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  1. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Thanks for the post. Definitely looking forward to reading what’s to come!

  2. Hayley
    Hayley at |

    I can not wait! Take a well deserved break and enjoy life!

  3. Tiffany M
    Tiffany M at |

    I am looking forward to the last BOAT. You are an amazing author and I look forward to going on the ride.

  4. Judy Keays
    Judy Keays at |

    Great news! Can’t wait to read whatever is coming next in the Lightning series. Such fun.

  5. atideswell
    atideswell at |

    So I am looking forward to the final Boatk with mixed feelings 😶 will be waiting for the audible book though due to eye issues. Thank you TJ for one of my first and favourite m/m series.

  6. Donna Hirsch
    Donna Hirsch at |

    Mmm good and bad tears. TJ that’s not good. Loving Destiny

  7. Lyndsay Coats
    Lyndsay Coats at |

    Ooh boy. I can’t wait. I have loved your books since the beginning.

  8. Yvonne
    Yvonne at |

    You always manage to make me smile(though usually tears are involved as well), wonderful post at the end of a long day. Hope you manage to relax some.

  9. Kendra Patterson
    Kendra Patterson at |

    Love reading your blogs. Looking forward to more Tj Kline books.

  10. Geraldine
    Geraldine at |

    So looking forward to Bear and Otter one last time, I’m pleased you’ve ended with happiness, sometimes there’s so little in real life. Thanks for your wonderful writing, enjoy your break.

  11. cindy68@gmail.com
    cindy68@gmail.com at |

    Thank you to my favorite author for getting these two books out to us and for taking the time for these blogs! Loved Destiny and was thrilled to preorder BOATK (although I will miss these characters after I finish the last book).

  12. Aibopals
    Aibopals at |

    I always feel kinda sad when a much loved group of characters story ends, I know I will with the BOATK too, the difference is you are giving us a proper chance to finish the journey with them… oh and Destiny sooo many questions, OMG I know you have said someone will die, but dang that’s the ultimate cliffhanger, LSH was the first book I read of yours and I became an instant fan, I am looking forward to what will come, next month and on from there 😀


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