I honestly have no idea what to talk about this month. So I thought about giving a re-cap of what is still to come this year, and some updates on future projects.


Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu is currently in edits, there is no release date yet but I can tell you that it will be coming soon.


This will probably be my last warning regarding this book, but it’s going to hurt, a whole lot of butt-fuck hurts, like a shit pile of NOPE.


Readers are gonna be pissed, hollowed out and broken, some of you will hate me for a very long ass time. Others will curse my name into the eternities of hell.

Some reader will hate Rex.

Some will want to smack Hades with a stick.

Some of you are gonna want to pull Kemono close and hug all the bad painful shit out of him.


But I did try to give everyone a little something they hungered for, what they didn’t want, and whole lot of stuff they won’t be able to come back from.


As they say, be careful what you wish for, and when you wish for something from the fluffy ball of dark evil hell, be very freaking careful of what you wished for.


Currently, I’m working on rewrites on my first story, I’ve ever written. The Wulf Chronicles.


It not going to be a romance, more a queer paranormal/supernatural horror,  though romance is a big side plot, there are a multitude of POW. A whole new cast of characters for you to care and gush over. Lots of mystery and hopefully suspense and angst.


The story focus more on the main character Michael, and his journey; coming to terms of what and who he is. There is a lot of symbolism that needs to be read between the lines, it’s really one of those book you need to pay attention to every reaction the MC has to the side characters.


And might I say, it’s going to be a bit more tamer than any of the Gods and Monster books.


Michael is maybe one of the most difficult characters to write, because he doesn’t quite understand how to show his own vulnerability.   


And that is what the theme of the first book is all about understanding one’s own vulnerability.


Hopefully WulfChron will be done before October.


And then I can finally start on rewrites for Black Honey.


A zombie novel series which follows a submissive journey of looking for his Master, who he was separated from during the outbreak.


Black Honey is truly a bitter and cold story, cruel in its own nature as we see these characters deal with having to discard their hopes and their very humanity in order to survive in this new world.


And freaking Zombies!!! Love me some dead rotting corpses, but the ultimate antagonists here will be the characters own self and their loss with their former lives.  


And hopefully in between these two massive projects I can get in a serial or two of Neon White Season Two.


Then if all goes according to my master plan I can focus on three Of Gods and Monsters books next year.


One with two new, never before seen characters, and of course Doc and Wendigo’s book, and James and Richard’s book.


( And just for your peace of mind, Of Gods and Monsters: Hades is and will be the only GAM book that ended in a cliffhanger, Komainu  the only one that ends on a bitter note,  the others will all end on a HEA)


Well that’s about it from the fluffy dark ball of evil hell. Hopefully next time I will have a decent blog post about writing stuff, but for now, I gotta get back to werewolves and Black Snow and that odious creature god, called a Primera.


Wulfy out.

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    ahhhhh!!! more Neon White!! freaking loved that shit! <3


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