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  1. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I’ll admit I didn’t read your post since I haven’t read book 1… No spoilers for me!

  2. Ashley Kensinger
    Ashley Kensinger at |

    Now I need to re read A destiny of dragons! But I will admit, listening to them is sooo much better then reading them myself. Even though I have their voices in my head thanks to the very fabulous Michael Leslie, its just not the same. Also, I absolutely despise cliffhangers when the following books aren’t out yet. However I loved TLSH so much, I had to go ahead and get Destiny. I may have to wait closer to Feb/March to get the next book and keep listening to the audios of the first two books. Speaking of…. I NEED THE AUDIO FOR DESTINY LIKE YESTERDAY!! Its your fault TJ for writing amazing characters, hilarious story lines, all wrapped up with the narration from Michael Leslie!!

  3. strikerpw
    strikerpw at |

    TJ Klune I <3 you and your unapologetic torturous brilliance.

  4. MsLarvik
    MsLarvik at |

    Damn I thought Ruv and Justin forever together nevermind I’m sure I will enjoy the journey!

  5. Nichole
    Nichole at |

    I can’t wait to read the new books! Your writing is simply brilliant!

  6. Mary
    Mary at |

    Justin is getting a book?! And he is becoming Sam’s best friend 5eva for real?! this everything I’ve ever wanted.

  7. Amy Miles
    Amy Miles at |

    I’m so glad to hear about Justin. I actually really like him.

  8. Colette Flaherty
    Colette Flaherty at |

    Yay! Can’t wait to board the rollercoaster 😍

  9. Giulia
    Giulia at |

    Fuck, the best news here is Justin getting his own book, I need that!!
    Ugh I can’t really say anything else so I don’t spoil it for those who have not read the post but I really love where you went with…the Randall thing. Can’t wait for the Consumption of Magic, thanks for submerging us with so many fucking awesome books!!

  10. Missy B
    Missy B at |

    Please don’t forget the lady tina….she is so perversely teenage evil, she should really have her own series! Although maybe she belongs in the dark wood? IDRK, you are the author, can’t wait for your next magical release.

    Also, still continue to hold out hope you will see another house pick up a certain 2 book sci-fi masterpiece series and commission the next book. If so, please let us know more about that map. I miss those two, and bad dog, and all that crew.


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