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  1. Gail
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    I certainly think you earned your gold star for not pulverizing the coworker alone!

    Mine was earned this morning. Early this morning. Danyon woke up at, get this, MIDNIGHT. Fully dressed and ready for the day. 😳 I told him that if he wanted to say up that fine but he had to be über quiet as the rest of family is sound asleep. I did not once get up to check on him til 6 am. At which time he was fast asleep on the couch 😄 Then he found a bit of homework that he didn’t finish last night. After I asked him twice if he had any so as he was freaking out, I calmly (so didn’t want to do calmly) helped with homework, made breakfast, lunch and did the dishes the hubby said he’d do before bed. So yea, gold star earner here too! 😄✌


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