Hello, allow myself to introduce… myself. By S.C. Wynne

Hello, all, my name is S.C. Wynne and I’ve been writing MM Romance since 2013. I’m thrilled to be a part of the monthly guest posts here on Lovebytes.

I write all sorts of things from contemporary romance to mystery and also Mpreg. I love trying new things and it helps keep me energized. If I do the same thing over and over I tend to get stagnant, so I mix it up instead.

I thought for my first post I would do a giveaway! Why not, right? 🙂 I’ll randomly choose TWO people who can pick any ebook from my backlist just for answering this question below:

If you were to be arrested, what would your friends and family assume the reason was?  I asked this recently at a blog take over I did for Felice Stevens, and the answers were so funny I had to ask again. Just comment and I’ll pick TWO winners.

Thank you so much to Lovebytes for having me and I look forward to the comments!




16 Responses

  1. Alexu (bluebellreads)
    Alexu (bluebellreads) at |

    My mom would assume either shoplifting or defending another person…my friends..hmm…either for defending someone (and arguing with a police officer or something) or running a yellow light (and arguing with the police officer that it was not red <– this almost happened once, they were trying to say it changed red but I know for sure it was yellow, and due to rain, I couldn't stop in time so I continued driving)

  2. Didi
    Didi at |

    Robbing bookstore or drunk (of caffeine) in coffee shop. If either one makes sense.

  3. heath0043
    heath0043 at |

    They would all think I went to some type of protest march and got into an argument with a cop. I tend to run my mouth when I shouldn’t sometimes. But I do believe in standing up for what I believe.

  4. lisa
    lisa at |

    I’m so not a trouble maker so I guess it would most likely be public intox.

  5. 16forward
    16forward at |

    Confronting an angry parent in a grocery store…the dad was buying a case of beer and refused to buy his daughter a piece of candy… If you’re going to have a child put them first!

    Luckily no police were involved but I was almost to that point!

  6. Maite
    Maite at |

    I cheated. I just asked my mom what she thought would the reason. She said being drunk and too loud in public.
    My dad on the other hand said murder…. 😬😬😬

  7. Trix
    Trix at |

    Probably something to do with hockey, like sneaking into a dressing room or attacking a player who cheap-shots one of my favorites…


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