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  2. Mel Leach
    Mel Leach at |

    Great interview!!

  3. AnnAlaskan
    AnnAlaskan at |

    Another fantastic interview Timmy!! Shared o my timeline. Thoughtful questions .. heartwarming responses. Hopefully everyone will learn from Codys books & these informative interviews. All of you are Exceptional!

  4. Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson at |

    That was an awesome interview TImmy!

  5. Sandy Miller
    Sandy Miller at |

    I really, really loved this. Excellent interview, Timmy!!!

  6. Sara Ella
    Sara Ella at |

    So much good information 💜 This is an awesome interview Timmy!🙂

  7. Anna Lund
    Anna Lund at |

    Brilliant questions. Really made me think. Well done!

  8. deeze65
    deeze65 at |

    I enjoy these interviews so much. They are both fun and a learning experience. Great job Timmy

  9. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I loved this! What a lot of fun you must have had pulling this off.

  10. Alexu
    Alexu at |

    Great interview, Timmy!!

  11. Jase G.
    Jase G. at |

    Such a great interview! The questions were perfect, Timmy!


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