself and I’m sure it will all go smoothly. Maybe I’ll even get some writing done on the plane, or stock up on audio books to listen to.  🙂  Trying to get all the swag in my luggage might be my biggest issue. I’ve ordered all my paperbacks to be shipped directly to the hotel in Denver, so that’s one less thing I need to worry about. Fingers crossed customs won’t mind that my luggage is three-quarters book swag. 😉

But before GRL, I have a book to release!!  And the best part??  IT’S FREE!  That’s right! I’ll be releasing a freebie in the next week! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS is a 20K word story, written in drabbles. Drabbles are 100 word parts, or chapters. So, this book has 200 very small chapters, which is VERY unconventional, and part of the reason I’m not charging for the book.

I found the gorgeous cover on Go On Write, a pre-made cover site, and knew it would be perfect for this story. So, enough of me  talking about it… Here it is!

Best of Both Worlds 200x300

And a taste of the first few ‘chapters’…


The lights are strobing, the bass is thumping. Bodies are swaying, grinding, sweating.

I’m lost in a sea of metaphorical white and blue collars, from lawyers and doctors to tradesmen like me. Status isn’t important on the dance floor. We’re all accepted here: LGBT, proud and sensual. Sexual.

Hands and mouths push and pull, give and take, want and need.

I see him and he looks at me with those sky-blue eyes that have owned me every Friday night for the last four weeks.

My hands are on his hips. He licks the sweat off my neck, and I shiver.


As a carpenter, a tradesman, I hide who I really am. But I love my job. My boss, Daevyn, respects me. He’s a good man. Sometimes I think he might know the secret I keep, but he says nothing.

Other men I work with work hard, drink hard. They live for weekends: beer, football, and women.

“Come on, Sebastian, we’ll show you how real men drink,” Jason scoffs.

Four o’clock Friday is tools down, beers up, but not for me. I have somewhere else I’d rather be. A dance floor with a blue-eyed man whose name I do not know.


I arrive with my friends and they know who I’m looking for. The mystery of this nameless stranger plagues me.

The dark club is alive with music and men. He’s not there and I am disappointed, but I drink and dance regardless.

A hand grabs my shoulder, pulling me around, and it’s him. The guy I was dancing with no longer exists because blue eyes are an inch from mine. “You’re late,” I say.

He chuckles, a warm throaty sound. I lean close and ask him, “What’s your name?”

He licks his lips. “Isn’t it more fun not knowing?”


The deadline at work is brought forward and Head Office says to expect a new crew on Wednesday.

The construction company I work for is big, with dozens of subcontracted building teams across Seattle and the Northwest. Teams often work together to get jobs done.

I get to work on Wednesday with the sunrise and my heart stops.

There’s a tall, brown-haired man with his back to me talking on his cell. Boots, strong lean legs, tool belt at his waist. He turns as he hears me and his voice trails away…

He stares at me with his sky-colored eyes.


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  1. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Congrats on your new upcoming book. It looks and sounds fantastic! Have fun at GRL =)

  2. Cameron
    Cameron at |

    Love this excerpt!! So intriguing! Enjoy all your books so much. Hope all goes well at GRL and you have a wonderful time. Safe travels!

  3. errynbarratt
    errynbarratt at |

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  4. 16forward
    16forward at |

    Gorgeous cover! I hope Denver is treating you well!


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