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  1. Jack Frost
    Jack Frost at |

    Well, I won’t get into a debate with you on the philosophy of success that’s for sure. XD.

    You know, I often wonder if we will ever get to the Star Trek stage where success is simply managing to perform. And not how much you make off of it. Where passion for the subject is the guiding motivator and naught else.

    But until money is not part of the definition of success that is a long way off.

    I am sorry you are having difficulties, and I wish you the absolute best as you put things down for a while. And I love dog and cat pics so I look forward to all you have to share. XD.

    Absolute best to you good sir. Thank you for giving me lots of reading material. And I know I am going to say this next part incorrectly, but I am glad to have the time to properly catch up to you now. :D. You always seemed to have a new book coming by the time I had finished the last one. XD.

  2. drawboy
    drawboy at |

    To be honest, I wish I would never have to read these words, buddy. You are a marvelous author with a beautiful and very creative mind. For what it is worth, being your beta reader hugely enriched my life in so many ways. As a devoted reader of your gorgeous fiction, you will keep enriching my life more than you know and your writing will always be a great inspiration.

    I so much hope that you will be able to resolve this. That your mind will find the peace that one day will spark that fire that wants you to pick up a pen again, my friend.

    Love, peace, and all my good vibes to you, buddy!



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